Thursday, 3 January 2013

Welcome one and all to my fellow writers promo blog!

Welcome! If you were on your way home from a house party and stumbled and fell onto my wharf, then, welcome, come on in, have a beverage of your choice, rest and warm your weary bones.

Just be careful not to toss your cookies in my lobster pots, I's have to go out fishing tomorrow.

Besides, I am not much for recycled sweets.

 My name is Tina Traverse and I have been giving the craft of writing a go on and off for thirty years... And before you ask, I am not going to tell you my age. A lady has to have some secrets!

Tired of waiting for a big wig publishing company notice me hollering at them waving my latest manuscript, I decided to bite the pen and risk the waters of independent publishing.

My first novel, the first of a three part series named Destiny of the Vampire was published this summer with Amazon and is distributed through them and other fine stores such as Barnes and Noble. Both available in paperback and on Amazon kindle.

My second work, is one near and dear to my heart. A true labour of love. Forever, Christian was published in December, 2012 and is personal account of the difficult journey to my eldest son, Christian's diagnosis of autism. Christian even gives his brief point of view of what it is personally like for him to have autism in the foreword.
I encourage every human being on this planet to read it.

Like I said, I have been writing on and off for years, but still I have real no writers expertise to share with you like so many of my esteemed colleagues, so I offer up this blog as a place for all writers to come, sit with me in my shed of solicitation and have a yarn. And for you non-writers out there come on by take a seat, and enjoy getting to know your favourite author, indie or otherwise.

 May long your jib draw.


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  1. Tina, have you considered (perhaps you already have) a blog about your son? I have a niece who has a daughter born with spina bifida. She runs a wonderful blog about her trials. There is another blog I follow, written by a couple who I have know since they were teenagers. They have a newborn son with Downs Syndrome. Great blogs.

    1. actually, I have not, but it is a great suggestion! Thank you so much and much appreciated for commenting on this blog!


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