Post #1 

Let There Be Blood


It poured down on him like rain.  His own blood flooded his mouth and choked him.  Unbearable cold washed over his bruised, burned body. He was naked and unbearably exposed. He dangled from the ceiling like the prize catch from a hunt, waiting to be gutted. Voices taunted him, cackling evilly. A clammy hand grasped his head and drew a six-inch blade across his neck.

“Nooo!” Aaron Brooks woke from his nightmare in a cold sweat.

Eying the clock on his nightstand, Aaron jumped out of bed. 4 AM. He was late on the set, again. The producer was going to kill him. Aaron threw on his clothes and ran out the door. As he rushed into his jeep, he was grateful that he only lived a couple miles from the set.

Avery Evers, his co-star and friend, greeted him as he finally arrived on set. “Where have you been, man? James is seething. You know we can’t film this battle scene without you, and James says that every second we’re we get behind…”
“Costs the network a month’s worth of our paycheques. I know, I know. I just slept in, that’s all.”
Avery noticed his trepidation. “Did you have that nightmare again?”
“Yes, and it was more intense this time.”
“Aaron, I wish you’d let me help you. You can’t keep pretending that what went down last Halloween didn’t happen.”
“I know, Avery, but what choice do I have? It’s only mid-season. We have February sweeps coming up. I don’t have time to get a proper rest, let alone seek therapy. Now, we better get going, I’m sure James is ready to fire us.”

Aaron stared at his face in his bathroom mirror and moaned.
When the request came in from the mayor of the town to book a cast member of the students’ favourite TV show into the network, his agent was the first to volunteer him.
Aaron stood in his black Armani tuxedo and sighed. He wished he were with Avery, answering questions from a dozen of screaming fans at the Stakes, Blood and Sun vampire convention in L.A., instead of going to the stupid dance. Being the prize for a silent auction and having a few awkward teens stutter over him, compared to hundreds of people worshiping him…he took a deep breath. “Here goes nothing,” he whispered to himself. Aaron gave himself a one-over and then stepped into the awaiting car the town had sent for him.

Aaron stood on stage next to Mayor Camille Jones, burning alive under the hot lights and the lustful stares. He kept a smile plastered on his face, waiting patiently for the torture to be over. He dreaded the thought of his teenage prom date, some poor child. Aaron set aside his boredom, cursing his agent, and brought forth his charming side.

They plied him with endless questions and requests for pictures and autographs.  The commentary on his character’s actions and direction came like bullets. Young guys pretended he was their best friend. Their fathers quizzed him about sports teams and politics, puffing their chests out as though his presence would grace them with the same prestige. They were interrupted only by an endless stream of women flocking to Aaron.
 Aaron could put up with the throngs of teenage girls screaming his name and swooning over him, but their mothers were a different matter—grabbing his ass, breathing in his ear, slipping their numbers seductively into his back pocket.
One woman had pulled him into the dark stairwell and kissed him breathless. She clutched his balls, forcing his hand up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties. “There, golden boy, have a taste of a real woman. That was just a sampling, gorgeous.  If you want more, call me. My husband is away, and I’ll been looking for someone to play with.” With a quick nibble of his ear and slap on his ass, she was gone. It was a strange, violating encounter, but Aaron was used to them. It came with the business.   

Still a little stunned, the actor walked away from the stairwell and onto the stage. He stood waiting to see which young girl’s dream was about to come true.
“And the winner is… Katrina Murphy!”
With the sound of the mayor’s voice, Aaron snapped out of his trance and back to the present.  He scanned the sea of people to find Katrina Murphy, but he was unprepared for what he saw. As the mayor escorted her across the stage, he shielded his eyes from the lights and flashing cameras.
The high school senior was a vision.
Her fiery red curls cascaded down her back, stopping short of her narrow waist. Katrina gazed up at him for only a moment, just long enough for Aaron to see that her lapis lazuli eyes matched her off-the-shoulder satin gown. The young woman’s alabaster skin was so fair that she appeared to glow under the fluorescent lighting. 
Aaron offered his hand to Katrina, and she accepted it, pressing her soft hand in his.  Katrina smiled shyly at him, averting her gaze from his as she shook his hand.
“Nice to meet you, Katrina, my name is Aaron.”
“Nice to meet you, Aaron. You’re my favourite actor. I love you on the show.” Her voice was so soft that he barely heard her above the applause and catcalls.
“Thank you, Katrina. Would you like to go somewhere quiet after our photo opportunities and talk?”
“Actually, my Mom was wondering if you like to escape to our house for a cup of coffee.”
That set off alarm bells in Aaron’s head. He prayed that the beautiful girl’s mother hadn’t been the same woman who’d practically raped him in the stairwell.
“I, ah…”
“Tell him that I also make a mean apple crumble. I know that’s his favourite. At least, it was when we were in high school. Or are you all health conscious now, Aaron Brooks?”

Aaron’s breath caught in his chest as he followed the voice. Then he saw her. Her auburn hair was longer and her figure was softer, but she was still the most stunning woman he’d ever known. Aaron’s heart skipped a beat for more than her stunning beauty. It stopped because he was scared. He prayed she wouldn’t remember him from the nightmares.
“Martina Murphy! It’s so good to see you!”
“Likewise. Well, handsome, are you just going to stand there and pretend you don’t know me, or are you going to give your best friend a hug?”
“Of course! How neglectful of me.”
He pulled Martina into his embrace. It felt so good to be in her arms again, feeling her warmth, breathing in her delicate honeysuckle scent. When she pulled away, he felt strangely empty.
“I’ll believe my girl invited her favourite star to our house for coffee, so how about it? Do you want to get away from this crowd?”
“Yes, please! How do we leave without someone noticing us?”
“I know a way out through the kitchen. That should keep you away from the zealots! Follow me.”

Martina’s home was a cozy cottage near the beach, overlooking the ocean.
While Katrina went upstairs to change out of her dress, Martina and Aaron sat in her living room and enjoyed a cup of coffee together.
“When I saw that you were being offered up as some lucky girl’s prom date, I knew I had to bid on you for Katrina. She adores you and Avery.”
“You didn’t have to bid on me at some charity event, Marty. All you had to do was to call me. I’d had come running.”
“I know, but you aren’t exactly an easy person to contact, Mr. Vampire. You’re a big-time actor now. Everyone wants a piece of you.”
“Then let me correct that, and give you my personal cell phone number.”
Martina reached over and accepted it. “Thank you. I promise this will stay private.”
Aaron looked up from his cup to see Katrina in her pajamas, her red hair swept high in a ponytail.
“Yes, Katrina?”
“I’m very tired now. I wanted to come down to say goodnight and thank you, Aaron, for being my date for the prom. I’m so stoked!”
“Well you won me, fair and square. I’m looking forward to escorting you. I’ll stay in touch over the next couple months so we can talk and go over some details, okay?”
“Okay! Thank you, Mom for making my dream come true.” Katrina kissed her mother on the cheek and hugged Aaron, who kissed her on her cheek in return. Blushing furiously, she bounded upstairs to her room.
“You just made a teenage girl very, very happy.”
“She seems to a very special young woman. May I ask how old she is?”
“She’s sixteen.”
“Sixteen? Katrina’s graduating early.”
“Just by one year. She’s a very intelligent girl. She has a grade point average of 4.0, and was put ahead a year back in the fifth grade.”
“What are her plans after high school?”
“She’s just been accepted into UCLA. She wants to be a special needs teacher.”
“That’s very admirable. I see that she inherited her intelligence from her mother.”
“You flatter me, Aaron.”
“No, it’s just a simple fact. So what does her father think of her success?”
“Katrina’s father died when she was just a little girl.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.”
“That’s all right.”
He stirred his coffee, which had gone cold. “May I ask if you’ve someone special in your life?”
“Well, not right now, no. How about you, Aaron?”
“No, my schedule doesn’t permit much of a social life. I wish I did.” He turned a bright smile on her. “Martina, would you like to go out to dinner sometime?”
“Why, Mr. Brooks, are you asking me out on a date?”
“Yes, Ms. Murphy, I’m. Will you accept my invitation?”
“Where are you going to take me?”
Aaron chuckled. “Did you ever hear of a restaurant in the East side of LA called Tremors?”
“Tremors? That’s an unusual name for a restaurant.”
“I know. I know the owner personally, he has a twisted sense of humour. The restaurant’s in the middle of an earthquake zone, but the food melts in your mouth.”
“That sounds perfect. When?”
“Are you free this Saturday? I’ve a rare break in filming.”
“Pick me up at 7.”

They chatted a little more, finalizing a few details. Soon, Aaron glanced at his watch.
“I should probably head back.
“Wait, how are you getting home?”
“I… wait…I don’t know. I guess the car that the mayor gave me is no longer available, since we slipped out...”
“Do you want me to drive you, or would you like to stay the night?”
“Stay the night?”
“Yes. I’ve a spare room, and can bring you home in the morning, if you’d like.” She saw him hesitate, and rushed ahead. “You want to stay, Aaron. I know you do. In spite of the time apart, we’ve known each other for so long. Come on. We can have a very pleasant night together catching up. I’ve missed you so much.”
Aaron held his breath as Martina moved closer to him, pressing her lithe body to his. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close, nuzzling her neck.
“I missed you too, Marty…Martina.  I’ve ached for you for the last 17 years.”
“Then why didn’t you try to contact me? I didn’t disappear!”
“I know, Martina, but ever since what happened after graduated high school…” A sob caught in Aaron’s throat as one of the painful memories of his youth rose to the surface.
  “But you’re back, and that’s all that matters. Aaron, please stay. Come to bed with me.”
Martina took Aaron’s hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom.

When they arrived, he stopped in the doorway and let go of her hand.
“Aaron, what’s the matter?”
“I…I can’t do this, Martina. It’s not right.”
Martina frowned, her seductive smile disappearing. “I thought you wanted me as much as I want you.”
Martina’s confused and hurt expression pained him. He swept into the room and enveloped his friend in his arms. “I do want you, Martina, very much. I’ve been dreaming of this moment since high school, but I don’t feel it’d be proper for us to make love.”
Aaron cringed a little when she pushed him away. “Why can’t you make love to me, Aaron? We both want to!”
“Tonight was the first time we saw each other in sixteen years. It would be wrong to jump into bed so soon, no matter how attracted we’re to one another. We need to take this new relationship slow.”
He watched as his friend stood in silence. Her dark blue stare dared him to give in to his lust. Martina’s fingers danced over her alabaster flesh, towards the hem of her emerald silk dress. Slowly, she pulled it over her head and dropped it on the floor.
Aaron held his breath, his arousal springing to life as he gazed at the vision before him.
Martina sauntered up to Aaron. She pressed her body against him and seductively trailed a path of kisses from his collarbone to his ear. “See you at Tremors, gorgeous,” she whispered. “Sleep tight.”
Aaron let out an agonized moan as he watched Martina slip into the bathroom and close the door. He couldn’t wait until their date.
Post #2

Tremors was a quaint little restaurant overlooking the California coastline that served a variety of cuisine from around the world. In spite of the awkwardness that had come before, the atmosphere of their first date was peaceful and relaxed. Martina sat back and sipped her wine, and had a pleasant conversation with Aaron. When he held her hand underneath the table, a pleasurable shiver vibrated through her.

Then Aaron’s friend, the owner of Tremors, approached their table.
“I’m sorry to bother you, Aaron, but I just spotted some paparazzi hanging out around in the parking lot. I think it’s best if you leave now. I’ll show you through the back, so you can make an easy getaway.”
“What about my car?” Aaron inquired, looking worried.
“Here, take these keys and take mine. We can switch in the a.m. Come on, you’d better get going.”
Martina took Aaron’s hand and followed the proprietor, emerging safely without a single camera flash.

They decided to spend the rest of the evening watching a movie at his place. Martina nestled between Aaron’s legs. Her back was flush to his chest; his breath caressed her neck. Each simple touch, from his simple reaching for the popcorn on her lap to the way he lightly massaged her shoulders, stirred her blood intensely. 
“Feel good?”
As Aaron’s breath caressed her ear, she felt her entry grow slick with need.
“How about this?” Aaron whispered, his voice growing husky. He pulled the strap of her tank top off, kissed the freckles as he trailed his mouth over her shoulder.
“Oh, mmmm,” she moaned, becoming supple and pliant underneath Aaron’s touch. His hands travelled seductively down her torso, drawing circles along the way. He cupped her breasts, squeezing her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Martina attacked Aaron with a burning kiss.

Aaron was caught off guard. He fell off the couch and onto the floor, taking her with him.
The shock of falling onto the floor didn’t slow down Martina. Her lips once again found his. She pulled off his shirt in one swift motion. She drew her fingers down his chest and stopped at his crotch, pressing her hand to his arousal.
Aaron’s eyes fluttered closed as her hand slid over his erection. He opened them again and gazed at her, weak with desire. “What are you doing?”
“Just testing the waters to see if you’re ready for me,” Martina teased.
“Oh, shut up and come here!”
Aaron slipped his hand into her hair, cupping the back of her neck, and claimed her mouth. Groaning softly, he wrapped his arm around her waist and tugged her onto his lap. Hesitation nagged in the back of his skull. He wondered if she’d remember the horror of their first coupling. Those fears dissipated as his lust bloomed over her. Aaron craved, no, needed, to be inside of her. Aaron’s crushed her to him. He pressed his hungry mouth to hers while his hands explored her skin.

In the flurry of their desperate desire for one another’s flesh, their clothes had melted away. He carried her to his bed.
Aaron took his time with his lover, exploring her body with his mouth, tongue and hands until she begged him to stop. He ignored her, instead capturing her nipples in his mouth; he alternated between licking and suckling until they grew taut before he gently bit them. 
Martina moaned his name. “Aaaaaaron!”
Aaron smiled at Martina as he glided his fingers down her stomach to the apex of her thighs and pushed his fingers inside. “You liked that didn’t you, my beauty?”
“Yes.” Martina replied, breathless.
“Good, because this is far from over.”
Aaron kissed the flesh of her inner thigh, breathing in the scent of her sweet aroma while he savoured the saltiness of her skin. He used his thumbs to spread her, licked her creases. He flicked his velvet tongue over them, using delicate movements to tease her inner folds.

A low rumble of enjoyment poured out of Aaron as he slowly slid two fingers inside of Martina. He rubbed his fingertips against her hidden spot as he lapped at her clit, using short, gentle strokes with the flat of his tongue.
Aaron felt Martina’s fingers tangle in his hair as she pleaded, “pleeeease, stop…”
He ignored her pleas, thrusting his fingers in and out of her. He closed his mouth over her hood and suckled.
Aaron could feel the orgasm as it ripped through her. Martina arched her back and his arousal sprang to life. Before she’d a chance to finish coming, Aaron drew himself up upon his knees,  grabbed Martina’s hips, and pounded into her. He shrieked in ecstasy as he released at last. 

Aaron held Martina on his chest. She traced her fingertips over the rose tattoo on his right bicep.
“This is new and very beautiful.”
“I got myself this after my parents’ deaths.”
“Then it’s a perfect symbol of what you’ve overcome.”
“Now that I’m with you, I could never be happier. I feel complete.”
“I feel so content and completely at peace, Aaron, and thank you.”
“I love you, Martina.”
“I love you, Aaron.” Martina stifled a yawn.
There was so much more he needed to say, but when he looked down, she was snoring softly on his chest. Aaron closed his eyes and prayed that the nightmare wouldn’t return tonight.  

Aaron wheezed and fought to catch his breath. Avery held a boot to his throat and pressed down hard. “How could you do this to me? I thought you were my friend!” Avery yelled.
Aaron flailed and grabbed his ankle, desperate to get the foot off his windpipe.
“Tell me, you son of a bitch, why I shouldn’t crush your windpipe right now!”
Aaron struggled feebly as Avery forced more pressure on his throat. He saw black spots. Suddenly, Avery removed his boot and pulled him violently off the ground by his shirt, dangling Aaron in front of him like a puppet. His hot breath blew in Aaron’s face as he snarled. While one hand held him up by his shirt, the other began to snake around his throat again.
“Please, let me explain. I meant no harm. I didn’t know, I swear! I swear!”
“Too late for weak explanations.” Avery gripped Aaron’s windpipe and started to squeeze. It was a stupid mistake, and now he was going to die for it.

“Cut! That’s a wrap for the day, people. Excellent job in getting that right in the first take, you two. That scene was very convincing.” The director signaled that filming was completed for the day. It was 3 a.m.
Avery patted Aaron on the back. “Are you okay, man? I hope I wasn’t too rough on you.”
“No, I’m just fine, thank you. Though, I’ve to admit, I was feeling real fear for a moment or two. You had me convinced you were gonna kill me!”
“Nah, I love you, man. It was Toby that was going to kill Lance for screwing Elizabeth and then feeding off her. But, if you screw Shawna, I’ll kill you, for real,” Avery teased.
“Warning received and noted.  You’ve no worries about me trying to score with your girlfriend. I’ve one of my own.”
“Ah, look at us. Life is good. Oh, that reminds me, Aaron. Shawna wanted me to invite you and Martina over to our house for a barbeque this weekend. Would you be free?”
“I need to talk to Martina, but I don’t see a problem. Her schedule’s been pretty free since her book tour ended.”
“Wonderful!” Avery exclaimed. He swiped a bottle of water from the craft table, taking one big gulp. “Refreshing. Let me know about the BBQ, okay?”
“Okay, I’ll let you know ASAP.” he yelled to Avery’s retreating form.

Chuckling to himself, Aaron grabbed his keys. He was on his way out the door when he heard a musical voice calling to him.
“Aaron! Aaron Brooks, could you please slow down? I’ve a hard time catching up with you.”
He turned around and smiled at Ida Jansson, owner of Amygdala Design, Let There Be Blood’s official photographer and graphic designer.
“Hi Ida, what’s up?”
The sylphlike young woman paused for a moment to catch her breath. “Thank goodness you stopped! Your legs are way too long!”
“I’m sorry, Ida. I sometimes forget how fast I go. What can I do for you?”
Ida brushed a stray golden strand out of her eyes as she beamed at Aaron. “I need to speak to you about the upcoming photo shoot for the season eight promos. I need to know when you’ll be available for your solo shots.”
Aaron pulled out his iPhone and scanned his schedule. “I’ve next Tuesday at 6 p.m. free. Will that work?”
“That should work just fine. I’ll see you then. Bye, Aaron.”
“Good-bye, Ida.”
Aaron watched the bubbly, sweet photographer rush away. He hurried home to Martina, eager to get to the romantic evening they’d planned.

Shawna Jones didn’t like the idea of her boyfriend Avery acting as Martina Murphy’s escort for the Valley Halley High School prom. She felt that Avery had no business taking the mother of Aaron’s prom date to an event Shawna was sure was going to be overrun by the paparazzi. The media was unaware that Aaron Brooks was seriously involved in a romantic relationship with the famous and globally adored author. They would assume that Martina and her Avery were linked romantically. Once those rumors started to swirl, there was no way Shawna would be able to convince anyone that she and Avery were the ones in love. Worse, she was feeling doubt, wondering about Avery’s devotion to her, especially after the barbeque. She remembered it clearly, seething.

Aaron stole the ball from his opponent and ran around the yard, taunting Avery.
“Na-na-na-na-na-na! You can’t catch me!”
“You just wait, Brooks, when I catch you…”
“What are you gonna do?”
Shawna couldn’t help but giggle as Aaron stuck his tongue out at Avery and waved the ball around. Avery charged at Aaron and tackled him to the ground.
Normally, when Avery roughhoused with his best friend, he would wrestle with Aaron for a few moments before punching him in the arm and jumping up.
This time, Shawna saw her boyfriend linger a little too long over Aaron as he pinned his shoulders to the ground. She could have sworn that she saw Avery stare at Aaron with lust as he licked his lips. Avery got up and helped Aaron off the ground, slapped him on the back. He guided Aaron back to the house. Shawna turned away, unable to brush off the feeling that something more was going on between the two friends.

Avery didn’t understand Shawna’s distance. She seemed to shy away from him whenever he tried to touch or kiss her. When they had a scene together, she seemed to struggle with getting into character. When Avery and Aaron spoke, on or off stage, he caught Shawna staring at them suspiciously.

Avery tried to put his uneasiness out of his mind as he waltzed with Martina under the golden lights of the prom.
“What’s the matter, Avery? You look troubled.” Martina’s concerned inquiry brought Avery back to the present.
“Ah, nothing. Nothing is wrong, Martina.”
She stopped mid-beat and stared. “I don’t believe you, Avery Evers. You’ve been distant all evening. If there is something the matter, you know you can talk to me, right?”
“I know, it’s just…” Avery felt his frustration over Shawna giving him the cold shoulder without any reason overwhelm him. He needed to talk to somebody he trusted.
That perfect somebody stared at him, her cobalt pools filled with concern as she held his hand.  “Martina, can we go somewhere and talk? I really need a friend’s ear right now.”
“Of course. Come on, let’s get some air.”

Avery followed her out to the high school’s football field, where they climbed the bleachers and sat. Though the football field seemed deserted, Avery kept a wary eye open for paparazzi lurking in wait. “Now that we have some privacy, are you ready to tell me what’s on your mind?”
“I’m going to tell you, but we must make this brief. I’m not sure if we’re alone. And since I’m sure neither one of us wants to end up on the cover of some tabloid, we can’t linger too long.”
“Of course. I’ve gotten used to dodging the paparazzi. Aaron and I’ve become quite skilled.”
“So have Shawna and I, but they’ll get you sooner or later.”
“Okay, Avery. Why do I’ve the feeling that you’re trying to avoid telling me what’s on your mind? Please, feel free to tell me anything you wish.”
“You’re right, I’m having trouble telling you. I just don’t know why. It’s not like it’s some big secret."
“Then just come out and tell me. That’s the easiest way to tell someone something hard.”
“The funny thing is, this isn’t a hard thing to say. I just need an ear and some advice. I’ve been worried about Shawna. She has been acting so distant towards me lately and I don’t know why.”
“Did you ask her why?”
“Of course, but she refuses to tell me anything. The only thing that I’ve been getting from her in the last two weeks is the cold shoulder. She has even went as far as moving her stuff back into her apartment, and she no longer sleeps over. We haven’t had sex since before our last barbeque social.”
“It would be my advice for you to take some time to reflect on the events of that barbeque. See if anything stands out that would have made Shawna upset.”
“I already tried that, and came up blank. I don’t remember anything unusual. You were there, Martina. Did you see anything unusual that I’d have not notice
“No, I don’t remember anything that would stand out. I’m sorry, Avery. I wish I could be more help.”

Avery sighed, disappointed. “No, you’ve been a great help, I told you that I needed an ear and that’s what you gave me. I just need to figure out how to find out the truth from Shawna. We better get back before some camera-happy vultures attack us!”
Avery felt relief when there was no glare of flashbulbs penetrating the twilight as he led his date back inside. Then he heard a group of high school seniors sneaking a smoke yell, “Hey, it’s that vampire dude and his new bitch! Hey man, when did you start dating Martina Murphy?” His heart sank.

Aaron left Avery with Martina on the dance floor to go look for his date. Katrina had excused herself to go to the restroom with a group of her friends 40 minutes prior, and hadn’t returned. He was grateful that the majority of the guests and students were scattered throughout the hotel, and occupied with other things. It meant he had a chance of not being mobbed.
Aaron searched for her everywhere. He finally found her in one of the suites upstairs, the door ajar, bent over a table. She was crushing a white substance into a fine powder and pouring it into her drink. “What do you think you’re doing, Katrina?” he yelled, snatching the glass from her hand.
“Hey, Aaron, don’t take that, I need it!”
“Yeah, you need this junk like you need a hole in your head. What are you doing taking drugs, at your prom no less?”
“Seriously Aaron, please, give that back.” 
 “Aaron, please that’s not what you think it’s. I really do need it, it’s very, very important.”

Aaron seized the young girl by the shoulders. “Listen, Katrina, I know you probably feel that you need this drug to cope with whatever stresses you’re dealing with.  Sweetheart, there are better ways to cope without turning to illegal drugs. Let me help you, I’ve got connections. I can get you the best of help.”
Aaron watched as a frustrated Katrina dig through her purse and pull out a prescription bottle.
“No, you dumbass,” she said, shoving the bottle in his face, “These are prescription pills. That’s an anti-depressant, and these,” she said, pulling out two more bottles, “are an anti-psychotic and a mood stabilizer.”
Aaron took the bottles from her hand and read the labels. “Okay, these belong to you and are prescribed by a doctor, but what are they for?”
“They’re for something that I prayed you’d never had to find out about. Something that I’ll begged my mother not to tell you. I have a severe mental illness called bipolar disorder. It has schizophrenic effects, too.”
“If these are just prescription, then why did you hide away from the others? Why were you crushing them up into your drink? It looked like coke from where I stood.”
“I crush them up because they’re big suckers and I can’t swallow them whole. I came to my friend’s room to do it because I prefer taking my meds in private.”
“Why would you want to take them in private? Are you ashamed?”
“A little, yes. The only worries I should have is what to pack when I go to college, where to hang out with my friends and picking which hot vampire to lust over. Not trying to stabilize the crazies.”
“Do you see a therapist?”
Katrina smiled at Aaron and sat on the bed. “Yes, I do. I see a great physiatrist.”
“How often?”
“I see Doctor Browne twice a week. Now, if you are done with asking your questions, nosy pants, would you please bring me back to my prom?”
Aaron bowed and offered his arm. “Of course, Ms. Murphy, I be delighted.”

Sunshine and Rain

Katrina wrote furiously in her diary, desperate to get all the feelings out.

It had been three months since her frank discussion with Aaron and a month since she moved to her dorm room and began classes at UCLA, so much had happened. Katrina had spent her summer working as an intern on Let There Be Blood, running errands and doing odd jobs for the cast. It was hard work, but the cast were always super sweet to her and she loved every minute of it. Even if she was always under Aaron’s watchful eye.

He watched her carefully, making sure no one took advantage of her. He lent her his dressing room so she could take her medication and made sure she ate and drank regularly. When she’d a brief romantic relationship with Benjamin Blue, who played Shawna’s younger Todd, he kept such a sharp eye on him that Ben became uncomfortable and broke up with her.
Katrina refused to talk to Aaron for two weeks after that. She had only forgiven Aaron after he promised that he’d no longer interfere with her social life. Then he’d handed her three tickets and VIP passes for the infamous Comic Con.

However, the tickets and passes turned out to be not her only surprise. After a ton of media interviews, autograph signings, and preview of the coming season, the network hosted a reception. The convention always ended with a group Q&A.
One fan had asked a funny question to both Avery and Aaron. Both had given crazy answers, and the audience rippled with laughter.  Once the giggling had died down and the floor opened up once again to questions, Katrina’s mother—carefully disguised—stood up.
“Hello, this question is for Aaron. I’m a big fan.”
Aaron kept his composure and simply grinned at her mother. “Thank you. Your support means the world to me.”
“You’re welcome. I’ve a couple of quick questions.”
“Of course, go ahead, Miss.”
“Is it true that you’re currently in a serious romantic relationship?”
Aaron had taken a moment to appear as how he was going to answer this question
“Why yes, I am.”
“May I ask who?”
“While I’ll not divulge her name at this time, I’ll say that I’m dating a very beautiful, loving, talented woman and we’re very much in love.”
Aaron’s statement was met with stunned silence and the sound of hundreds of clicking noises as audience furiously searched for conformation on their smartphones. Martina opened her mouth to ask another question, but the show’s producer stopped her. “I’m sorry Miss, those were your questions. We need to move on to the next person, please.”
“No, Anna, it’s all right, I’ll let her indulge in a couple of more questions, if the rest of the cast and fans are willing to bear with her.”
When no one offered up an objection, Martina continued.
“Have you yet considered marriage?”
“Yes, I have.”
“You don’t consider it too soon?”
“It’s never too soon when you’ve found the one. Besides, we’ve known each other since we were freshmen in high school.”
She moved closer to the stage and stood in front of Aaron, but she was stopped from going any further by a security guard.
“I’m glad to hear that you’re so open to marriage, Mr. Brooks. So—will you marry me?”
A hush fell over the crowd, and all eyes fixed on the woman who’d just proposed to the sexiest man alive.  
“Yes, I’ll marry you, Ms. Martina Murphy.”
Aaron ran down and lifted Martina into his arms, kissing her passionately as the crowd cheered. Katrina and her friends had squealed with delight.

As happy as she was over her mother’s and Aaron’s upcoming nuptials, a dark cloud was plaguing Katrina. She was scared she’d have a relapse. Lately, she’d seen pictures posted all over the dorm. They showed her near-severed head photo-shopped on an obese person, captioned “Vampires should kill cows.” Emails and Facebook messages telling her to swallow rat poison and die, arrived. Strangers said she should be beaten, stripped, and gang raped, her cherry torn out of her and shoved down her throat.
There was the fake ad with a picture of her naked body as she came out of the shower, with her phone number: this sexy bitch has a ripe mouth for blowjobs, tight cunt for plowing, and a tiny hole for ripping and big tits to come all over. She will fuck one or a whole team, free! Bring it on!
Katrina received so many phone calls, she’d had to change her number and move. When the placement officer denied Katrina’s request due to lack of any free rooms, her depression and the harassment got worse.

However, the downward spiral really began after the night she was almost raped.  Katrina had been walking home one night alone from the library when she was grabbed from behind. A beefy hand clamped over her mouth and dragged her into a dark alcove.
“Now, bitch, I’m going to take my hand off your mouth. So don’t scream or I’ll cut your pretty little tongue out, understood?”
Katrina nodded furiously, paralysed She sensed there were more of them in the alcove. She could feel their presence and hear their breathing in the dark and damp place.
“W-what do you want with me?” she stammered.
Her assailant stroked her fiery red  hair. “Shh, Relax. We’re just going to have some fun.”
“I didn’t put up those posters!”
“Who gives a fuck? You are goin’ to give and we’re goin’ to take.”
“Let’s see if can make this pussy purr,” said another deep voice.
Katrina’s attackers all closed in on her. She felt them punch her in the stomach, and she fell to her knees. They pushed her onto her back.

“Hey, get off her!” 

The voice seemed to come out of nowhere.
From her position Katrina could only see the legs of the person who had rushed in to save her.
The stranger pushed Katrina’s attacker off her, knocking him to the ground.
“What the fuck?” cussed her attacker as he pushed himself off the ground.
Katrina struggled to sit up and gather her wits to see who her saviour was when she saw a figure fall to his knees next to her.
The figure gasped for breath and his hair was in his eyes, but Katrina knew who the saviour was. “Aaron!”
There was no time for a reunion when Katrina’s attacker kicked her step-father in the ribs.
“Stop that, you are hurting him.” Katrina lunged at the man who was so viciously hurting Aaron, cutting his cheek with her fingernails before his partner grabbed and restrained her with his arms. “That, was a bad mistake, bitch. Bear is going to make you pay for that stunt.”
“Hold her tight, Bulldog. I need to finish with this one first.”
Bear’s hands grasped Aaron’s shirt and forced him to his feet. Bear raised his fist to punch Aaron but he was not quick enough. Aaron caught his hand and twisted it back.
Katrina could hear the nauseating crunch of Bear’s bones breaking.
“Argh, f-fuck! Fuck!”

If Bulldog’s hand was not pressed to her mouth, Katrina would have shouted with joy as she watched Aaron kick Bear in the gut, bringing him to his knees. Aaron did not stop his assault. He continued to kick and to punch Bear in the gut and in the face until he was oozing blood.
“That is what you get for trying to rape little girls.”
Aaron raised his foot, ready to push Bear to the ground when Katrina saw Bear grasp a piece of broken glass off the ground.
Finding some inner strength, Katrina bit down on Bulldog’s hand hard and jumped down on his foot, forcing him to let her go.
“Aaron, watch out!”
Katrina’s warning came too late. Bear had already slashed Aaron’s arm. Her step father did not fall, he grabbed his arm to stop the bleeding. Bear used this opportunity to pull himself back up.
“You…fucking…” Bear took a lurching step forward with each word and on the third, he swung. “Bastard.”
To Katrina’s relief, Aaron ducked in the nick of time. “Try again, dick.”
Full of rage, Bear growled and shot out his hand, wrapping his fingers around Aaron’s throat. A deep guffaw erupted from the other side of the alcove.
“Aw, too bad, Princess. I guess you can’t be saved after all.”
Katrina picked up a broken piece of the picnic table that had broken during the fight, and with all her strength, hit Bear on the back of the head. When he fell unconscious to the ground, Aaron took Katrina’s hand and ran.

Their exit was blocked by Bulldog who pushed Aaron to the ground. Katrina watched in fear as Aaron hit his head hard off the floor as Bulldog dragged her to the corner.
“You know you have been nothing but trouble, bitch. Now it’s time to pay for that stunt.”
Bulldog squeezed her wrists so tight Katrina feared the delicate bones would be crushed. The monster fumbled for his zipper, releasing his thick, pulsing arousal. Forcing Katrina to her knees he demanded “Suck it bitch until I come and then swallow.”
Her mouth was dry as she gagged on Bulldog’s member as he forced it down her throat, thrusting his pelvis at a rapid pace.
Katrina could feel Bulldog’s climax approaching as he moaned his pleasure. Struck by a sudden idea, Katrina waited for the perfect moment to fight back.

Bulldog slowed his pace and she knew the time had come. Opening her mouth wider, Katrina bit down hard on Bulldog causing a violent roar of pain to erupt as he jerked away from her and collapsed to his knees.
Katrina ran to Aaron who was now conscious and rubbing his head.
“What happened?”
“I have no time to explain, I do that later. We got to go.”
Helping Aaron to his feet, Katrina dragged them to safety.

 Post # 3

Lies of the Sun  

Black spandex clung to his muscles like a second skin. Jeans hung low seductively on his waist, and his oak green eyes stared with intense desire. His sensuous mouth throbbed with the ache of the prop fangs that had been secured to his teeth for the last eight hours.

“Damn it, Ida. When can I take these fucking things out?” Aaron complained as he rubbed his jaw.
“Aaron I promise, not much longer, okay? Just a few more poses and you’ll be done.”
Aaron scowled. “You know I don’t complain very much about the time these promo shoots take, but I have been wearing  these fangs since dawn.”
“I’m sorry, gorgeous, but this has to be done.”
Ida brushed some stray hair from Aaron’s face and patted him on the cheek. “I know you have it in you, so just give me one more dazzling vampire smile.”

Aaron massaged his sore mouth as he strolled in the cool afternoon sunshine, enjoying a rare moment of solitude. His thoughts drifted aimlessly, thinking about nothing in particular, just random pleasant images to clear his mind. He thought about his wife and her beautiful smile. Katrina and how well she had been doing since their ordeal, coming away without any apparent lasting effects. Aaron thought about the upcoming cast party that was being held at Tremors that evening and how much he was looking forward to unwinding and having a good time with his friends.

He was so lost in thought that he did not notice until it was too late. A group of men were following him, with cameras clicking and a video camera in his face. “Hey Aaron, how are you today, man?”
Aaron ignored his natural reaction to hit the guy and run far away from the leeches as possible. He flashed them a dazzling smile and kept walking.
“I’m just fine, man, and you?”
“We are cool. So, Aaron, where are you heading?”
“I’m on my way to spend some time with some friends.”
“Sounds awesome. May we tag along?”
Aaron chuckled. “Ah, sorry, not this time, fellas.”
These were Aaron’s last words as he ducked into the safety of Tremors.

“I see that the vultures caught their prey,” Cassie Saunders teased as she ushered her co-star upstairs to the private room.
“Yeah, but they didn’t get to feed for long. Everyone here?”
“Almost. We are just waiting on Shawna.”
Aaron scanned the crowd to see Avery standing by the bar lost in conversation with James. “How come Shawna didn’t come with Avery?”
Cassie shot him  a quizzical look. “You don’t know, do you?”
“Know what?”
Aaron knew his co-star loved to gossip, so he leaned closer to her.
“Shawna and Avery have been having relationship problems. There are rumors that they may be breaking up.”
“What? I thought those two were solid. What could’ve happened?”
“I don’t know the whole story, but I heard someone say that their troubles began after the last barbeque. They say that Avery was caught in, shall we say, a very cozy position with someone else.”
“I find that hard to believe that Avery would cheat on Shawna. Did this source tell you who Avery was in this so called ‘cozy position ‘with?”
Cassie moved closer to Aaron and whispered in his ear. “I couldn’t believe it when this person said it, but the rumors say that it was you.”

Avery was pulled from his conversation with the Let There Be Blood producer by Aaron poking him in the shoulder.
“Oh hi, Aaron. James and I were just discussing some potential locations for the next season.”
“Avery, we need to talk.”
“Sure buddy, let’s go over there. See you later, James.”
Once settled in a corner table, Avery studied his best friend and grew concerned with Aaron’s troubled expression. “You don’t look so good, Aaron. What’s up?”
“I just found out something distressing.”
“What’s going on? It must be something serious. I’ve never seen you look so troubled.”
“Avery, why didn’t you tell me that you and Shawna were having problems?”
“Shawna and I don’t have any problems.”
“Oh really? Then how come I was told that somebody told Shawna that they caught us in an intimate position at your last barbeque?”

Beer sprayed out of Avery’s nose, missing Aaron’s eyes by mere centimeters.
“Say what? Who would spread such lies?”
“I can’t say who it was, but you know it’s the truth. You may try to deny it, Avery, but I know exactly what this unknown source is talking about.”
“Then please enlighten me! What are you talking about?”
“When you and I were playing football in the yard and you tackled me onto the ground, I saw it, Avery. The lust in your eyes as you stared at me, and how you looked like you wanted to kiss me.”
Appalled by Aaron’s accusation, Avery scanned the room to see if anyone heard what Aaron just said. Thankfully, no one did.
“Kiss you? Jesus, Aaron where did that sick illusion come from?”
“You know it wasn’t an illusion, so don’t deny it.”
Avery felt his panic start to rise.
“Listen, Aaron, if I admit to the truth, would you keep it between us?”
“Of course, you know you can trust me.”
“I admit that yes, I have been attracted to you since the day we met. I just never acted on it, and will never act on it. That almost kiss was as far as I would go.”
“Honestly, Avery, I don’t know how to respond to this. I have known about your bi-sexuality from the start, I just never guessed that it was me that you were attracted to.”
Avery reached over and laid his hand over Aaron’s. “Aaron, who else would it be? You are so fucking sexy.”
Aaron shifted in his seat, looking uncomfortable. “What about Shawna? Does she know about your infatuation with me?” 
“Yes, she does. She admitted to me that is why she has been cold and distant.”
“So, are you two breaking up?”
“I don’t know. We haven’t spoken since she discovered the truth about you.”
Aaron fell silent. His penetrating stare sent chills up and down Avery’s spine. Aaron broke the silence by standing up and turning to leave.
Avery stopped his friend from leaving by grasping his arm. “Where are you going? We need to talk more about this situation.”
“I’m sorry, Avery, but I don’t know what else to say. It’s an awful lot to drop on me. I need time to process.”
“Of course.” Avery let Aaron go watching him leave with a heavy heart; afraid that he just lost his best friend.

Avery sank lower in his lounger, deep in thought as he watched the sun bleed into the horizon. When the golden orb roused him from sleep this morning, it promised Avery a new day, filled with happiness and good fortune.
The yellow bastard scammed him, instead bringing him nothing but misery.

She had startled him when he unlocked his front door and found Shawna sitting on his sofa, looking troubled.
“Avery, it is time we talked about our relationship and where we go from here.”
“I agree. It’s time we settle our problems.”
Filled with apprehension, Avery could not settle. He paced the floor.
“Jesus, Avery, sit the fuck down! You’re making me nervous.”
Obeying, he settled in the chair across from Shawna.
“That’s better.  Avery, I need you to tell me the truth, or we are never going to get past this. Avery, have you and Aaron been having an affair?”
“No, we haven’t.”
“Then what the fuck was that on the lawn at our barbeque?”
Avery’s shame had formed a lump in his throat, making it hard for him to speak. Clearing his throat, he tried to explain.
“That was me fighting my lust for Aaron. I wanted to kiss him.”
“Have you ever kissed Aaron?”
“Avery, do you ever see a time where you may give into your temptation?”
 “Honestly, I can’t answer that.”
“That is not an answer.”
“It is all I have to give.”
“Who would you choose, Aaron or me?”
“You, Shawna. Only you.”
Shawna’s face turned somber as she wiped a stray tear from her eye. “I’m sorry, Avery, but that is not good enough. I need more.”
“What do you need? I can give you whatever you desire.”
“I need a man who is devoted to me in his heart and mind. A man who doesn’t have any hidden desires for another and right now, Avery, you aren’t that man.”
“What are you saying, Shawna?”
Shawna paused at the threshold, but did not look back at Avery. “I’m saying that it’s over, Avery.”
Once Shawna closed the door, Avery slumped in his chair and wept.

Bitter Sweet Memories

Her mother waved them in front of her like it was some grand prize. Karina moaned and took the bag her mother was offering. The white paper bag with the oversized gold CL letters filled Katrina with dread. It could only mean one thing. Her mother had just returned from Collins-Leonard pharmacy with her new prescription.
“Why do I get the feeling that you’re less than enthusiastic about these new meds?” Martina teased as she handed Katrina a glass of water.
“I have no reason to be excited about new meds, Mom. These are just another excuse for Doctor Browne to use me as a guinea pig.”
“Katrina, she would never use you like that. She is just trying to find a way to help with the nightmares.”
“I don’t think there’s any help for the nightmares. What those two thugs did to me and to Aaron…they almost raped me, and killed him.”
Tears burned Katrina’s eyes, but she refused to let them fall. She had done enough crying since she and Aaron were released from hospital, six weeks prior.
Her mother pulled Katrina into an embrace. “I could never imagine the horror you’ve been through, but do know that I’m still here to help you.”
“Thanks, Mom.”
“Now please do your old mother a favor and take your medication. I know they’ll make you feel better.”
Katrina popped three of the pills in her mouth and took a sip of water.
“Good girl. I better get started on dinner.”
“Do you want any help?”
“Nah, I’ll be fine. You just sit there and finish reading your book.”
Once her mother was out of sight, Katrina slipped into the bathroom and spit the pills into the toilet.

After a pleasant meal and evening with Katrina, Martina settled into bed and hugged Aaron’s empty pillow. Her husband had left on a three-week European tour to promote the upcoming season of Let There Be Blood and she badly missed him.
They had just finished an hour-long chat on Skype, and though it was wonderful for Martina to see his face, it wasn’t the same as having him next to her.
Martina was about to drift off to sleep when something caught her attention. Something was protruding from the bottom dresser drawer. Curious, Martina pulled it out, and for a moment she was drew back in time.

It was a photo of her and Katrina’s father, Brad, on their wedding day. It was a time when the world was at their feet and they believed that their love would last forever. How naïve Martina was then. She remembered being a shy nineteen-year-old girl, thinking of their lifetime together.
Katrina was barely a toddler when a loose screw shattered their world.
Brad was working as a laborer on a high rise development. A screw on a piece of scaffolding came loose and sent Brad and two others plummeting to the ground below, killing them instantly.
In those years of intense loneliness and grief, through the good and the bad, Martina only wanted one person by her side, Aaron.  It had broken her heart to have lost contact with her best friend the moment they graduated high school. She had tried to reconnect with Aaron many times, with no success. Martina was hurt that Aaron had refused to keep in contact with her after so many years of friendship, but she understood why. What happened to him was a tragedy, and he needed to disappear to cope and maybe forget.
Then came the day when Martina discovered what her friend had been doing since they parted. 

Katrina was snuggled on the couch and watching her favorite show, when a familiar face appeared on screen, taking her breath. The actor on screen was lean and muscular. His hair was shorter, but still had the same golden hue, and his eyes were still penetrating emeralds. Martina felt dizzy and sat down to steady herself.  She knew it was him, but to make sure she asked her daughter.
“That is Aaron Brooks, Mom. Geez, don’t you know anything?”
“He’s nice looking.”
“Nice looking? Looks like someone needs glasses. Aaron Brooks is more than just ‘nice looking’ he is an outright hottie! Did you know that he won the sexiest man alive award this year?”
“No, I didn’t.”
As Katrina rambled on about her favorite actor and how every girl in her school was crushing on him, Martina wondered where life would take them next.

Unexpected Passion, Unexpected Love

It had been three months since Katrina’s attack, and Aaron was very pleased with her progress. Her nightmares had died away, her memories of that night fading. She seemed to have no remaining effects from stopping her medication. In fact, she’d resettled quite nicely with her classmates at college, and was excelling in her classes.
Martina was busy with another novel and Aaron was busy with filming, but they talked to Katrina every day, and all seemed well. Aaron couldn’t wait for Katrina to come home for spring break so he could show her off at the set once again, this time as his daughter. He had big plans for her.
Aaron smiled affectionately at her picture while he waited to be called back from his dressing room. A year ago he would never had guessed that he would be a husband and a father. Those roles suited him much better.

“Aaron, it’s time to go back,” Avery said through the door.
Putting away the picture, Aaron greeted Avery. Something was terribly wrong with his best friend. He looked the same; Avery’s hair was still fashionably disheveled, and his skin golden, but there was a sadness in his sky blue eyes. 
“Hey, what’s the matter?”
“Nothing man, I’m fine.” Avery sounded morose. He continued to walk ahead of Aaron.
A couple of strides and he easily caught up with his co-star. “No, you’re not. Now, please tell me what’s going on. I’m your friend, and I want to help you.”
“Fine. If you must know, Shawna broke up with me last night.”
“Oh my God, Avery. I’m so sorry. May I ask why?”
The producer yelled, “Avery! Aaron! Get your asses over here now! We’re ready to go.”
“Coming, James! Listen, Aaron, can we talk about this later?”
“Of course, why don’t you come over tonight? I’ll cook you some dinner and we can chill with some brews. Martina will be busy all evening with her editor, so the house will be empty and we can talk in private.”
“Okay, sounds good. What time?”
“Come over right after we’re done here.”

Aaron handed Avery another beer as they sat on the terrace and watched the sunset.
“Los Angeles has to have the most beautiful sunsets in the world,” Avery commented. H e brought the cold brew to his lips and took a healthy swallow.
“I agree, so colorful.” A sunset filled with dark hues, the sky so red that it almost looked like blood. They remained silent for a few moments before Aaron released the question that had been burning on his lips all day.
“We could sit here and admire the beauty of nature, but are you going to tell me why you and Shawna broke up?”
“You certainly don’t skate around the issue, do you?” Avery continued to stare out into nothing.
“No, because it achieves nothing. Besides, Avery, we’ve been best friends for seven years. You know you can share anything with me.”
“I know. It’s just so hard to comprehend why a girl who claimed she loved me could turn around and say that she no longer sees me in her future.” He pressed the beer to his forehead.
“Shawna told this bull about while she would always love me, she couldn’t be with me. It wouldn’t be fair to string me along, knowing that I wanted marriage, and she wouldn’t be ready to settle down any time soon.”
“Did Shawna give a reason why she wouldn’t want to settle down, Avery?”
 “She said she was still too young to start thinking about marriage and kids. What could have happened to change her mind?”
“I haven’t got a clue, Avery. I’ve got a feeling there’s something more going on. I think you should talk to her some more and find out the truth. Even if it’s only for your own peace of mind.”
“I don’t know, Aaron. I don’t think she’ll speak to me again.”
“I know, but I feel that it doesn’t hurt to try. Give her a few days, and then ask to speak with her again. After all, you two still have to work together. Your characters didn’t break up.”

It pained Aaron to see Avery in such distress. He just wished there was some way he could take Avery’s pain away from him. He used the only weapon he had: humor. “I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of gals to choose from, even if it’s just a one-night stand.”
“I don’t believe in one-night stands, Aaron, and I can’t imagine myself doing that anymore. Can you?”
“No, I’m a happily married man, remember? But you have to admit, they were fun.”
“Fun during, but not so fun after when the woman is picking out wedding patterns the following morning!” Avery chuckled.
“I hear ya! At least most of the women we took home after a night of partying knew it would be a one-night stand.” Aaron took another sip of beer before continuing. “Oh, the ones who thought that fucking them meant you wanted to marry them. Oh Christ, I hated those ‘letting them down gently’ conversations. I’m just grateful that none of the women retaliated.”
“We did have some close calls, though. I lost count of how many expensive gifts I had to bribe with to get them to keep their big mouths shut. But it was worth it to keep our careers and reputations intact.”
“What we have to do to keep our fans happy.” Aaron handed Avery another beer.
“Yes, but it’s all worth it. We’re doing what we love, bringing joy to a sad and lonely world.” “Cheers to that!” Aaron and Avery clinked bottles and enjoyed their time together. By the time that Aaron and Avery polished off their second case of beer, they were both buzzed and feeling no pain.
Avery stood at the rail and looking down at the city below him, his hurt and anger numbed by the alcohol. He looked up from the spectacular view and stared at his friend.
Aaron remained stoic, as if lost in thought, staring straight into the horizon. Avery could almost see the thoughts running around in his head.  Avery was aware of the many women and some men that got drunk with desire when Aaron walked into the room. It was the same reaction he received.
He studied his co-star and watched his flaxen hair blow gently in the breeze. His broad shoulders rose and fell with his breathing. Moonlight bathed his chiseled profile. Whether it was the grief, the booze, or a combination of both influencing him, suddenly all he wanted was to have those lips on his. He long to have that sculpted body on his, pumping his generous member deep inside.
The last time he’d such an intense desire for Aaron when he’d tackled and pinned him to the ground during a game of touch football. He was astride his best friend, their gazes held for the briefest of moments. All at once, his stomach twinged and the blood rushed to the head of his cock. An overwhelming desire to kiss his best friend seized him. It had taken all his willpower not to give in, then.
He couldn’t fight the desire anymore and rushed at Aaron, pulling him to his chest and seized his mouth with a greedy kiss. Aaron struggled against the shock of Avery’s kisses and hungry caresses. In the middle of Avery’s assault, Aaron found a way to push his friend off him.
"Hey man, what in fuck do you think you’re doing?” Aaron wiped Avery’s kiss off his lips. “What does it look like? I was kissing you, is that so wrong?”
“It’s wrong if the person you’re kissing is married and not gay.”
Avery took a step back and glared at his co-star. “I’m not gay and I know you’re not gay. Don’t try to pretend. You and I love both pussy and cock, admit it.”
Aaron flinched.  “I’ve never had cock, so how do I know whether or not if I like it as much as pussy?"
A sarcastic guffaw burst out of Avery. “You’ve got to be kidding, you liar. Have you forgotten about that dominant/submissive relationship you had with your college roommate, Stefan?”
Aaron suppressed a groan. It was an experience that he enjoyed, but now regretted having told Avery, but it was useless to deny the pleasantness of the experience. “No, of course not. It was very educational. Stefan taught me so much about lovemaking. I’ll always be grateful to him.”
Aaron tensed when Avery reached out and crushed Aaron to his chest, and cupped his cheek. Avery’s lapis lazuli gaze bore into Aaron, daring him to object. The older actor’s mouth caressed Aaron’s and nibbled on his lower lip, teasing him. He glided his tongue along Aaron’s teeth in a silent request for his fantasy lover to open his mouth. When Aaron compiled, Avery plunged in his tongue. The young flaxen-haired man melted into his friend’s embrace, his earlier objections forgotten.
“Aaron, do you want me to stop?” Avery murmured against his mouth.
“No.”  Without further encouragement, Avery pushed Aaron on to the lounger, their passions uniting under the full moon. 
 When Aaron woke the next morning, Avery had disappeared from his side. Still nude, Aaron searched the empty house for his lover, but instead he found a note in the kitchen.
Aaron, I’m so sorry for doing this to you, but though last night was amazing, it was a mistake and must never be repeated. It must be considered a one night stand and nothing more. I love you, Aaron, but as a friend, and the attraction was a product of booze and grief. You’re a happily married man, deeply in love with an amazing woman and have a family, a home with her. I’m still in love with Shawna, and I’m going over to her place to see if she take me back; she is just too precious to give up. We’re friends and have an unbreakable bond that I don’t want to screw with over sex or possible fantasies of something romantic. Something that could never be. I hope you and I can get past this and continue being friends. I’ll contact you as soon as I can so we can talk.  Avery.
Aaron stood holding the note, frozen. He didn’t know what to think, or what to feel. Last night had had such an innocent start: two buddies talking and drinking while Avery grieved over his breakup. It meant the world to him, to experience the raw passion that only another man could provide. Now, Aaron Brooks was reduced to nothing but a one night stand; used as an outlet to fuck away his best friend’s grief.  
The unexpected ringing of her doorbell startled Shawna out of a deep sleep. She glanced at the clock. It was 2:00 a.m. Shawna groaned, slipped on her robe, and ran down to stop the door’s incessant chime. She was shocked to see Avery standing in her doorway, holding a dozen purple lilies. His sky blue eyes stared at her, desperate. “Avery? What brings you here at this hour?”
“Shawna, would you please let me in? We need to talk.”
Avery’s eyes never left hers.  Her ex’s distress was palpable. 
“Of course, Avery, come in.”
Shawna accepted her favorite flowers from Avery and led him into the living room, motioning for him to sit down.
“I’m going to put these in some water. Do you want something to drink?”
“No thank you.”
Shawna’s concern for her former lover increased when Avery flopped down on the couch and stared off into space. “Avery, please tell me what you want to talk about. You don’t look well.”
“I’m not well, Shawna. I did something horrible tonight.”
“What did you do?”
“I gave in to temptation.”
It had took a few moments for Shawna to understand what Avery meant, but when she did, she took a deep breath to swallow the bile of disgust that had crept up her throat.
“Oh God Avery…no.”
Wiping her tears with the back of her hand, Shawna struggled to control her shaking. “Get out, Avery! Get out now.”
Avery refused to move. He dropped to his knees in front of her and sobbed into her lap.
“Please, Shawna, don’t force me to go away! You’re the only one that I love, the only person I can count on. Don’t send me away!”
“Avery you’ve dropped a lot onto my lap. I have a lot to digest and process, but I can’t do it right now. I’m too overwhelmed. I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive you for what you’ve done, but I need some time.”
Avery’s stood up, straightened his clothes. He ran his fingers through his disheveled hair and looked at her with swollen eyes. His voice was cold.
“I’ve reduced my dignity to tatters in order to plead for your forgiveness, Shawna Jones. But, I understand that, and I’ll give you that time.” Shawna shivered at his stony expression. “I just want you to remember this. I’ve been by your side through the good, the bad, and the very ugly. There are things that I know you’ve done that no one else knows. Things that, if they got out, would ruin you.”
“There is nothing you know about me that would ruin me. You’re hurt, and this is your way of retaliating.”
“Oh, I do love you, Shawna. That’s why I’ll keep your secret… if you stay with me. If you choose to leave, then I’d have no problem letting the media know that you used to be a heroin-addicted whore.”
Shawna blanched. “That was in the past, Avery. I’ve come a long way. Even if you betrayed me by going to the media with his so called news, it would improve my image, not destroy it.”
“How do you expect it to help, Shawna?”
“It would help because it’s what the public adores. The rags-to-riches story, the triumph over adversity, is empowering. It inspires. I’d be considered a hero.”
“Okay, I see your point.  But, would your fans praise you and lift you on their shoulders if they found out that you got knocked up by one of your johns and had an abortion?”
Shawna’s stomach heaved and she felt her world crash around her. “You wouldn’t!”
“I would.”
“Avery, what’s going on with you? You’re not the man I fell in love with.”
“Then tell me, who is the man you fell in love with?”
“He was giving, loving and kind. He had a pure heart and soul.”
“That was before that Avery had his heart ripped out of his chest by the bitch he thought loved him. Who discarded him like some piece of trash just because of one mistake.”
“Fucking your best friend was not some mistake, Avery. You betrayed me by keeping that part of yourself from me and cheating on me.”
“It’s not cheating when we weren’t together! You broke up with me, remember? As for keeping my bi-sexuality from you, it wasn’t intentional. It’s not an easy topic to discuss. I felt so much shame.”
Avery’s voice lost its edge as his hurt seemed to replace his anger.
“I know you feel shame, Avery, but you’ve nothing to be ashamed off. No one should be ashamed of who they are. I just wished you were honest with me and told me. But I’ll still need time to process all of this.”
“How much time? Before or after our child is born?”
“P-pardon? What did you just say?”
“You’re pregnant with my child, aren’t you?”
“How did you find out?”
“Your assistant Kayla spilled the news to me a couple of days ago and congratulated me on my pending fatherhood . When were you going to tell me?”
“The night I broke up with you, but I chickened out. I’m sorry that you had to find out like this.”
“Then you have no other choice but to marry me.”
“I can’t marry you, Avery. We just broke up!”
“On the contrary, Shawna.”
“Give me one good reason!”
“I can give you two. One, no child should be raised without a father, and two, I’ll be bound by our eternal bonds of marriage to never spill your dirty little secrets.”
 “That’s nonsense. Many children have been raised without fathers and have grown into successful and stable adults. As for my ‘dirty’ secrets, I have my own leverage. I can tell the world about your one-night stand.”
Avery’s cobalt stare froze the blood in Shawna’s veins. His lips curled into a sneer as he pulled out his cell phone and dialed.
“May I speak to media relations, please? Yes, tell them I just found out some serious juicy details about Shawna Jones, the actress from Let There Be Blood. Yes, and I have proof.”
“Okay! Okay! Stop, I’ll marry you.”
With a smirk of satisfaction, Avery closed his phone and gingerly placed it in his top pocket.
“Wonderful. Go and get your beauty sleep. Tomorrow is a big day for us. We’ll be eloping tomorrow.”
Avery grabbed her around the waist and kissed her long and deep. Shawna felt dizzy with dread. In one night, her life had turned into a nightmare.

Post #4


Katrina pulled the blanket tighter around her and pulled out her laptop. She skimmed through the variety of threads on her favorite Let There Be Blood fan page and came across one about her.

What a bitch. How in the name of fuck did a nobody like her get Aaron to adopt her?

I know, Katrina is such an ugly whore and is so undeserving of such perfection of nature. How can Aaron stand looking at her every day? Gross!  

Someone needs to take pity on Aaron and kill Katrina, ending his suffering.

I’ll be his daughter, no problem! I wouldn’t mind him tucking me in at night

I heard Avery Evers just tolerates her because Aaron is his BFF.
The taunts went on forever, but out of the hate, there was a comment that was different.
While I’m a defender of the right of free speech, I don’t condone this form of this weak attempt to bully an innocent person. A person who is attacked simply because her mother and father are famous. This is a display of jealous hate and will be stopped. For those of you who are hiding in the shadow of this chat room and who are afraid to admit that you like and support Katrina Brooks, I have started a petition to be forwarded to the creator of this website to remove and block all trolls. It’s time that their bridge be blown away and expose these cowards for what they really are, abusers of the right to free speech.  Theshadow
The person who tagged his or herself The Shadow had left a link of a petition for those interested to sign. Katrina didn’t think that the petition would gain much support, but by the end of the week it had gathered enough signatures to influence the owner of the site to remove and block all abusive threads and comments.
Katrina contacted The Shadow to thank him.
TheShadow: You are welcome, Katrina. I had to do what was right. I’m flattered that you would take the time to personally contact me.
Kat: Of course I was going to contact you and say thanks. No one has stood up for me before like this. I never be able to repay you for your kindness.
TheShadow: It was my pleasure. Though if you really want to repay my kindness, would you consider staying in touch with me?
Kat: Sure, I’d like that.
TheShadow: I know you contacted me through the email address I left on the petition, but I’m deleting this account today. Here is my private email address. theshadow@christianmuse.com I trust you keep it private?
Kat: You can trust me.
TheShadow: Wonderful. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.
Kat: Me too. J
Aaron had suspected that Katrina had not been taking her medication when she began to display some of the warning signs.  She had been sleeping late, missing her shifts at the coffee house where she worked part time, and since Katrina been home, she had been slipping out of trances. Aaron brought his suspicions to Martina and she agreed with him, because she’d noticed some strange behavior of her own.
Katrina was displaying some overly sexual behavior; walking around the house in just her underwear or towel, ‘accidently’ walking in on Aaron in the shower, and coming home with her clothes and hair disheveled and smelling of alcohol.  Plus, she had been spending a great deal of time online. When confronted about it, Katrina would not answer and storm off into her room.
Martina had set up an emergency session with Doctor Browne, but Aaron felt that Katrina needed more than sessions with her doctor. Aaron felt he needed to find out why Katrina was spending so much time online. He knew that asking his daughter why was going to get him nowhere, so he decided he would take her laptop and do some investigating once Katrina had stepped out for the evening.
“Good night, Aaron, I’m going over to Molly’s.” Katrina flashed by him in a blur. He was about to tell her to have a good time when the phone rang.
“May I speak with Aaron Brooks, please?”
“Mr. Brooks, do you know a Martina Murphy Brooks?”
“Yes, she’s my wife.”
“Mr. Brooks, this is Evan Masters from USC University Hospital. Your wife was in a serious car accident.”
Panic rose and his heart stopped at the news. “I’ll be right there!”
“Katrina! We have to go. Your mom has been in a car accident.”
When they were finally allowed to enter the Intensive Care Unit, the surgeon approached Aaron.
“Mr. Brooks, I’m Kevin Williams. I’m the surgeon who operated on your wife.”
“Can you tell me what happened?”
Aaron followed the doctor to Martina’s room. She was covered in tubes and bandages, barely recognizable. Katrina held her hand, Martina’s fingers looking fragile under the tubes sticking out. The doctor spoke very quietly to Aaron, so Katrina wouldn’t hear.
“Mr. Brooks, your wife was t-boned by a car that went through a red light at an intersection. She suffered massive internal injuries, including trauma to her head, that resulting in bleeding in the brain.”
“Oh my God!”
“We have repaired the damage as best we could, but your wife is in a deep coma. The injuries she sustained internally were severe, and she’s in critical condition.”
“What’s her prognosis?”
“The next 48 hours will be critical in determining in whether or not she will pull through. I’m so sorry, Mr. Brooks. Please know that you’re in presence of some of the best medical professionals in the country. We will do everything humanly possible to see that she fully recovers.”
Katrina enjoyed her daily emails with the mysterious person called The Shadow. When Katrina had asked The Shadow his real name, he stated that because of very private reasons, he could never reveal his true name. The only thing The Shadow would admit to was that he was a man in his mid-twenties who worked the night shift at a manufacturing company. He would please Katrina with stories of his youth, his family and friends. Katrina would tell him stories of her life and unburden her sorrows with him.  The Shadow made her laugh, and was a great source of comfort during this period of darkness for her.
The Shadow even christened her with a nickname, Kitten.
Soon, the daily emails were not enough for Katrina.
Kat: I want us to meet.
TheShadow: Why?
Kat: I’m getting tired with just talking with you through email. I want to see your face, hold your hand, hear your voice.
TheShadow: And to feel my arms around you?
Kat: Yes, I do.
TheShadow: I’ve been wanting the same thing, Kitten. Okay, when do you want to meet and where?
Kat: Are you free to meet me tomorrow night at the playground near St. Matthew’s General? I don’t want to be too far away from my mom.
TheShadow: You are in luck. Tomorrow is my night off. I’ll meet you at the playground at around 9pm, okay?
Kat: Perfect! I can’t wait!
TheShadow: I’ll be counting the minutes.
It was dark, and the moon was just a sliver in the sky. The air was cold, with a fog threatening to roll in. Katrina sat in a swing, anxiously waiting for her mysterious friend to arrive.
Taking a quick glance at her watch, Katrina noticed it was already 9:30, and he was a half an hour late. Her disappointment sank to the pit of her stomach, The Shadow had stood her up.
Katrina was about to leave when she felt a hand on her arm. She screamed.
“Shh, Kitten! It’s me, The Shadow. I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.” A deep, silky voice caressed and calmed her.
Katrina let out a sigh of relief. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry, I thought you were… well, I didn’t know who or what you were. Is that why you call yourself The Shadow—because you like lurking in them?”
Her new friend chuckled. “Well, I’ll not call what I do lurking. It sounds so sinister. I just like the shadows because I feel comfortable in them.”
The Shadow adjusted his hoodie as he sat in the swing next to Katrina. She wanted to see his face, but he remained masked by the darkness.
“May I ask why you were late, The Shadow?”
“Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to be late but I was running, ah, an errand and it took longer than expected.  Please call me Shadow. The Shadow makes me sound like an object.”
“Of course. I understand about you being late. You’re here now, and that’s all that matters.”
“How’s your mom?”
“She’s making some progress. She’s breathing on her own, and the docs moved her to her own room.”
“Fantastic! Does that mean she’s out of danger?”
“I hope so. Her doctor is cautiously optimistic, but I have faith that Mom is going to be okay and will be home soon.”
“Good. You hang onto that faith. Doctors don’t know anything. All they know is stuck between the pages of some medical journal.”
It felt good to hear Shadow’s encouraging words. She savored his deep silken voice.
“Would you like to come home with me and talk some more? I have the house to myself.”
 Shadow stepped back. “I’d love to come home with you, but I do have to go and take care of some other, uh, obligations. I did enjoy our brief time. I want to see you again. Will you agree to meet me here, same time tomorrow?”
“I’d love to!”
“It’s a date, then,” he replied, kissing her fingertips. “Thank you. Good night, Kitten.”
“Good-night, Shadow.”
Then like a puff of smoke, he was gone.
Katrina felt a little confused as she pressed her fingers to her lips. Though there was a chill in the autumn air, Shadow’s lips against her skin felt like ice.
Filming had wrapped up for the day. With thoughts of Martina once again occupying his mind, Aaron almost missed the two custodians chatting as they cleaned the set.
“Did you hear that Avery Evers ran off with Shawna Jones and eloped?”
“No way! Are you sure? I heard they broke up.”
“That’s what I heard. Jonas is Avery’s assistant, and Avery told him he didn’t need him for the next couple of days. Then someone was out for a jog this morning and saw them entering a church. Avery was decked out in a suit and Shawna a simple white dress and carrying a small bouquet of flowers.”
“Well, I’ll be damned. The dude works quickly!”
“Yeah, but why would they get married so quickly?”
“Who knows, Slim? These celebrities are just fucking crazy.”
Aaron was in shock.  
First the note and now a farce marriage to Shawna. Avery was being a coward by going out of his way to avoid the truth of his feelings for him. Aaron felt a tear fall down his cheek, but wiped it away. He was not going to weep like some love sick fool that got his heart broken. It had taken only one night of passion for him to realize the truth.
 “Please, Aaron, drop the subject!” Avery pleaded.
“No, I want to talk about it like you promised. You’ve been avoiding me.”
They were in the middle of Cedar Grove Park, filming the scene where Elizabeth tells Lance that she slept with Toby. The big breakup scene.
“I’m sorry, Aaron. But we have to talk about this later. Here comes Shawna.”
Aaron wanted to scream as he watched Avery walk away from him and towards Shawna. He gave her a kiss before leaving her to do the scene.
Lance’s grip tore into Elizabeth’s flesh as she tried to get away from him. “Please, Lance, let me go. It’s over between us!”
“Why is it over between us?”
“You know why, I just told you. Let me go, you are hurting me.”
Lance tightened his grip, making Elizabeth’s eyes water with pain. “I will never let you go, Liz. You told me that you loved me and wanted to be with me forever. Those are the words you whispered to me as we made love last night. What changed?”
 “I love Toby, not you. Those words were a lie. They have been since the day my love turned cold when I saw you drain the life from my sister! You are a monster, Lance, and you will never change.”
“You bitch! It’s her isn’t it? It’s that fucking witch Jasmine that turned you against me, isn’t it?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now let me go!”
Lance’s claws dug into her skin, piercing a vein as he pulled her closer.
“You do know what I’m talking about! Jasmine hates me. She can’t stand the fact that her best friend is in love with me,  and put a spell on you to make you hate me and fall in love with Toby. Admit it.”
“Lance, you’re delusional. You need help. Jasmine is a powerful witch, but there is no spell out there that could make me hate you and fall in love with your best friend if I truly loved you. I thought I did, but I don’t.”
“Then answer me this, whore. Can you deny that Jasmine hates me and would do anything in her power to get me away from you?”
“Yes Jasmine hates you. She has good reason. You lured her into your bed, got her pregnant and then forced her to get an abortion.”
“Jesus, Liz, that was ten years ago, when I was still human! Jasmine can’t still be holding on to that.”
“How fucking arrogant are you? Let me see if I can get it through your thick head. The doctor botched the surgery, messing up her uterus so she can never have babies. The Smith bloodline ends with her. No one would be able to get over a tragedy like that, no matter how much time has gone by.”
Lance relaxed his grip on Elizabeth’s wrist a little.
“Fine. I get it why she hates me, but why does Jasmine want you to love Toby? Why’s he so special?”
“She didn’t pick him. I did by falling in love with Toby for real. There is no spell.”
“That doesn’t answer my question! Why Toby? He’s a vampire like me.”
“Toby may be a vampire, but he is gentle, kind and loving. He’s been there for me when you weren’t. Toby has been a constant shoulder to lean on.”
Elizabeth shook with fear as Lance’s eyes grew dark with rage and black veins snaked across his features. She knew what was coming next, and she was helpless to escape from it.
“How could you remain with me, make love with me, and tell me you love me while being in love with Toby? You’re either a cold-hearted con artist, or a backstabbing whore. I have a feeling you’re just a bit of both. If I can’t have you, then neither can Toby. Good-bye, Liz.”
Elizabeth closed her eyes to shield herself from the horror of Lance’s fangs closing in on her neck and piercing her skin 
“Cut! Wonderful! Amazing, Aaron and Shawna. A very emotional and convincing scene. That was your best work to date, Aaron, very real,” the executive producer praised them.
“Thank you, James. I dug deep for that one, wanted to make it as real as possible to please our fans.”
“Well, if that doesn’t bring a tear to everyone’s eye at airtime, I’ll eat my hat,” James promised as he walked away.
As Aaron walked back to the makeup chair to have his fangs removed and to clean up, Avery shot him a weak smile before turning away.
His phone buzzed with a text message.
Meet me for a drink at Sharky’s. A.
Sharky’s pub was a hole in the wall; dimly lit, with sawdust on the floor and neon beer signs dotting the walls. It smelled of stale smoke and the sweat of the blue collar patrons. Sharky, a middle-aged ex-Marine whose muscular build disappeared with his youth, had the common sense to keep his face in the back. He managed the books, but kept beautiful and skilled barkeeps out front.
Aaron navigated his way through the clutter of tables and found Avery in the shadows in the back, nursing a draft. “I took the liberty in ordering one for you as well,” he stated, pointing to the frosty mug.
“Thank you. Now, are you prepared to talk?”
“What, no ‘hello Avery? How are you’?”
“I don’t want to share lame pleasantries, Avery. I came here to talk.”
“Okay, we’ll talk. Listen, I’m sorry to just up and leave with that lame note, but what we did scared me.” Avery took a deep drink before setting it down on the table. “I haven’t felt any desire for a man in a long time.”
“You’re bullshitting me, Avery. All I want is the truth. Why did you run away?”
“I ran away because you brought up feelings that I kept buried.”
Avery reached over and placed his hands over Aaron’s, looking deep into his eyes.
 “I meant what I said, Aaron. I do love you, but no matter how much sexual desire I feel for you, we can never be a couple.”
“Can you tell me why?”
 “I’m truly in love with my wife, as I know you’re in love with yours. We need to move on from this. I don’t want to lose you as my friend.” 
“I understand, but what’s up with the sudden marriage? I thought she told you that she wasn’t ready. What made her change her mind so quickly?”
“We had a long talk and she told me that she made a mistake. She was ready to be my wife, and she wanted her baby to know his father.”
The room swirled around Aaron. He felt as though the wind was knocked out of him. “You’re going to be a father?”
“I know, right? It’s fucking crazy. I’m going to be a dad in a few short months. It’s nerve racking and exciting, and it’s what I always wanted.”

Aaron took a long swallow of his beer to wash down the bile. A baby--a fucking screaming child--was going to come into Avery’s life and push him right out of it. Even though he was dying inside, he gave his friend his warmest smile and offered up his congratulations.
Post # 5

A touch of blood
Katrina loved her time with Shadow, she just wished he would spend time with her during the day. He always made the excuse that he slept for better part of the day and took care of errands before he had to go to work. Every Friday and Saturday was Shadow’s time off from work, but he still refused to spend the days with her, preferring the nights.
“Are you afraid of the sunlight?”
Shadow swiped another beer and settled comfortably back into the shadow of Katrina’s bedroom window seat. “Why would you ask that?”
“You never want to spend the daylight hours with me.”
“Kitten, I already told you I’m more comfortable in the dark.”
“But why are you more comfortable in the darkness? What are you hiding?”
“I’m not hiding anything. I like the darkness because the sun burns my skin.”
“That doesn’t make sense. You told me that you run errands in the day before you go to work.”
“I always run errands when the sun is at its lowest point or when it rains.”
“Why don’t you wear sunblock?”
“Sunblock has no effect in protecting my skin.”
“Seriously, Kitten, you need to stop it with the inquisition. There are some things I’d like to keep to myself, so drop it!”

Shadow’s irate tone startled Katrina, making her hug her pillow tighter.
“I’m sorry I startled you, Kitten. It’s not you. I just have been under a lot of stress lately.”
“Anything you want to talk about?”
“Nothing that I want to bother you with. Now, you tell me about the rest of your day.”
Katrina told her friend about her mother’s progress, and how her best friend surprised her with a picnic lunch. She didn’t realize how late they were talking until the sun’s rays bathed the room.
Shadow jerked his hand away. Katrina rushed to his side to see a large blister forming on his hand. When she reached out to touch it, Shadow put it in his pocket.
“Shadow, please let me get something for that, you look like you’ve been burned.”
“It’s, ah, okay, Kitten. No worries. I’ll take care of it when I get home. I better go before I’m burnt to a crisp.”
“How are you going to get home? The sun is out.”
“My car has tinted windows and will shield me. Good-bye, Kitten. I’ll call you.”
Masked by his hood, Shadow pressed his lips against Katrina’s before leaving.
Once again his lips were like ice, his breath was cold, and his flesh felt frozen.  There was no justifiable reason for Shadow’s skin to be so cold. He had been sitting in her warm room all night, so his skin should have felt normal.

There were a lot of strange things adding up about Shadow that had been nagging at Katrina. Things that needed answers. She just needed to know where to start.

Katrina couldn’t talk to Aaron, and her mother was in the hospital. She called up Molly Sims, her best friend, and had a sleepover.
“So what’s got ya so worried about Shadow? What are you thinking?”
Katrina slipped the DVD of Phantom Bigfoot, a new horror release, and fell back on her bed. “There are a few things that are unusual about Shadow that are adding up, and it all has me wondering about something.”
“What is your feeling?”
“I’m not sure.”
“How about we go through a list of your suspicions, and we’ll see what you and I come up with?”
“Okay. I have known Shadow for almost two months now, have spent every weekend with him, and feel that I have gotten to know him quite well, but I have yet to see his face.”
“But he kissed you. How didn’t you see his face then?”
“Shadow always wears a hood that conceals his face at all times even when he’s not in the shadows.”
“What else?”
“I saw the skin on his hand burn causing a nasty blister when the sun came through the window. Then there’s his flesh. His skin is ice cold, like a dead person’s.”
“Jesus, Kat, that’s weird.”
“I know, but there has to be a reasonable explanation, right?”
“Maybe. But I think you need more evidence to prove what I’m thinking.”
“What exactly are you thinking, Molly?”
“It’s going to sound crazy, since they don’t exist, but if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Shadow is a vampire.”
“What? Come on, Molly! Vampire’s only exist in movies, books and TV.”
“I know it sounds crazy, but with the exception of the absence of him feeding on human blood, it all points to vampire. Think about it, Kat.”

The possibility of Shadow being a vampire was something that Katrina could not stop thinking about. She watched herself watching Shadow whenever she was with him, looking for more signs to prove Molly’s theory, and the nagging feeling that Molly was right. Shadow didn’t show any other signs, behaving like any normal human being. Katrina wondered if she was going crazy.

Katrina did not react as Shadow linked his cold fingers with hers on their moonlit stroll along the boardwalk. She had gotten used to his lack of warmth and enjoyed holding his hand. Shadow kept his expression hidden under that oversized hood, but she could tell that he was happy.
“You seem to be happy tonight.”
“Why do you say that?”
“You have a little bounce in your step. May I ask why?”
“I feel great. I’ve never been happier. My life has been has been so much richer since I met you.”
“I’m glad you feel that way, because I feel that way about you.”
Shadow held her hand tighter as he guided her along the dark path. It was an unfamiliar path for Katrina, and she had a hard time navigating through the unseen obstacles of the path, stumbling several times while Shadow walked effortlessly. It was like he could see in the dark.
“I think we should turn around, I can’t see a thing.”
“Relax, Kitten. Just hold my hand; we’re almost there.”
“Where are you taking me?”
“To a nice open field where we can sit and talk.”
Katrina trusted Shadow’s guidance for the rest of the way until they reached the field.
“Wait, this is the field next to my old high school’s football field. How do you know about this place?”
“Let’s just say a friend told me about this place, so that’s all you need to know for now, young lady. In the meantime, have a seat.”

Katrina sat next to Shadow who wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled Katrina closer.
For a long time they said nothing to each other and instead, Katrina just enjoyed Shadow’s company. She studied her mysterious friend, and figured if she stared at him long enough that she be able to figure out who he was.
“You know, you can stare at me all night, Kitten, but it’s not time for you know who I am.”
“Why are you keeping your identity a secret from me? I admit, it was fun at first to have this mystery friend, but the fun is gone out of it. I want to know who you are.”
“Why are you so anxious to find out who I am?”
“It’s only natural for me to wonder, isn’t it? Besides, I want to see the face of the man I’m in love with.”
Katrina’s hand flew to her mouth. She couldn’t believe that she’d just said that.
“I’m sorry, Shadow. I don’t know why that came out of my mouth. I didn’t mean…”
“Yes, you did mean to say you love me, Kitten, otherwise you wouldn’t have said it. I just think you surprised yourself by saying what you have been feeling for some time now.”
“How did you know? Can you read minds or something?”
If he said that he did, that would be another thing to add to her ‘Shadow is a vampire’ list.
“No, you silly girl. I didn’t read your mind. I have really good instincts, that’s all.”
Katrina breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m so embarrassed. The last thing you need is some teenager in love with you.”
“On the contrary. I’m very relieved that you feel that way about me, because you share my feelings.”
Shadow turned to face her. “I said, I’m in love with you too, Kitten.”
Katrina shivered as Shadow caressed her face and kissed her tenderly. Without thinking, she reached out to push Shadow’s hood down, but he grasped her hands and pushed her away from him hard onto her back. Pain shot through her head as it hit the rock behind her.
“No! You must never do that again. It’s not time for you to know who I am!”
Katrina stared at Shadow, afraid. “I-I’m s-sorry.”
Shadow’s temper seemed to diminish as quickly as it appeared as he knelt down next to her. “Kitten, I’m so very sorry! Are you okay?”
“My head hurts.”

Shadow embraced Katrina to help her off the ground, but pulled away when he saw her injury in the light. “Oh, you’re bleeding.” Shadow seemed to be staring at her wound with morbid fascination, touching his fingers to the nape of her neck and bringing her blood to his lips.
“Mmm, it’s been so long. Just one taste.”
In her woozy state, Katrina swore she saw Shadow lick her blood off his fingers and elongated teeth flash before her eyes as his mouth neared her neck and sucked on her wound.

The frigid touch of regret.

Aaron didn’t want to leave the hospital, but he needed to go home and check on Katrina and try to get some rest.
His daughter was sleeping soundly as he peeked in on her. His heart skipped a beat with relief as she turned in her sleep. In spite of the fall, she looked healthy and sound. The doctors had confirmed it with an overnight stay and x-rays, but even her mild concussion had been a soul-wrenching terror.

Aaron poured himself a drink, and settled into his favorite chair, closing his eyes.  He felt so guilty for neglecting Katrina and ached to make it up to her.  How, he did not know but he would find a way. 
Aaron was about to drop off to sleep when his phone rang.
“Aaron, this is Shawna.  I need to speak to you.”
“Can’t this wait? I’m really tired and need to rest.”
“I rather if you didn’t.  We really need to talk.”
“What is this about?”
“It’s about Avery.  May I come over?”
“Not today.  Katrina is sleeping and she needs her rest.”
“Then when can we meet?”
“How about I meet you in the morning at the coffee shop in front of the hospital?”
“Fine.  I’ll see you around eight?”
“OK, I’ll see you there.”

Aaron had no idea what else could be so urgent, but after the trip to the hospital and Katrina’s mild concussion, not to mention that mysterious hike with Molly, he had no energy to worry about Shawna. The shower and bed was calling him.
Aaron stepped out the shower feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. He slipped underneath the sheets and before long he fell into a deep sleep.

The sweet smell of fresh-baked cookies beckoned him from the kitchen. The promise of warm gooey chocolate and cold milk made it hard to resist. He glided into the kitchen, where his mother would have set a plate filled with cookies and a glass of milk on the counter for his afterschool snack. He will sit and talk to her as she diced up the vegetables for supper. This was his favorite time of day; just him and his mom alone, talking. He called her name as he neared the kitchen, but was met with silence. He called again and again, with no answer. Frantic, he searched the house with no luck. He wandered back into the kitchen and slipped on something warm and wet, catching himself on the counter. Looking down, he saw a large pool of blood and his mother and father laying in each other’s arms, a bullet hole in their foreheads.
Hysterically screaming, he fell onto his parents’ bodies and wrapped himself in their lifeless embrace. Closing his eyes to stave off the burning tears, he heard a faraway voice calling to him.
“Aaron, please, help! Help me, Aaron, I need you!” Looking up Aaron saw his best friend standing naked before him, her hands tied behind her back and blood pouring from between her legs .

Aaron sat up in bed, covered in sweat, with Martina’s begging for help still echoing in his ears. Seventeen years, and his mother and father’s senseless deaths still haunted him; three years after the living nightmare, Aaron could not erase his wife’s voice from his mind.  It was a vicious, endless torment that served as punishment for the sin of his neglect.

Across town, Avery felt trapped in his own nightmare. Shawna slept peacefully in their bed as he stood out on the terrace, calming his nerves with a bourbon. He had forced his wife to marry him in the guise of being a family for their unborn child, but in truth, Avery was just hiding from his true desires. Shawna and the baby were just a convenient distraction from the love and lust he felt for Aaron. No matter how hard he tried to push away their one night of passion, he’d failed.
The image of Aaron’s svelte body glistening with sweat, his bedroom eyes locked with his, their passionate embrace barely containing their racing heartbeats haunted his days and nights. Being near him on set was unbearable.

Toby stared Lance down, his black eyes flamed with revenge as he lunged at his former best friend, baring his fangs. “You’re a traitor, Lance! You told me that you would let Elizabeth go and move out of town so we could be happy. Then you stay—and you try to seduce her! How could you do this to me?”
“I didn’t do anything to her! She wanted me just as much as I wanted her, she just chickened out at the last second.”
“If that was true, which I doubt it is, she only chickened out because Elizabeth knew it was wrong.”

Lance started to laugh uncontrollably, sparking Toby’s rage. Toby’s hand grabbed Lance’s throat, pushing him hard against the tree. Toby squeezed his best friend’s throat until he couldn’t breathe.
“I had a chance to kill you a long time ago and let you live because I felt sorry for you.”
“Then kill me now.”
Toby stared long and hard at Lance as he struggled for breath. Lance did not avert his stare, his oak green eyes piercing to his soul. Toby tightened his grip around the broken branch in his hand, poised to thrust it through Lance’s heart. Before he could, Lance said something that stopped him in his tracks.
“Kill me, b-but I will always l-love you.”
Toby loosened his grip. “What?”
“I said, you can kill me, but that will not take away the love I feel for you. Toby. Despite our differences and the battles we fought, I consider you my brother. Not even Liz can take that away from me. Only you can do that.” Toby paused to take a breath. “I have to ask you, do you still love me?”
Toby didn’t know how to answer. He was overwhelmed by Lance’s sincerity. Dropping the branch and letting his friend go, Toby knew he had to be honest.
“Yes, Lance, I love you. I consider you a brother, always have and always will, despite the fact that you’re a cold-hearted bastard when you’re hurt.”
Lance offered Toby a small smile. “So, where do we go from here?”
“I can’t forgive and forget all the harm you’ve done, Lance. At least not yet. I need some time to sort all of this out, and you need to prove to me that you can be my brother again. You have my love; now earn my trust.”
“How do I do that?”
“Take the love you feel and work on being the man you were before Ava turned you into a vampire and you let the power go to your head. Be compassionate and kind without expecting anything in return. Plus, forgive yourself and let go off all grudges. That’s what’s holding you back.”
“It’s going to be hard, but I’m willing to try, for you.”
“Not for me, Lance, but for you. Enough of this mushiness, let’s go grab a drink.”
“Like old times.”
“Yep, brother, like old times.”

James had cussed them out for not following the script, ad-libbing almost the entire dialog. However, without even realizing it, he and Aaron were speaking the truth about how they felt about each other. The emotion projected on to the screen was powerful, and turned out to be Let There Be Blood’s highest rated episode. 
 It was time for Avery to face the truth and to take what he wanted. He just had to wait for the right time to eliminate the obstacles that were in his way.

Shawna stirred her coffee obsessively, not hearing Aaron calling her name. Aaron tried again, this time shaking her shoulder.
“Shawna! Hey, are you in there?"
Shawna snapped out of her daze and smiled at her friend.
“Hey, Aaron, what are you doing here?”
“Ah, you called me yesterday practically begging me to meet with you?”
“Oh, yeah. Sorry.”
“Tell me, Shawna, what’s going on?”
“It’s Avery, Aaron. I’m worried about him.”
“Why would you say that?”
“Aaron, there is something about Avery and the circumstances of our marriage that you need to know.”
“Okay, what is it?”
“Avery forced me to marry him. He said that if I didn’t marry him he would expose my past to the media, ruining my life.”
“What? Why would he do something so cruel? That doesn’t sound like Avery.”
“That’s just it. I feel that one-night stand he had with you has fucked with his head.”
Aaron blanched. He was not aware that Shawna knew about the affair. “Y-you know about that?”
“Yes, Avery told me. He confessed everything to me.”
“Jesus, Shawna, I’m so sorry.”
Shawna dismissed his apology with the wave of her hand. “We’re beyond apologizes at this point, Aaron. What I’m concerned with is Avery’s behaviour after that night. Have you noticed anything different?”
Aaron thought for a moment, but his mind came up blank. “No, I haven’t. He just seemed a little more intense and distracted lately, but I thought that was because he’s worried about his pending fatherhood.”
“Well, Avery may not be aware of this, because he is caught up in his own world lately, but I’ve been watching him. He doesn’t sleep anymore. He spends his nights restless, drinking bourbon on our terrace, lost in thought.”
“That still doesn’t mean anything. Again, that could be attributed to the stress.”
“Oh yeah? Then how do you explain this?”
Aaron looked at the brown leather book, confused. “What’s this?”
“That, is Avery’s journal. I found it underneath his pillow a couple of days ago. Curious. I read through it. Most of it is mundane stuff, but look at this passage.”
After reading it, Aaron couldn’t catch his breath, drawing attention from curious onlookers in the café. “Oh my God! You don’t think he would go that far to get what he wants, do you?”
“Aaron, I thought I knew my husband, but after reading that, I’m not so sure.”
Post #6
The Disclosure
Katrina was grateful that her father was gone on a cast photo shoot all day because of what sat on the kitchen table when she went down for breakfast. Two dozen red roses and a card from Shadow begging her for forgiveness.
Kitten, I’m so sorry for becoming so violent with you, I didn’t mean it. I will do anything to make it up to you. Just please forgive me. Shadow. Appalled by Shadow’s audacity to try and win her forgiveness, Katrina picked up the roses and threw them in the wastebasket. She was not going to be so easily won.
That didn’t stop Shadow from trying relentlessly to obtain her forgiveness. Katrina was finishing up some emails when an instant message popped up from Shadow. She was going to ignore it, but the constant binging of her message alert, distracted Katrina, so she responded.
Shadow: Did you get the roses, Kitten?
Kitten: Yes
Shadow: Did you like them?
Kitten: No. But the garbage did.
Shadow: Why did you do that?
Kitten: Cause I hate you!
Shadow: Kitten, you have every right to hate me. How can I make this up to you?
Kitten: Just stay away.
 Shadow didn’t stay away. He kept on trying to win her over. There were more roses, jewelry, books and other extravagant gifts. Katrina sent back all of them. 
Shadow: If you give me just one afternoon, I will tell you everything. Then you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to break up with me.
Kitten:  Just one afternoon?
Shadow: Yes.
Kitten: Fine. When?
Shadow: Would this afternoon be okay?
Though she had been in his house before, Shadow had never shown Katrina his bedroom. That was one of the many things he wanted to keep off limits. She glared at him from the corner of her eye as he opened the door.
“You wanted to see my bedroom, so here it is.”
Katrina was surprised to see that his bedroom was a normal bachelor’s space. The walls were painted dark blue, the floor covered in dirty laundry and alcohol bottles, and junk food wrappers were strewn about. The window was blackened out with a blanket, and there was a dresser in the corner. “What do you think?”
“It’s an interesting room, Shadow.”
“You don’t find it unusual?”
“I find it quite normal, actually. A typical guy room. Sloppy and dark.”
“You sure about that? Take a look again.”
Another scan of the room revealed that Shadow had no bed.
“Why no bed?”
“I don’t need one. I don’t sleep.”
“That’s not possible.”
“Kitten, I promised you that I would tell you the truth about who, or shall I say, what, I am. Though I have a feeling that you already know. You just haven’t had the guts to ask me. So, this is your opportunity. Ask me.”
The question had been itching at the back of her throat for so long it had formed a lump. Now that the moment had arrived, Katrina found that she had lost her voice.
“Um, ah…God I don’t know how, Shadow.”
“Just spit it out.”
Katrina took a deep breath and blurted “Are you a vampire?”
“To answer that question, why don’t you piece together all the clues that have been swimming around in your head?”
“So you are a vampire!”
“Yes, and before I go any further and tell you my story, I need you to be sure you want to hear this. What I have to tell you will change your view of the world around you. Do you want to hear what I have to say?"
“Yes I do.”
Katrina stared at Shadow, stunned. Not with disbelief, but with how naïve she was not to see the facts in front of her. She had known deep in her gut that her boyfriend was a vampire, but Katrina never suspected that there was the possibility of more right in her backyard.
“Are you saying there are more of you here?”
“I will not confirm or deny, Kitten. You have to figure that out for yourself.”
“Look around you. Study the signs that led you to the truth about me. Vampires are closer than you think.”
Katrina quickly found out that vampires weren’t the only creatures around—they were everywhere.
The perfect spot to do some investigating was on the set of Let There Be Blood. Aaron agreed to take her a long that day to observe the filming of a new scene.
“Jasmine how can I ever thank you for putting that spell on Elizabeth? She needed to get away from Lance before he destroyed her and took her into the darkness with him.”
“Think nothing of it, Toby. It was my pleasure to finally give that monster the medicine he deserves. Lance is a destructive soul, and needed to be punished for the terrors he has inflicted on this town.”
“I agree. Lance used to be so kind and loving when he was human. I don’t know he could have turned into such a demon.”
“You know that being a vampire not only heightens emotions, but brings out the darkness of those who are inflicted with the curse of the undead. Some, like you, regain your humanity and return to living a moral life. Others, like Lance, never return.”
As Lance stood unseen in the shadows, a sharp pain ceased his heart from Toby’s betrayal.
Katrina watched as Aaron walked away, looking depressed and defeated. She followed him home and saw him close the door to his bedroom. Moments later, Katrina heard crashing and screaming. Concerned, Katrina opened the door ajar to find the room torn apart and her father sitting on the bed, his head in his hands cursing and weeping. “You fucking bitch! How could you do this to me?” “Why? Oh why?” Aaron seized a glass filled with red liquid from the nightstand and finished it with one gulp. Letting loose a feral growl, he flashed sharp incisors stained with a liquid that looked like blood.
Katrina walked to her room, dazed. She  paced the room, desperate to put the pieces of what she’d just witnessed together.. This could only mean one thing. Her father wasn’t Aaron Brooks, but Lance Peterson, a vampire. What she saw today had to be real. Then, if it was real, her father had just been betrayed by his best friend, and a certain witch was responsible for it.
It was time for Katrina and Cassie, or rather, Jasmine, to have a chat. 

 Let There Be Blood
The scream penetrated the air. James yelled, “Cut! Chad, go find out what the hell is going on.”
Five minutes later, Chad returned, pale-faced. “You have to come and see this, boss, it’s urgent.”
“What’s so urgent that I have to stop filming a very crucial scene?”
“Ah...sir, I don’t know how to tell you this, but Shawna just found Cassie dead."
“Come again? Did you just say that Shawna found Cassie Saunders dead?
“Yes sir. Her throat has been cut. We called the police, but I think you should see this.  Please, sir, come with me!”

Aaron and Avery looked at each other, shocked. Cassie Saunders was one of their co-stars and played a loveable witch, Jasmine Smith.
“What in the hell happened? How did Cassie get murdered?”
“I don’t know, sir.” Without another word, the director followed his assistant, trailed by Avery and Aaron. The effects people and other crew members murmured as the stars ran off. Avery bolted ahead.
  At first it was hard to see Cassie’s body with all the commotion surrounding the scene. It was chaos. Police officers buzzing about; some cordoning off the set, while others questioning the large number of the pre-production, production and post-production crews. Huddled masses sobbing and comforting each other, including Shawna, who tried to answer an officer\s questions as she clung to Avery.
Aaron used the cloak of chaos to move his way closer to the set of Jasmine’s bedroom, where the body of the actress who played her lay.  The medical examiner had arrived with the forensics team, and were collecting evidence and taking pictures. 
Cassie lay in a pool of blood, her neck slashed open and almost severed. Her body lay twisted at an odd angle and her eyes stared at nothing.  
Aaron looked closer, hunting for an explanation, a hint about who might have killed the sweet-natured witch. An onyx jeweled bracelet lay in blood next to Cassie’s body. It looked exactly like the one he had given Katrina for her high school graduation.
He flipped it over, his heart sinking. It was inscribed, ‘To Katrina with love’. He stepped back hurriedly as more crew members and straw cast members circled the area. He saw police arriving and jumped away from the crime scene. Had Katrina snapped, he wondered? Was it related to going off her meds? There was only one way to find out. Taking a deep breath, he prepared himself as a police officer tapped him on the shoulder.
“Excuse me, are you Aaron Brooks?”
Aaron gasped, startled. “Yes, I’m Aaron.”
The petite red-head presented her badge. “Mr. Brooks, I’m Detective Thomas. I was wondering, were you free for some questioning?”
Aaron did not want to answer questions. He needed to get back home to Katrina and confront her about the bracelet, but the stern look on the detective’s face told him what he wanted would have to wait.
“Yes, I’m free.”
“Good. Is there somewhere more private where we can talk?”
Aaron escorted the detective to one of the only private and quiet places on the set, the room that was used as Lance’s living room.
“Please have a seat, Mr. Brooks, I promise this will not take long.”
“What did you need to know?”
“Did you know the victim, Mr. Brooks?”
“Yes. Cassie is one of the stars of Let There Be Blood, and she was a friend.”
“Where were you at the time of the incident?”
“I was on the main set, filming a scene.”
“How did you hear about the incident?”
“Through the producer’s assistant. After we all heard a scream, he was ordered by the producer to see what was going on.”
“You said that you heard a scream. From what direction did it come from?”
“In the direction of the set that is used for Cassie’s character’s bedroom.”
As the detective wrote notes, Aaron took the brief moment to scan his surroundings and find an excuse to escape. He could not find any because the set that they were on the far side of the building, away from any exits.
“You said that you heard a scream. Who else heard it?”
“There was my co-stars, Avery Evers and Shelly Ryan. Our producer, James and his assistant Chad. Plus I am pretty sure that everyone else in this building heard it.”
“Do you know of any enemies that Ms. Saunders might have had that could have done this to her?”
Aaron could never imagine Cassie ever having any enemies. She may have loved to gossip, but she was compassionate and kind and loved by so many people. Aaron searched his memory but came up blank.  “No, I’m not aware of anyone who could’ve killed her. The only thing I can come up with is to suggest you look into her fan base.”
“We are working on that angle was we speak. Just one more question, Mr. Brooks. Since you knew Ms. Saunders, could you please tell me about her?”
“What possibly more could you want to know that your other officers don’t already know? Besides, there is stuff about Cassie all over the internet, can’t you look there too?”
“I’m aware of that. What I’m looking for is from someone who knew her intimately, as a friend.”
“Okay, like what?”
“Her personal relationships, daily habits, what she like to do off screen, things like that.”
“Personal relationships? Cassie had three sisters, all older than her. She had so many personal friends that I lost count, and her fan base numbers in the thousands. Cassie was engaged to a Marine and, oh yes, she has a golden retriever named Sandy.”
“You said she has a fiancé. Do you know how I can contact him?”
“Actually, you can’t contact her fiancé. She is stationed overseas and no one can contact her.”
  Aaron could not help but smile a little as Detective Thomas blushed at her wrong assumption.  “Daily habits, you will have to ask her more intimate friends for that information. As for what she liked to do when she was not shooting, she was an avid runner, hiker and loved to bike ride. The outdoors was her domain.”
“That will be all for now, Mr. Brooks, however I may be contacting you again as the investigation progresses for further questioning.”
Once Detective Thomas was out of sight, Aaron left for home.

Post #7
Macabre Consciousness
No matter how hard she scrubbed, Katrina could not manage to wash the blood from her body, and the hot spray did nothing to stop the violent shaking. How something so innocent as defending her father’s honor could have turned into a nightmare, Katrina could not grasp. It was so simple. 
“Katrina, I didn’t perform a spell to break your father’s heart. I’m not a witch.”
“Yes, you are a witch, and don’t deny it. I stood right here as you admitted to you needed to get Elizabeth away from Lance because you think he’s a monster. Lance is not a monster! He is a kind and giving soul that I am lucky to call my father.”
Jasmine reached out to touch Katrina’s arm, but she slapped it away. “Katrina, you remember that what you saw was Avery and I filming a scene for the show? It wasn’t real.”
“I know what I saw, bitch. It was very real.”
“Katrina, I don’t know if this is some kind of sick joke, but what you saw was not  real!”
Jasmine’s accusation enraged Katrina. “Joke? You think this is a joke? I show you what a joke is!”
Picking up a knife from the craft table, Katrina lunged forward, but Jasmine ducked and ran. Katrina saw only red as she chased after the witch. Jasmine darted ahead, but Katrina tailed her. Desperate, she decided to go up. Katrina followed her, catching up with her on a catwalk above the set. The catwalk was covered in stuff—the crew hadn’t cleaned up the way they were supposed to. Boards were loose, and the railing was rusted making navigation difficult. 
Jasmine tripped on a loose light, but caught her balance on the railing. Katrina grasped Jasmine by the arm and pushed her against the railing, pressing the knife to Jasmine’s throat.  “Please Katrina, don’t do this!  I didn’t hurt your father.  I’m only human!”
“How many times do I need to tell you to stop telling lies?  I know you are a witch.  I know this place is full of vampires, and that you hate my father.”
“I don’t hate your father Katrina.”
“If you don’t hate my father, how come you broke his heart with that spell?  I can’t tolerate anyone hurting my father, so I’ll have to hurt you.”
Katrina sliced the knife across Jasmine’s throat and pushed her over the edge.
Katrina slid to the bottom of the shower, pressed her hands to her face, and screamed.
Aaron rushed to Katrina side.  Turning off the water, he wrapped Katrina in a towel and pulled her out of the shower.  “Katrina, what happened?”
Katrina shivered violently in Aaron’s arms.  “I-I didn’t mean to kill her!”
“What do you mean, you didn’t mean to kill her? Who?”
“J-jasmine.  I killed her!”
Aaron struggled to comprehend what Katrina just told him.  He feared she was lost in some sort of fantasy world, but when he saw the blood stain on her hands, the realization hit him in the gut.  Katrina could be telling the truth.
“How about we get you warmed up and talk about this?”
Aaron handed Katrina a cup a tea and covered her with a blanket.  Katrina had calmed down considerably after warming up in gathering her wits.  “Katrina, please tell me what happened.”
“I overheard Toby thank Jasmine for putting a spell on Elizabeth to get her away from you. I was so angry that Jasmine and Toby broke your heart and betrayed you that I went to confront her.”
“What happened next?”
“The witch denied everything. She tried to tell me that what I saw wasn’t real. I know what I saw, it was real!”
Katrina buried her head in Aaron’s chest. He wanted to tell her that Cassie was telling the truth, but Martina once warned him that it was best to go along with Katrina if she should ever suffer delusions again. “Of course what you saw was real.”
“You believe me, Lance?”
“I do. Now, please continue, you need to get this all out.”
“I got really mad and chased Jasmine to the catwalk with a knife I found on the craft table. She was relentless, and she wouldn’t apologize for what she did to you. Things got so blurry and hazy, I don’t know what happened, but the next thing I knew, the witch was on the floor dead.”
He squeezed the bracelet in his pocket. It was evidence. Mouth dry, he realised it needed to go to the police.
“Where are you going, Lance?”
“I’m going to get you some help.”
By the time Aaron and finished calling Dr. Browne, Katrina was gone.
Katrina ran to the only place she knew she’d be safe.  Shadow opened the door for her as soon as he saw her and ushered her inside.  “What brings you by, Katrina?”
 “Shadow, I’m in some serious trouble.  I need you to help me!”
“Sure, Kitten, I’d do anything to help you.”
Once in the safety of Shadow’s arms, Katrina told him her story. Later, he told her that she needed to go home. “Why would I do that? He called the police on me. I don’t want to go to jail!”
“Relax, Kitten, you won’t go to jail. Lance just wants to get you some help. He believes that you are delusional, but you aren’t. You just let your rage control you when you felt that a loved one was hurt and betrayed.”
“If don’t go to jail, then what would happen to me? I’m sure the cops aren’t going to let me walk away from murder.”
“No, but you will end up in a mental institution.”
“That’s worse!”
“No it isn’t, Kitten, because you will not be in there very long. I will break you out, and we can move far away.”
Katrina loved Shadow and would do anything for him, but she did not see how her vampire was going to break her out of the funny farm without anyone knowing and stopping her.
Katrina's Awakening
Her father had to call in a few favors, but the judge agreed to allow Katrina to return to his custody to wait her hearing, as long as she also remained under the care of her physiatrist. Katrina resented that she was not allowed to go anywhere without being in Lance’s company. He took her everywhere. James was generous with allowing Lance time off, but when he had to show up for ‘work’, Lance would take her along.
This meant that Shadow had to be creative in order to see her. He would wait until past midnight, when Lance was fast asleep and sneak into her bedroom. Katrina enjoyed her time with Shadow, their talks, intimate kisses and caresses. Soon she found herself wanting more.
One night as he held her in his arms watching the moonlight, asked,
“Shadow, when are we going to make love?”
“One can’t put a time on such a thing, Kitten. It has to happen naturally.”
“That’s a lovely answer, but I don’t want to know the exact date and time. Just a time frame. A week? A month? A year?”
Shadow chuckled. “You worry too much. It will happen when it happens. The young have no patience.”
“Excuse me? Who are you calling young? I turned 17 last week!”
“Oooh, soooo sorry, Kitten. I didn’t realize being 17 now qualified you as an elderly person. Come here, Grandma, and give Grandpa a kiss!”
Every time their lips met, Katrina felt her heart race and waves of euphoria wash over her. Her lust grew with every caress. Shadow cupped Katrina’s breasts, glided his hand between her legs and slid his fingers deep inside her.
Katrina gasped.
“Mmm, like that do you? I think so. You’re already wet for me.”When Shadow stopped, Katrina cried out for more but then he pulled away from her.
“Shadow, what are you doing?”
“Patience, Kitten. I just need you to do something for me.”
“I need to get ready, so would you mind stepping out of the room for a few moments? I promise I’ll won’t be long.”
While Katrina prepared herself in the bathroom, she couldn’t help but remember the silken caresses and passionate kisses that Shadow had lavished on her. She couldn’t wait to be near him again. “You may come out now.”
 Shadow was waiting for her in the dark. The moonlight had only afforded her his nude silhouette; but it still took her breath away. His face was obscured by the dark as he ordered her to remove all her clothes and come to him.
“I want to see you, Shadow.”
“I know, my Kitten. It will have to wait. It is not time for me to reveal myself to you, but please, give it time. Once I am ready, you will see me in my true form. Until then, you will have to be happy with my kisses and caresses.”
“I understand. I am happy with any form you can give me.”
“That’s my Kitten! Now, come here and let me show you how to make love.”
Shadow had directed her every step of the way, taking it slow and being patient. Katrina first learned to use her hands and mouth to map out the planes of his chiseled physique. He guided her to his arousal and showed her how to take his member into her soft mouth. She licked, tasted, and suckled, her nimble fingers cupping his manhood.
He let loose a primal cry, pulling her from the floor and on top of him. He thrust into her without warning.  Katrina had to steady herself by placing both hands on his chest. Shadow reached up and caressed her hair away.
“I am sorry, Kitten, for being so abrupt and greedy with you. I had planned to take my time and to be gentle and patient with my pure one. This is not the way to introduce you to the beauty of lovemaking.”
Her lover cupped each breast and gently suckled on her nipples until they grew taut. “I was just so overwhelmed by the bliss that I couldn’t help myself and gave into my desires. It will not happen again.” 
 “I don’t care, Shadow! All I want is for you to make love to me and transform me into a woman!”
Shadow pulled her to him for another burning kiss. He pulled away from her and placed Katrina on her back. His long, nimble fingers thrust deep inside her slick entry. “Mmm! Ohh!”
“That’s my girl. You like this, don’t you?”
“Yes!”  Katrina moaned.
Katrina sensed the intense beginnings of her orgasm, but just as she prepared for the electric sensation of her release, Shadow withdrew his fingers. She was about to protest when she felt the new sensation of Shadow’s body weight and then his smooth thrust inside of her once again.  Her lover thrust his cock inside slow and methodically. He ground his pelvis against her clit before he released and started the whole torturous process again. 
“Please, Shadow, don’t! I need you, this is torture,” she begged.
“Relax, Kitten. I promise you it will be worth it.” He quickly pulled out.
“Shh, Kitten.”
Kitten’s eyes fluttered closed. Her heart raced and her breath stilled as she waited for Shadow to continue his delicious assault. Her sex was drenched and longing vibrated through her. He guided her hand to the apex between her thighs. “I want to see you play with your pussy, Kitten. Why are you hesitating? Don’t you know how to pleasure yourself?”
“I-I do. It’s just embarrassing to do so in front of you, that’s all.”
“I understand, Kitten, but you’ll never learn to be able to be a skilled lover if you don’t let go of your inhibitions. Lie back and close your eyes, and focus on nothing else but your enjoyment.”
Katrina leaned against the pillow, spread her thighs, and let her eyes flutter closed. She cleared her mind and took a couple of deep breaths.  She slipped her forefinger and middle fingers deep into her wetness and plunged them in and out in time with the rhythm of the drumbeat inside her head. She stroked her finger pads along her g-spot while her thumb drew lazy circles on her clit.
“Mmmm,” Katrina purred, as she felt herself building to the ultimate release. She used her other hand to spread her pussy lips and insert three fingers deep inside. She thrusted wildly and imagined they were Shadow’s thick member. Within moments, the electric sensations of her orgasm ripped through her as she bowed her back and sang his name.
“That’s my girl,” Her lover moaned. Shadow pulled her into his embrace. “Open your eyes now, Kitten. It is time for you to receive your reward for doing so well for me.”
Katrina felt so blissful that she did not have the energy to ask what her reward was. Shadow entered her so gently that she barely sensed him. Then he firmly grasped her hips and pushed deeper into her until he growled his release.
The next morning, Katrina reached for Shadow, but as usual, he was already gone. As powerful as her lover was, he was still at the mercy of the sunlight.
He left her a note on her pillow, confessing his love for her again.
I just wanted to let you know that you are,
Loved, cherished, adored, respected and when I’m not with you, I crave your kiss, your caress and your smile. I miss you when I’m not with you I ache and count the minutes until I can see your gentle beauty again.
Post #8

A Forbidden Craving

Avery watched the subtle breathing of the woman in bed. Her ample breasts drew tight across her nightgown with each breath, her eyes fluttering the deeper she sank into her dreams. He wondered what the beauty dreamt about. Was she with her lover or did she dream of him? Did her dreams ever turn into nightmares?
He inched closer to the woman and touched the red silk on the pillow, glided his hand across her cheek and kissed her lips.
“You are truly a stunning vision, even in slumber, beauty. One day, I will have to claim you as my own.”
Avery’s hand itched to reach underneath her gown and touch the place meant for another, but he had to hold back. There was the risk that someone would come in and catch him.
“Hey man, what are you doing here?”
Aaron’s voice startled Avery as he adjusted Martina’s blanket.
“I came by to visit and to see how you were doing. Where’s Katrina? I thought you weren’t supposed to let her out of your sight.”
“She’s with Molly and her parents. They went out to dinner to celebrate Molly’s birthday.”
“Sounds great. Katrina could use a change in scenery. She has a long, difficult road ahead of her.”
“I just can’t believe she’s a killer. How can a sweet, innocent little girl suffer from such bad delusions that she could kill someone?”
“There’s your answer right there. Katrina wasn’t aware of what she was doing at the time. She needs to get some serious help before it happens again.”
“Are you saying that Katrina could kill again?”
“It’s a possibility.”
“Then what am I supposed to do to prevent it?”
“You can only do what you’re doing, Aaron. When is her hearing?”
“In two days. She will plead guilty and the judge is going to give her the appropriate sentence.”
“I hope Katrina gets the helps she needs.”
“Me too. Then maybe we could wake up from this nightmare.”

 Katrina watched and listened as Elizabeth, a human, talked with Toby and her father.
“Have you made your decision yet, Elizabeth?”
“I agree with Avery; it’s time to end this bullshit and move on from this drama.”  
Elizabeth gazed at the two men she loved, unsure of what to say. How does one choose between two vampires who loved her so fiercely that they would die for her? At first, there would be no choice, because Toby was the only one that she loved and thought was perfect for her. Then Lance had mended his ways, turning back on his humanity and showed her the loving side of himself, his true side.
"Can’t you see how this is for me? Both of you give me the love that I need just in different ways. Toby, you make me feel safe and secure. You let me make my own decisions and you are always there when I need you. My knight in shining armor.”
“What about me?”
“Lance, I love you because I feel alive when I’m with you. You dare me to push my boundaries and conquer my fears so I learn to be free. I look at the world around me in a new light and see it as I never seen it before. I wish I could choose both of you.”
“But you can’t, Liz. Keeping Toby and me in limbo is affecting our friendship. Not knowing is killing us, so listen to your gut and choose.”
“I-I can’t. I’m sorry.”
They stood in uncomfortable silence for several moments until Toby spoke. “Lance and I having been discussing this, just in case you couldn’t choose. A test that would finally settle this dilemma once and for all.”
“What kind of test?”
“It has been my belief that the only way that a person can know their true feelings for someone is to make love. How you feel during the most intimate of moments tells you how you truly feel.”
“What are you saying, Toby?”
“Make love with me tonight, and then with Lance.”
“You can’t ask me that!”
“We just did. So are you going to do this?”
“Will you give me some time to think about this?”
“Of course.”
Katrina could not believe what she’d just witnessed. After all the stringing along and backstabbing, the bitch still could not make up her mind. Katrina was hoping that Elizabeth would choose Toby because Lance belonged with her mother. It was time for her to confront the home-wrecker, but first she needed to talk to Shadow before she did something else she would regret.

“Do you think it would be a good idea to confront Elizabeth?”
“I do. Even though your mother is still in a coma, her inability to let Lance go is affecting their marriage. Your father needs his whole heart to devote to your mother and make sure she has a happy home to return to.”
“I agree. My parents are made for each other. Elizabeth has been standing in their way.”
“Kitten, I’m curious as to why you’re not angry at your father for having this affair with Elizabeth.”
“I’m not thrilled that Lance cheated on Mom, but the more I’ve observed Elizabeth, the more that I’ve come to the conclusion that my father is simply an innocent victim of her seduction and charms.”
“How would you feel if I came along when you confront her? I promise I stay out of sight. I just want to be there in case you need help.”
“I’d love for you to come. But why do I have a feeling that there is something more than being my support?”
“Ah, my kitten, your intuition is remarkable. I have my own agenda when it comes to this confrontation. I just hope you have the same one.”
“I don’t follow.”
“Kitten, when you killed Jasmine, how did it feel?”
“Once I got past the initial shock of taking another’s life, it felt pretty good. She deserved it.”
“Good, because the only way to solve this problem is to eliminate it.”  

Flight or Fight
Shawna Jones stood in the drafty, dimly-lit set that doubled as her character’s bedroom and waited patiently for her co-star to arrive.
She’d received a text message from Aaron stating that the only time that they could practice their upcoming sex scene was this evening. The same evening she’d promised her friends she would go out and celebrate with them. Now the jerk was over an hour late.
Shawna loved Aaron and considered him a good friend, but there was only so much patience she had for him.
Furiously, she dialed his number and left a message. “Aaron Brooks, where in the fuck are you? I gave up an evening with my friends so we could rehearse this goddamn sex scene. You better be on your way!”
Switching off her phone, Shawna dropped it in her purse. She plopped down onto the bed and continued to wait.
“Awfully frustrating when someone promises that they’re going to be there and don’t show up, right, Elizabeth?”
Shawna jumped, startled. “Oh! Katrina, it’s only you. Where did you come from?”
“I was over retrieving something from Dad’s dressing room.”
The star looked at Katrina, puzzled. “Why would he send you to get it? He was coming here himself to rehearse our scene.”
“I know, but Dad said that he couldn’t make it here tonight to practice that sex scene. He is otherwise engaged in better activities.”
“What! Why didn’t you father contact me and tell me this himself? It would have saved me the trip out here, and I could have gone out and celebrated my friend’s birthday with her.”
“I know he should have called you out of common courtesy, but sometimes he can be absent-minded. Good thing he is easy to forgive, being so goddamn sexy and all. I mean who can resist those intense green eyes, beautiful smile, and that rock-hard body?”
Shawna looked at the young girl, inching herself further back on the bed as Katrina moved uncomfortably close.
 “Katrina, what are you saying? It’s very inappropriate to be speaking that way about your father.”
Katrina reached out and smiled at Shawna, caressing her hair. “Relax, Elizabeth. Lance is not my real daddy, he just adopted me. It’s okay for me to think that he’s so delicious and fuckable.”
Shawna watched as the disturbed young girl closed her eyes and sighed.
 “Do you know how many times I had fantasies about him coming into my room at night and licking my pussy while I suck his huge cock?”
“No, Katrina, I…don’t.”
 “How I wanted that cock to fuck me every way possible? Inside my dripping pussy, in my mouth and in my ass? Tell me you don’t dream of the same things with Lance.”
Shawna’s uneasiness grew. “Katrina, it’s very wrong to be wanting those things and thinking that way about your father. Katrina, honey, I’m not Elizabeth, I’m Shawna, remember? I’m married to Avery. The man you call your uncle and your Dad is not Lance, his name is Aaron.
Katrina’s expression turned sour. “Yes, it’s Lance. He just goes by that fake name to protect himself from being killed by those ingrates that believe that he’s a demon. Don’t you know anything, whore?”
It took everything in her not to run from the girl. She remained calm and continued trying to reason with her. “No, Katrina, those are our fictional characters. You need help. Let me call Aaron to come and get you.”
When Shawna reached for her phone, Katrina grabbed her arm and pulled the deboning knife from behind her back, holding it to the actress’s throat.
“No one needs to call anyone. I’m not a child and I’m not delusional. You, however, are dead!”
As Katrina pressed the cold steel harder into her throat, she could feel her flesh tearing and her hot blood run down her throat. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean you any harm. Just let me go!”
“Now, why would I do that?”
“Because you’re a good girl, Katrina. Your parents raised you that way.”
Katrina paused for a few moments, looking as though she’d changed her mind. Shawna took a deep breath. She took the knife away from Shawna’s neck and laid it on her lap, holding it securely while caressing the cold smooth steel of the blade.
“I know how my parents raised me, and that doesn’t dictate how I’ll behave. However, I’ll show you some mercy, whore, and give you a chance to make it out alive. If you can get to that exit and get out, I won’t chase you. I will even give you a head start. On the count of one…”
Shawna took off running. The studio was dimly lit, but Shawna knew the set inside out and could navigate it with her eyes closed. She didn’t know how long she’d before Katrina would start to chase her, but she was going to use this opportunity to its full advantage. As she ran through a labyrinth of cables, benches, cameras and props, Shawna managed to avoid each one.
Her heart sank when she heard Katrina’s taunting behind her. “I guess it pays to know your way around, bitch! Too bad that I do too.”
The exit was on the far side of the studio, seeming as though it were a thousand miles away as she ran towards it. She ducked into a tiny, hidden alcove and held her breath. Shawna listened quietly for her pursuer’s footsteps to determine when it would be safe for her to run and escape.
“Come out, come out, wherever you are! I have a present for you!”

Shawna’s entire body went numb. The young woman prayed that Katrina would move on, leaving her undiscovered. Finally, after what seemed like hours, she didn’t hear Katrina’s voice or footsteps anymore. Slowly, Shawna edged her way out of the alcove and looked around. Determining that she was safe, Shawna stepped out into the hallway and took a cautious step forward. The hallway was eerily quiet, with only the echo of her shallow breathing vibrating in her ears. Shawna inched her way towards the light of the exit sign.
Her hand brushed against something long and smooth on the wall. As she caressed its smooth surface, her fingers edged along its length until she felt something prick her. Shawna drew her hand back on reflex and brought her finger to her mouth, tasting her own blood.
She reached up and tried to pull the weapon from the wall, but met resistance.
Shawna then heard footsteps in the distance. Knowing that Katrina was near, she desperately pulled on the object, but it wouldn’t give.
The footsteps became louder the closer they came. “Oh Elizabeth! Want to come out and play?”
The sing song tone grated on Shawna’s ears as she continued to pull on the weapon. Come on you stupid piece of shit, give already! Finally, it gave.

Securing her weapon to her side, Shawna continued to creep along in the darkness, desperate to find a spot to hide. She breathed a sigh of relief when her hands found a doorknob. She jiggled it, and found that luck continued to be on her side as she turned it and found it unlocked.
The actress stepped inside. She closed the door behind her. There was a faint light coming from the far corner of the room. It was a lamp sitting on a long table, its tiny glow bathing the small room. She recognized Avery’s dressing room.
Shawna dropped to her knees and crawled underneath her husband’s vanity table to still her heart beat. Avery’s dressing room was cold. She knew that her husband always kept a sweatshirt draped over his desk chair, in case he got a chill as he poured over his script or did other work. 
Afraid to even breathe, Shawna carefully reached up, groping for the sweatshirt. Finally, she found it and pulled it over her head.  Avery’s wild musk scent filled her senses, and she hugged the sweatshirt to her, praying that she and their unborn baby would see him again. Shawna closed her eyes.
There was a loud banging noise at the door. She jumped at the sudden noise and hit her head. Shawna sat frozen, unable to move or to speak. As the pounding on the door continued, Shawna waited for the inevitable to happen.
The seconds passed by like hours as she held her breath and stared at the door.
The banging came louder and more insistent. Shawna was insanely tempted to yell, Oh for fuck’s sake! Come in and kill me already, psycho!  
Shawna had enough. She was tired of running in fear of her life. She held the weapon by her side, stood up, and walked to the door. Her hand was on the doorknob when she heard a large crash coming from the bathroom window.
Alarmed, Shawna dropped the axe, but picked it up again and investigated. The door opened with a creak as she carefully stepped inside, holding the axe to her chest. Shawna inspected the tiny bathroom, found nothing out of place and turned to walk away. Then she felt something wrap around her bare ankle.
Shawna stifled a scream and used the axe to hack at whatever held her in place, only to discover that it was a tree branch. Pushing back the curtain, she found the source of the crash. A tree had fallen through the window.
“Jesus, Jones, get it together!” she scolded herself.
 Shawna gathered her wits and left the safety of her sanctuary to find the exit. With her freedom only a few feet away, she didn’t want to give away her location.

The exit sign loomed near, and with no other signs of Katrina around, Shawna felt the first true stirrings of relief. She climbed the stairs, placed her hand on the handle, and pushed it open.

 “Now, where do you think you’re going?”
Shawna let loose a long, piercing scream that echoed throughout the building. She heard the clang of her weapon as it fell down the stairs. A tall, dark silhouette greeted her at the threshold.
“W-w-who are you?” Shawna stammered as she struggled to maintain her balance.
The dark silhouette’s arm shot out and caught Shawna from falling, pulling her tight to him.
“You know who I am, princess. I’m the one responsible for this little cat and mouse game.”  The silhouette’s husky voice caressed her as he touched her face with his gloved hand.
“What do you want from me?”
“I only wanted to play with you, Shawna. I enjoy you so much. You’re one of my favorite play things, next to my Kitten.”
“Yes, you know—Katrina. The one that has been chasing you with that nasty knife? I must say, you’re excellent at alluding your predators, sweet Shawna. But you’re caught now, my precious prey.”
Shawna’s heartbeat pounded like a jackhammer in her ears as the stranger pressed his lips to hers in a burning kiss. His fingers snaked up Shawna’s skirt and plunged into the depths of her womanhood, thrusting wildly. He rubbed her clit with the pads of his gloved fingers.
“Please, don’t do this!”
“Do what, my precious Shawna?” He continued to assault her, tormenting her with the unwanted promise of an orgasm.
“Please!” she pleaded.
Her continued protests only solicited deeper penetration and rougher friction to her swollen clit. Shawna didn’t want to come for this maniac. She didn’t want to feel pleasure from his assault, but the more he persisted, the more she found herself becoming overwhelmed by the desire.

A voice from the back of her subconscious screamed at her to resist, to not allow herself to be violated in this way. She needed to fight for her life. Shawna needed to find a way to get away from these monsters. Escape was going to be difficult. Her attacker had her pinned tight against the wall and Shawna scolded herself for kicking off her high heels earlier. There was only one thing Shawna could do, use her hands and her acting ability.
Swallowing all her pride, Shawna moved her hands up her attacker’s chest, underneath his t-shirt, and pressed her lips to his ear. “I want you to kiss me.”
“What makes you think that I want to kiss you?”
“I know you want to kiss me as much as you want to fuck me. So, do it. Give into your fantasy.”
The stranger hesitated and Shawna knew it would take more convincing. Gliding her hands over his crotch, she touched and teased his arousal until he growled. Tiny specs of hope began to creep into Shawna’s psyche when her attacker withdrew his hand, and kissed her breathless. Using all her strength, Shawna raised her hands and scratched his face as deep as she could.
“You fucking bitch!”
The assailant clutched his face as Shawna turned to run, but she did not get far as he reached out, grabbed her and pushed her hard down the stairs. “Kitten, catch!”

Shawna fell. Something sharp pierced through her abdomen. She didn’t feel any pain, only pleasant numbness as the stranger knelt by her side. Disquiet coursed through Shawna as her attacker no longer appeared to be filled with rage for what she had done, rather he looked eerily calm. His vengeance was complete.
“Show me your face.”
“Why, my princess?”
“I need to see the face of the man who is stealing my life.”
“Of course; you deserve nothing less. Kitten, please leave.”
Within moments, Shawna could hear Katrina’s footsteps fade away. She stared up at the stranger. The mystery man in the shadow leaned further into the moonlight that radiated through window and pulled down his hood, his features in full view.
“No, oh no! Not you! Why?”

Post #9


Shadow was right. The second kill didn’t affect her as the first because she felt it was justified and she had her boyfriend helping her. Shawna had to die in order to save her parent’s marriage, and to help Toby move onto someone who would be worthy of him.

It was this sense of righteousness that helped Katrina cope with the judge’s decision to send her to a mental health care center for a period of six months for treatment. After this period of time, the judge would re-evaluate her competency and would determine further sentencing.  

Katrina knew that she wouldn’t be in there for long. Shadow was going to make sure of that.

Aaron did not know how more grief he could handle. He had lost too many people in such a short amount of time. Cassie and Shawna were murdered, Martina still lay in a coma, and now Katrina was in a mental health treatment center.  Aaron just prayed that this would work, and Katrina would get better. Aaron was grateful that James had the common sense and decency to close down production on the show until further notice. It did make sense; he and Avery were the only main cast members left.
He split his time between his wife and his daughter. The worry about their health was tiring.  It was enough to keep a man up and sleepless, and that was just what was happening.

Aaron’s lack of sleep was taking a toll on him. He was not eating, feeling disoriented most of the time, and was suffering from blackouts. Avery forced him to see the doctor, who ran numerous tests, all coming up negative. She’d told him to take some time off from his visitations and rest; that was the only way he could get well.
“You’re not going to listen to Doctor Mansfield, are you?”
“I can’t afford to take time off from my visitations, Avery. Martina and Katrina need me.”

Avery marched over and sat across from Aaron. He sat slumped in the orange hard plastic hospital chair. His once lustrous blond hair appeared unwashed. When he finally pried his eyes away from Martina’s still form, his emerald eyes looked listless.
“You’re not doing them any good by spreading yourself out too thin. What good would you be to either of them if you’re in a hospital bed too?”
“I don’t feel that I’m spreading myself too thin. My wife and child need me.”
“I understand that they do, but, Martina is getting the best of care and wouldn’t want you to waste away. The nurses will call you the moment anything changes.”
Avery placed his hand on Aaron’s shoulder. “Katrina needs some time to get adjusted. So there is no excuse for not taking a day or two off.”
 “There will be no one here in case she wakes up, and I need to make sure that they are treating Katrina correctly, and she is getting everything that she needs, and…”
“Geez, Aaron, relax!  If I stay with Martina and check in on Katrina would you go and rest?”

Aaron stared at his friend with tired eyes. “I can’t ask you to do that, Avery, you just buried Shawna three days ago.”
“All the more reason to do this for you. It will distract me. I’ll have a purpose.”
“Thank you, Avery. This means the world to me.”
“You’re welcome. Now, go and rest.”

Katrina hated everything about the treatment center she was forced to live in until Shadow found a way to get her out. She didn’t know how she was going to contact him, since the staff had taken away Katrina’s laptop, phone and she had to earn the privilege to use the internet.

Out of everything she detested about the center, it was the group therapy sessions Katrina despised the most. An hour of whining, crying and yammering about their harsh lives and the lessons they learned since starting treatment. Each patient was so lame, but not as lame as the preppy, buttoned up old fossil of a doctor who looked as though she knew Doctor Sigmund Freud personally.

“Katrina, since you are our newest addition, would you please introduce yourself to the group?”
Suppressing the urge to roll her eyes and yawn, Katrina introduced herself.

   “Hi everyone, my name is Katrina Brooks.”

“Hey, are you Martina Murphy and Aaron Brooks’ daughter?”

Katrina glared at the multi-colored haired bimbo they called Scarlett with disdain, smiling sweetly at her. “Yes, I am.”
After a chorus of  Wows and Awesome! the doctor settled the group down and invited Katrina to tell her story.
“With all due respect, Doctor…”


“Weeks, sorry. With all due respect, Doctor Weeks, I don’t feel like sharing anything right now. I hope that’s cool.”

“Yes, that’s fine, Katrina. You are new here and I’ll give you a pass today, but the next time we meet you have to share something.”

Katrina tuned out for the rest of the session and prayed that Shadow would find a way to free her soon.

Avery held Martina’s hand and watched her breathing, willing her to wake up.
“Do you remember the time that we were all at the Cannes Film Festival, and Aaron and I had gotten so drunk at the party afterwards that pushed the lead singer out of the way and sang American Pie?” Avery paused for a moment. “The look on your faces as you and Shawna dragged our sorry asses out of there! But it didn’t compare to the headlines the next day.”
She remained motionless.

“I remember that night. We never lived it down,” Aaron commented from behind Avery, suddenly appearing.

“I know.”

“She’s never going to wake up, is she, Avery?”

“Aaron, please don’t talk like that. I have full confidence that she will recover. She is strong.”

“I agree with you, but it has been so long.  I lose hope every day.”

Avery felt frustrated because he didn’t know how to comfort his friend.  They heard a sudden burst of movement from the bed.
“No! Stop! Please, no more! Don’t hurt him!” Martina yelled, her eyes snapping open. 

Aaron rushed to his wife’s side while Avery ran to get the doctor.

Katrina sat on her bed, looking out the window into the darkness, willing Shadow to appear, when she heard tapping. Peering through the glass, she saw a hooded figure standing under the moonlight. Checking to see if her roommate was still sleeping soundly, Katrina opened the window, slipped outside and rushed into Shadow’s arms.
“Hey you! I thought you forgot about me.”
“I never forget about you. I just needed to take a few days to prepare for our new life together.”
“I can’t wait! Come on, let’s go!”
Shadow grasped her arm. “No Kitten, we can’t go now, it’s too risky.”
“Too risky? That’s stupid, Shadow. You have me right here. It’s pitch black, a perfect time to escape.”
“I know it seems that way, but don’t let appearances fool you. This place is well secured. We wouldn’t get 10 feet before we’d be caught, so, we must bide our time and do this right.”
“You got here just fine.”
“That’s because as a vampire, I maneuver swiftly without being detected. You don’t have that advantage.”
“You lied! You said you’d help me escape.”
“I am. I have a plan. If followed exactly your escape will go smoothly. Now listen carefully, because it requires a bit of acting…"

Exhausted, Avery entered his bedroom and fell onto his bed. It had been a day filled with excitement and then heartache. Martina had woke up from her coma, looking confused.
“Aaron, where am I?”
“Mrs. Brooks, I’m Doctor Williams, and you’re in the hospital.”
“Yes. You were in a car accident and were seriously hurt, but you are going to make a full recovery.”
Avery could tell that Martina was too exhausted to question the doctor further, and after examining her, he let her rest.
“Aaron? Where are you?”
“I’m right here.”
Avery felt a sharp pain of deep sorrow pierce his heart as he watched Aaron hold his wife’s hand and tenderly stroke her face. It was too painful to watch, so he quietly slipped out the door.

The house was so empty now that Shawna was gone and the silence was deafening. Avery was used to having his days and nights filled that he didn’t know how to handle the emptiness. The network had cancelled the show, so the only thing that kept him occupied was helping Aaron.  Avery made it seem that spending endless hours in a tiny hospital room watching Martina breathe was something he did out of friendship, but it was just an excuse. An excuse to be near him, to talk with him, touch him and fantasize about making love with him again.

Tossing and turning, Avery gave up going to sleep and decided to go for a late night jog. He pulled up the oversized hood on his favorite sweater.

Katrina prepared the rooms at Shadow’s ranch style home for their future guests, making sure the linens were fresh and the rooms dusted every day. Shadow had told her that as a reward for following his instructions so closely and helping him bring the evil doers to justice, he was going to reveal his true identity.
He had asked his Kitten to cook a special meal of both their favorite foods, and chill a bottle of red wine.
Shadow told her that he would arrive at midnight and that she should be ready, freshly clean, smelling of jasmine. He specified that her hair should be left loose and flowing, that she wear a white off-the-shoulder cotton dress, and no underwear. Prepared, smelling clean, Katrina waited anxiously at the dining room table for the stroke of midnight.  Her mind wandering, she smiled at the memory of her brilliant escape.
They were still looking for her, but seducing the director had been enough—they’d never find her. Just a rare runaway, something for them to hide from the press. Lance’s money had been enough to keep those vultures away from her, so it was a fat chance they’d find her now.  

The minutes ticked by slowly, until the clocked chimed midnight and she felt a hand on her shoulder.
“I see that have been patiently waiting, Kitten. This is perfect, just as I imagined. I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but I had to secure my latest acquisition.” He wore a hooded sweater, pulled far over his face, so she couldn’t see it. He sat down across from her at the table.

“You came on time as always, Shadow. Did you say you have an acquisition?

“Yes, I’m happy to say that the prize piece is now making use of one of the rooms I had asked you to prepare.”

“So you have him?”

“Yes, Kitten. Our most precious vampire is with us to stay.”

“Wow, I can’t believe that he’s right here! Nothing could be better.”

“Really? Nothing? Are you sure, Kitten?” Shadow took a bite of his steak.

“Well, no, Shadow. I mean, with the exception of having you here with me.”

“As well as finding out who I am, right?”

“Of course. Speaking of which, when do I get to see you?”

Shadow reached over and covered her left hand with his own.

“Very soon, I promise. Please finish your meal.”

Katrina barely tasted her steak, she was so excited about what was to transpire. After months of waiting, she was finally going to find out who her lover was.

“Shadow, we have been together for a long time, but there is something I want to ask you.”

“Okay, what is it?”

“I know you told me that you were in your early twenties, but is that true?”

“Yes and no.”

“I don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“Yes, I told you part of the truth when I told you I was in my early twenties. I’m 21. But I have been 21 for a hundred years.”

“Wow! That’s really…”

Katrina chuckled. “No, interesting, and kind of cool. How good to you look for a hundred year old?”
There was a beat of hesitation from the other side of the table before he answered her. “Come over to my side and find out.”
Katrina rose from her seat. Taking his hand, he gently guided her to his lap and handed her a match.
“Here, light my candle, as you did with yours.” She was used to the dark, and the slivers of moonlight through the window were just enough for her to find it.
The combined glow of the candles and the moonlight streaming in through the window cast a glow on Shadow’s face. What she saw stole her breath.

“Oh my God, it’s you!”  she exclaimed. She put her hands on each side of his face and stared deep into his eyes.

“Hello, Kitten. Surprised?”

“I just can’t believe it has been you all this time! I’d never had guessed.”

“I know this has been a shock for you, finding out who I am; but it doesn’t change who I am to you or how I feel. I love you, Kitten, but do you still feel the same?”

“Of course. I fell in love with you long ago, and knowing you were the Shadow doesn’t affect my feelings for you or the importance of our mission. I’ll always be on your side.”

“Good, my sweet Kitten, because our mission is far from over. It only just begun.”


The dark memories of her nightmare slipped into the daylight. Martina struggled to understand why the horrific images kept flooding her mind.

A dark, damp room and the sound of water hitting a dirty concrete floor. A man’s screams vibrated off the walls. The images became more vivid in her sleep, as she saw the man dangling from the ceiling, his flawless muscular form littered with deep lacerations, bruises and burns.

The man’s body was drenched in sweat and blood; his golden, bloody hair, was disheveled and obscured his eyes. The stranger’s voice yelped in protest as five dark figures came towards her. Their faces twisted with menacing expressions. Hunger flared in their dark eyes…

She woke from her nightmare with a shriek, her eyes snapping open. Martina tried to push her nightmare aside. With a start, she came to, remembering all the events that had led up to now.

Below her Aaron paced the living room, his cell phone in hand, furiously trying to get information from the police about any leads of his missing friend. It had been two weeks, without a single word. He hadn’t slept since hearing the news of Avery’s disappearance. And as for Katrina...

Avery laid his head against the cold concrete wall of his tiny cell, closing his eyes against the blinding pain.
The girl who knelt before him was not the one inflicting it, though. She was simply reaching to help him to his feet, so she could assist him to the shower and bathe him. It had been countless weeks since an unknown stranger kidnapped him.
Avery had not recovered from late last night, when his predator ravaged his dehydrated and broken body with bone-breaking blows. He had stabbed him shallowly, ending the beating by setting his arm on fire before leaving.
Katrina had rushed in after the coast was clear and put the fire out, tending to his wounds while he screamed in agony.
“I’m so sorry, Toby.” She’d whispered.  “I’m not strong enough to fight him and stop this torment. I wish you were strong enough to stop him with your fangs.”

Avery was just grateful that she hadn’t made him drink blood, yet.

Once in the shower, Katrina proceeded to wash him again. At first, it was humiliating and degrading to have a woman, a 17-year-old no less, strip him naked and wash every inch of his exposed flesh like he was a child. However, she was so gentle that he found himself shamefully enjoying it.

“Toby, you’re weak and you’re not healing as you’re supposed to. My master has ravaged your once superb form, but I know how you can start to speed your healing and get well.”


“I’ll secretly feed you my blood, first in your drinks. Then as you regain your strength, from the vein. Sound good?”

Avery’s stomach churned with disgust. “Mmm, that sounds perfect, Katrina.”

When Katrina settled him into bed, his wounds dried and bandaged, she had news for the captive.  

“My master wanted me to let you know that he will reveal himself to you tonight when he returns.”
Trepidation and anxiousness washed over Avery. He was finally going to be able to face the son of a bitch.
“Do you know exactly why he would want to show his face to me now?”

“He simply told me that the time had come to see the face of your redeemer. Now, let me go fix you a special supper.”

Avery’s stomach lurched as he stared down at the goblet filled to the brim with blood. Katrina had brought him in the empty goblet. He watched as the disturbed young girl slit her wrist and filled the glass with her life essence. “There. Now, drink. My master will soon be here to see you, and you need to keep up your strength if you’re going to stop him from hurting you.”

Katrina handed him the goblet and left the room. Avery stared at his macabre meal.

“You know you don’t have to drink her blood, right? The crazy whore believes we’re vampires, but you do remember that we’re not?” The familiar, smooth-as-silk voice slammed into him.

“Aaron?” He whispered, searching his friend’s face.

“Yes, it’s me. How have you been, lover?”

“Why are you doing this to me?”

His co-star bent forward, his intense jade eyes peering at him through the shadows.

“Do you really need a recap of all the reasons why I have your backstabbing ass here?”

“Really, Aaron, I don’t have a fucking clue; you’re supposed to be my best friend. We’re family, man! What could I ever done for you to kidnap and torture me?”

“You really are clueless, aren’t you? Well, let me refresh your memory. I have many reasons.”
“Please enlighten me.”

“Very well.” Aaron came out of the shadows of the dark cell and unceremoniously plopped down on the foot of the bed. Shaking it caused spikes of pain to course through Avery’s battered body.
“First, I despise you because I work harder than you. I bring more finesse to the show, and have more charisma in my left nut than you do in your entire body. I’m better-looking and have a better body.”
Avery rolled his eyes at Aaron’s narcissistic response, but his captor didn’t notice and went on with his rant.
  “Yet you get more awards, have more screen time, and receive a fatter paycheque per episode. Don’t think that I haven’t noticed that more adoring pussy chases your tail than I’d ever see in a lifetime. You deserve none of it!”

Avery was appalled. “That’s it? You’re torturing me because you’re fucking green with envy? May I remind you, dick, that those are delusional reasons? You may be better looking than me and may spend more time in the gym, but you don’t work harder than me. We work equally hard.”

“Now who’s delusional, Avery?”

Avery ignored Aaron.  “I get a bigger paycheque than you because I’ve been on the series a year and a half longer. Besides, at last count, you and I were neck in neck in our winnings.”

“I’d like to see you prove that, but go on.”

 “As for charisma on and off the screen, I have more, because that’s just a part of my natural personality.”
Aaron rolled his eyes at his captive and smirked, but said nothing.

“You have plenty of adoring pussy chasing after your tail, because I see and hear them scream your name and swoon whenever you enter a room during those stupid conventions and promotional tours.”
“That’s just further proof, prick, that I’m better than you. But please, continue.”

“Tell me, Aaron, how much pussy have you banged since starting on the show? How many marriage proposals have you gotten despite the fact that you’re already married?  I could go on for days about this, so, tell me, what the real reason is you have me here?”

Aaron seemed to ponder for a while before he answered.

“I do hate how you hog the spotlight. However, what I truly hate you for is how you lied to me.”
“Aaron, I know I hurt you when I left you and married Shawna, but as I explained to you, it was for the best. Besides, you’re a happily married man with a wife and child. Why can’t you let this go?”
“You’re right, I can’t, but neither can you.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Stop lying to me. I saw your journal.”

Avery gasped with shock. “How in the world did you get my journal?”

“Shawna called me, distressed, a couple of days before she died. She showed me this and I can see why. The poor darling must have felt so betrayed.”

Avery stared at the entry on his lap, horrified.

“Read it.”

“Why should I? You already know what’s in it.”

“I want to hear you read it out loud.”

Avery screamed in pain as Aaron squeezed his burnt arm and twisted behind his back.
“You will read the passage out loud, or I will twist your arm off, understand?”
Blinding white pain blurred his vision and racked his body until he couldn’t take it anymore. “I’ll read it!”
“Perfect, proceed.”
Avery breathed a sigh of relief as Aaron let his arm go. Picking up the journal with his throbbing arm he read the passage.
My days are filled with the constant fighting of the urges to pull Aaron into an out of a way place and fuck him. The fight scenes are the hardest because it calls for us to be physical, and it’s hard to be that close to Aaron without kissing him. The nights are worse because I become lost in dreams of an enticing life with not only Aaron, but Martina and Shawna.”

Avery stopped, embarrassed by the rest.

“Go on.”

“I can’t, it’s too embarrassing.”

“More embarrassing than wanting to fuck me every time you were near me? Bullshit. Continue.”

“I dream of the four of us making a happy home for our children. Katrina playing with her baby sister and forming a lifetime bond. Filling our days with our chosen passions, our nights with our passion for each other. Sometimes as a foursome, and others, switching partners. I will have the life I always wanted. I just need to rid myself of the obstacles holding me back.: my pride and my fear.”
“Don’t you feel cleansed now?”

“No, I don’t feel cleansed. I feel embarrassed because those were delusions.”

“How are they delusions when you want them?”

“I want them, Aaron, but it’s a fantasy that is not possible to have. At least, not anymore, thanks to you.”

Thanks to me, you will have the life, minus the baby and Shawna.


“Upstairs there is a stunning house, complete with two equally stunning red heads waiting for us. One needs the guidance of two fathers and the other needs the attention of two skilled lovers; plus you have me.”
“So you are saying that you are going to give me the life I dreamt?”

Avery didn’t want to give into Aaron’s version of his dream, but if it meant getting out of the rotten hole Aaron threw him in and gave him a chance to escape, he was willing to do anything.

“Then take me upstairs to our new life, lover.

Avery caressed his captor’s face and drew him into a kiss. Avery felt Aaron’s body on top of him, the captor’s weight pressed so tight against his body that Avery could feel Aaron’s arousal against his crotch. Aaron slid a hand down his friend’s pants and stroked Avery’s cock.

 As Aaron continued his assault, Avery fought with every ounce in him not to allow the pleasure to build.  Aaron was relentless as he continued to stroke Avery’s cock and palm his balls. Under different circumstances, this would be a fantasy come true, but now it was just horrific.

“I thought I found the true meaning of male love in my dominant/submissive relationship, but that was just a silly illusion. With you, it was real.” Aaron began to pant. His breath grew hotter against Avery’s ear. “It was real, because from that one magical experience, all I wanted was to have both. To feel the warmth of my wife’s juicy pussy around my cock as I plow her into screaming rapture, while you fuck my mouth with your dick.  I know you’ve felt the same, Avery, don’t deny it.”
Avery cringed as Aaron began unbutton his shirt with his other hand. He caressed Avery’s chest and rained kisses down his neck.  

The captive’s cock was swollen with desire and throbbed, ready for release. Avery wanted to come. He ached badly, but he didn’t want to succumb to this mad man’s manipulation. Nonetheless, as Aaron continued to caress Avery’s member with his hand, Avery arched his back and thrust his pelvis. Much to his chagrin, Aaron couldn’t hide his satisfaction from Avery.

“Fuck, Aaron, please, I need to come!”
Aaron suddenly stopped and pulled his hand out. Avery groaned, furious that his promise of release was denied, leaving him unfilled and in pain.
“Why did you stop?”

“Patience. I’m not going to finish, but I have someone here who will.”


“Come in, Kitten.”

“Kitten? Who’s Kitten?”

“See for yourself.”
Standing in the doorway stood Katrina, looking like an innocent girl with her hair swept high in a ponytail and wearing pink pajamas.

“Hi Toby.”

“You sick fuck! You want your daughter to fuck me? She’s just a girl.”

“Katrina is no child. Have you had a good look at her? My Kitten is the perfect clone of her mother, only younger. They have the same ample tits, curves in all the right places, a tight little pussy, and long legs that wrap around my waist and hold me tight.”

Avery closed his eyes.  He couldn’t look as his friend, spewing such filth but it went a long way in relieving the ache of his denied release.
“Kitten, would you do me a favour?”

“Anything, Lance.”

“I need you to pleasure your favourite vampire.”

“With my body or my blood?”

Avery cringed as Aaron smirked at him and said “Both.”

“I can’t,  Aar, er, Lance, I’m too weak to feed.”

“It’s okay Toby, I make it easy for you. I’ll do all the work.”

Katrina smiled sweetly at Avery as she removed all her clothes and sat astride him. She carefully removed all his clothes and bared her neck to him. Avery struggled with how he was going to play the part of the vampire and drink Katrina’s blood.

He felt the heat of Aaron’s stare as Avery tried to figure out how he was going to make this believable. There was only one way. Biting Katrina’s skin as hard as he could, he suckled on the tiny blood droplets that rose to the surface.

“I’m sorry, Katrina. It’s just been a long time since I fed.”

“I understand; it just hurt, that’s all. Go ahead and take some more.”

“No, I had enough, thank you.”

“Oh I really think you should drink some more, Toby. You need to keep up your strength,” Aaron insisted.

Avery couldn’t protest as Aaron held his head to Katrina’s wound and kept it there while Katrina’s hips rocked deep into his arousal. The blood was like sucking on pennies at first, but soon the tasted gave away to a salty-sweet flavour. Soon, Avery no longer tasted the sweet flavour of Katrina’s blood as intense tremors of orgasm built.

He would loathe himself later, but right now the sensation that this sweet 17-year-old girl was giving him was just too rapturous. Before long, a guttural groan erupted from Avery as his body rocked and quaked with his sweet release.
“Well done, Kitten, I will be by later to give you your reward.”

Like an obedient servant, Katrina dressed and silently left. “Is that better?”

“I would be lying if I said that it didn’t. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I enjoyed every moment, save for the blood drinking.”

“That was just keep up the delusion for Katrina. She needs to keep thinking that we are vampires.”

“Is that how you control her, by feeding her delusions?”

“It’s the only way. I used my acting skills to tap into her delusions and feed them. Katrina was easy to manipulate. Now, she does my bidding.”

“You’re a sick bastard.”

“I know, but it was a long, torturous road that led me here. I can’t help the way I am. Don’t you think I deserve to get what I want after the hell I’ve been through?”

“Aaron, while it’s true you have lived a nightmare all your life, but to get what you want in this manner, is wrong.”

“Oh, lover, one getting what one wants is never wrong.” Aaron caressed Avery’s lips before turning to leave. “Hey, where are you going? I thought you were bringing me upstairs.”

“I changed my mind. You need to stay down here for another day or two. Sleep well.”

When Aaron closed the door, leaving Avery in the dark, he slumped onto the bed and wept.

 Post # 10

The Follower
Dark eyes follow the figure as she undressed. She seductively shed her blouse and skirt like she was stripping for her lover. The woman sauntered to her bed, humming a recent pop tune and opened her dresser drawer, pulling out an envelope. Shaking the contents onto her lap, she caressed the images that captured a night of passion. These were the only copies of the pictures in existence and were precious.
“It’s a shame I have to give these up, but there is someone who needs them more.” She kissed the images and put them back inside the envelope.  Once she got the word, the woman would make sure that this package got placed into the proper hands and then phase two of her plan could be set in motion.
Her hand glided to her right breast, over the jagged pink scar that a blade had carved into skin. The same blade had carved three more lines in her skin, on her neck, stomach and inner thigh. These were just physical and no longer mattered to her. The ones that did matter were buried where no one could see them.
Her phone rang, snapping the woman out of her revere. “Hello?”
“Do you have the package?”
“I do.”
“Good, now listen carefully. Leave now and go to Norman’s Cove, and sit at one of the outside tables of Johnston’s Chip shack and wait for me. “
“How will we know each other?”
“You wear the white sun hat with multi-colored ribbon and purple-tinted sunglasses I instructed you to buy. I will be carrying a red rose.” The woman quickly dressed, kissing the picture that hung on her bedroom wall before rushing out the door, sending thrilling shivers through her body. She had placed the picture on her wall so the intense dark eyes of her favourite actor would always be looking after her, keeping her safe.

Dark Love
Martina struggled against the darkness and her restraints.
“Stop struggling, princess. If you hang on just a moment, I’ll take your blindfold off, but you must promise to be a good girl.”  Martina stared in shock as her husband’s face appeared before her.
“Aaron? What have you done to me? Where am I?”
A blast of bright light assaulted her senses as Aaron viciously ripped her blindfold off.
“I’m not telling you where you are, but I brought you here to reunite with our long-lost daughter, among other things.”
“Katrina? You have our little girl? Where is she?”
“Katrina is with me, but right now she’s off running errands. So it’s only you and I, alone in our palace.”
Aaron gently caressed Martina’s silken auburn hair. His fingers danced to the swell of her breast.
“This is my home, my palace, where I’ll rule as king. You will be my queen, Avery will be my other lover, and of course, our precious Katrina will be our princess.”
“I don’t understand. Why would you say that Avery would be your other lover?”
“Avery is my other lover because that week you were away straightening out your career, he and I fucked on the veranda.”
A wave of dizzying nausea washed over her. “You, you, what?”
“Fucked. You know, Martina, I sucked his cock and he sucked mine. I fucked his ass and he fucked mine until we came all over each other. As we do for each other, except you’ve a cunt. Speaking of cunts, I missed yours when you were recovering from the accident. So, spread your legs, Martina.”
“No.” Martina pressed her thighs tighter.
“Open your legs, Martina.”
“No. Leave me alone!”
“Open your legs for your husband, Martina, now. This is my last time asking. The next time, I’ll force them open.”
“No, Aaron, I will not. You’ll have to rape me before I do anything willingly for you.”
“Baby, I don’t need to rape you, you’re my wife and it’s your obligation to perform.”
“You’re not my husband. I don’t know what happened while I was fighting for my life in the hospital, but something happened to change my sweet and loving husband into this, this...
Martina’s sob caught in her throat. Aaron reached out, caressed her face, and leaned in to kiss a stray tear that trickled down her cheek.
“Baby, please don’t cry. I won’t hurt you, because I love you. I just want to make love again. It has been a very long time since we have shown each other how much we love one another, and I missed you. I ache, and I know you ache for me.”

His tender gesture and loving words almost fooled her. “Don’t try to distract me by pretending to be the same Aaron.  You’re using this pitiful attempt at seduction to distract me from the truth. My husband, for some sick reason, has kidnapped me, tied me up and who just told me that he fucked his best friend! Aaron, why didn’t you tell me that you’re gay?”
“I’m not gay.”
“Yes you are. You just told me that you and Avery fucked. That means that our marriage is a lie.”
“You’re wrong about that, Martina. I lust for both sexes. Therefore, I require both you and Avery to be by my side as we raise a family together. Provide Katrina with a stable, loving home life with her mother and fathers.” Martina stared at Aaron, her disgust growing as he continued to ramble on about his fantasy. “Oh, just imagine our life together, Martina! Exotic vacations while the show is in hiatus, attending fancy parties and premieres, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. And best of all, hot, sultry threesomes at midnight, and when we feel a little adventurous, a foursome.”
“A foursome?”
“Yes, sometimes we can have our little Kitten to join us. She is very well-trained. I trained her personally.”
Martina stared at Aaron in disbelief. “Are you saying that you raped my baby girl?”
“No, he didn’t rape me, Mom. I gave myself to him willingly.”
“Katrina, please don’t tell me that you allowed this monster to take advantage of you?”
Katrina walked into the room and wrapped her arms around Aaron’s neck. He lifted her onto his lap and slid his hand up her short pleated skirt.
“Get your hands off my daughter!”
“Mom, please, I love Lance and he loves me. We’re going to be together for all eternity when he changes me into a vampire.”
“A what?”
“A vampire, Mom. Why are you acting so shocked? You know that Lance is a vampire, you see Let There Be Blood with me all the time.”
“How could you do that to your daughter?”
 “I did nothing wrong with our daughter. All I did was to guide her with the lessons she will need to make it through this world. I give her all my love, as a father would do.”

Martina’s stomach heaved with disgust. “No good father would do what you’re doing, Aaron. This is mindless manipulation and rape, plain and simple. You’re very sick, Aaron and you need help.”
“Mom, you know his name is Lance, not Aaron!”
“No, that’s okay, my Kitten. Your mom made a tiny mistake.”

She wanted to protest and tell her daughter that the man that she believed was a vampire was Aaron, but she knew not to mess with Katrina’s delusions and play along.
“Katrina honey, I know you feel that what you and Lance feel right now is real and true. But you’re just 17 years old, and have your life ahead of you. You’re too young be tied down to a being that’s many, many years older than you. Becoming a vampire is a dangerous thing. It’s not all glamour.”
“Mom, Lance told me that becoming a vampire would mean the end of my suffering. I’d no longer need my medication. I won’t have to deal with my illness and I’ll live forever!  How freaking cool is that, Mom?”
“Okay Katrina, I understand why you want to become a vampire. You’ve suffered a long time with your mental illness, and becoming a vampire will cure that; but honey, do you really want to deal with the downside of being a vampire?”
“I’m all too ready, Mom.”
“I don’t think that you are, sweetheart. You need to know the true downside of being a vampire.”
“I do know, Mom, but please tell me.”
 “The downside of being a vampire is that you will become a predator, and have to hurt humans to survive. You also will never be able to go out in the sun ever again.”
“Small sacrifices, Mom, if it means being free. I’ll get to spend the rest of my life together with Lance and with Toby. I love them both, Mom, and they both love me.”
 “I’ll miss you too much.”
“That’s okay, Mom, Lance said that he can turn you, too.  Then we can all be a big happy family.”
“That’s right, Martina. I’ll change you the same time I change Katrina.”
“So how do you imagine this family dynamic to play out?”
“I glad you asked! I’ve explained to our daughter that I’ll be the head of this family, which gives me all control. Including whom I sleep with.”
“So, that’s it? That’s your plan?”
  “Not all of it. You will have a very important role as my queen.”
“I’m afraid to ask.”
“No worries. Your role will not change. You will continue to be my wife, and continue to be mother to Katrina, while Toby will be Katrina’s secondary father and your lover as well.”
“This is sick.”
“It’s not sick, it’s called love. Especially when I have one more role for you.”
“You see, Katrina will be learning the ways of love from Toby and myself, but she will need the guidance of a woman, her mother.”
“What exactly are you proposing?”
"You will teach your daughter about her body, her sexuality. She knows what pleasure from a man feels like, but she needs to know the pleasure given by a woman so she will know what real pleasure feels like.”
"You want me to have sex with my own daughter?”
"Of course. Who would be better than the woman who knows her inside and out?”
"No, that’s beyond sadistic. Now I know just how sick you are!”

Martina lay there, speechless, as her little girl removed her clothes and approached her.  Aaron untied her hands.

Two weeks after she was kidnapped by Aaron and tied to his bed, she’d only had one encounter with him. From that brief, torturous moment, her daughter was the one to tend on her. Katrina didn’t speak to her mother, acting only on the instruction of her master.  Martina couldn’t look her in the eye. Her Katrina untied her in the day to let her mother bathe, go to the bathroom, have her meals and take brief daily walks in the massive garden outside.

By the beginning of the third week, Aaron finally made his visit while she was sleeping. “Wake up Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming is here.” He gently nudged her before climbing in the bed next to her and untying her restraints.
His movements roused her.
“What’s going on?” Martina asked.
In her still sleepy state, she smiled at the intense green eyes that were staring back at her.
“There, that’s the beautiful smile I remember. I miss you, baby.”
“I missed you too, but it’s my husband I miss. The sweet, kind, funny and loving man that I love dearly. Not this pompous, demented, and emotionless bastard before me.”
“I offer up no apologies for how I was forced to change myself, Martina.  I’ve lived a tortured life.”
Martina reached over and held Aaron’s head in her hands, caressing his delicate, sculpted features.
“Yes, you’ve had a very troubled life, a life that no one should endure.  You’ve taken the old you and put it into a very stunning package, but it didn’t change the beautiful soul inside, until now. Tell me, what could have happened to change you so drastically and so quickly?”  
“Please don’t ask me to tell you the truth. You don’t need the nightmares running around in your head. All I want is to feel normal for one night, and make love with my wife. I love you.”

Martina didn’t know how to respond; for a moment, as she looked deep into his soulful eyes, he sounded like her Aaron. When he touched her skin, he felt like her Aaron. When he removed her hands from his face and kissed her, he was that Aaron, all over again.

She wanted to forget the cruel, depraved torture that he’d been inflicting on her, Katrina and Avery. Forget how he’d left his best friend to starve to death in the darkness. Martina wanted to enjoy how his fingers danced along the small of her back. Under the shirt, he unbuttoned and slipped off her bra. She wanted to get lost in the sensations of his feather kisses on her bare flesh.  His other hand danced up her skirt and seductively caressed her lips through her panties, teasing her.
She wanted to let him pleasure her. It would be heaven to take Aaron’s generous member in her mouth and worship him until he rewarded her with his warmth over her breasts.

Martina pushed him away. “No, Aaron, we can’t do this. I can’t do this and forget all the evil that you’ve done. Please, go away.”
It seemed to turn Aaron cold. “Very well, I respect your rejection and will leave you alone. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Puzzled, Martina watched as her kidnapper walked out the door, eerily calm.

Demon or Angel?
The next morning, Aaron entered Martina’s bedroom, closed the door, and without saying a word, handed her a paper tablet.
“What’s this?”
“That’s my bargaining chip. Inside, you will find a full confession of my sins, including a full detailed description on what I did to your daughter to make her my co-conspirator. Every last juicy detail.”
Martina stared at the document. “What’s the catch? What do I have to give you in return?”
Aaron leaned closer to her and tilted her chin to meet his gaze. “All you have to do in exchange for that very valuable document is to allow me to fuck you.”
“Fucking is not your right as my husband. We make love because we deeply love each other, and it’s how we express that love. It’s not a bargaining chip.”
“Shh, Candy Angel. You can still give yourself to me freely.”
Martina felt a smile tug at the corners of her mouth. “Candy Angel? I’ve not heard that name in ages.”
“Remember, I used to call you that because every Friday, you used to bring me a different bag of candy?”
“Yes, I do. I loved doing nice things for you.”
“Then continue the tradition and let me fuck you. All I want is to be with you again as your husband, in every way. Is that so wrong?”
“Kidnapping and torturing is not the way into my panties. But, I’ll let you fuck me under two conditions.”
“The document, and what else?”
“No. I want you to stop fucking my daughter and let Avery go. Do those things, and we can go back to being a family.”
Aaron studied his wife long and hard. “I’ll need to think about it. I shouldn’t have to, considering you yourself just said that making love is not a bargaining chip. Give me some time and I’ll return with my answer.

Avery grasped a new sliver of hope. Aaron stopped torturing him, moved him into a bigger bedroom, fed him three nutritious meals a day, and allowed him to exercise for an hour a day. His wounds were slowly healing, and his half-broken spirit was renewed.
Now, for the first time in months, he was getting to meet and have dinner with another person besides Katrina and Aaron. At a real dining room table, no less. Avery even got new clothes, a haircut, and a shave for the occasion.
He stood on the veranda, holding a glass of bourbon. The warmth of the evening sunshine on his face and the breeze blowing through his ebony hair were bliss. Martina waltzed up the railing and stood next to him, holding a glass of wine.
“This sunset is stunning, isn’t it? A miracle of God.” Her soft voice caressed his ears and made him smile.
“Yes, makes one glad to be alive.”
“Forgive me for saying this, but considering what we’re going through, Avery, that’s a gross understatement.”
Avery paused to take another sip of bourbon and turned to his visitor. “How in the name of Christ did we end up in this situation, Martina? What happened to Aaron to make him so cold? So…”
“Evil? I don’t know, Avery. This is not Aaron. This is an entirely different person.”
 “Well, well, isn’t this cozy? Just as I envisioned, my lovers sharing a drink and watching the sunset amidst pleasant conversation. You both look ravishing, and I don’t know who I’d rather devour more!”

Avery balked as Aaron wrapped his arm around his waist and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Martina avert her gaze, her expression sour.
“Mmm, you taste so spicy and delicious.  I can’t wait to get my mouth around that cock later. I’ll bet it would be better than dessert.”
Avery had to swallow the bile that shot its way up his throat. His nausea couldn’t be contained when Aaron sauntered over to Martina and pinned her to the corner of the veranda. As he lifted Martina into his arms, she was forced to wrap her legs around Aaron’s waist. He snaked his hand up her skirt.  When she let go a cry, Avery captured her cry with his mouth and kissed her so passionately that he stole her breath.
Avery stood transfixed as he assaulted Martina, using his fingers to fuck her. The more she groaned, the faster he thrust his fingers. Avery stared at the naked flesh between his co-captive’s thighs, its large surface smooth and inviting. Her slit was slick with her juices, making his mouth water.
His deep, animalistic need filled him with a longing to push Aaron’s fingers out of the way so he could plunge his thirsty tongue deep into her depths.
“I can hear your desire. Your heart racing, your blood getting hot and your cock throbbing against the crotch of your pants. You’re panting with want, Avery. Come on over and fulfil that.”

Avery had no control of his body. He sensed himself moving forward, towards Aaron and his desire, her heat calling to him. He fell onto his knees, pulled Aaron’s fingers from her dripping flesh, and dove in, his tongue dancing circles on her clit. Avery’s own fingers sank deep within her heat, filling her to the hilt as his cock was throbbing to do.

Martina wanted to scream. Her heart raced, her blood ran hot, and all her sensibilities vanished. It was torture. While the vampire actor played with her pussy and masterfully kept her dress in place at her hip with his left hand, he fucked her with his right. Their captor pushed her bodice aside and suckled her naked breasts. She was lost in a fog of desire, of bliss as they both continued to assault her unmercifully.
Aaron suddenly stopped, pulled away from his wife, and sat on the railing. In that moment, Martina didn’t care what her husband was doing, she was lost in her euphoria.

Avery was relentless. His tongue began to tease her inner folds. He sucked her clit with his mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth over the sensitive bud. Martina flexed her hips on reflex and press her sex tighter into his mouth.  Her heart pounded in her chest as she felt her blood run hot with anticipation of her climax.
In the midst of her pleasure, a sharp command cut through the haze.
“Stop, Avery. Don’t let her come until I give her permission.”
Like an obedient servant, Avery pulled away from Martina and remained still. Martina panted, unable to control the ache of her denied release.
“No, please Avery, don’t stop!”
“He temporarily has no control over his own free will right now, Martina. I’ve taken control.”
“How did you take control of Avery’s free will? You don’t have the ability to compel.”
“On the contrary. One doesn’t need to be a vampire to compel. All it takes is the skill. I demonstrated that with Katrina when she stopped taking her medication. Once the pills were out of her system, she became pliant and easy to manipulate. All it took was my imagination to shape her into my perfect slave.”

Martina would have pushed her husband over the railing to his death below if her ache hadn’t paralyzed her. “To control Avery just now, all I did was used a technique that my master Stefan taught me. Immerse the submissive with their deepest fantasy, and their mind becomes pliant. Once Avery’s fantasy has been fulfilled, he will be free to make his own decisions again.”
“That’s just torture, Aaron.”
Aaron shrugged his shoulders. “It’s what it is, my Candy Angel. Hate my methods if you must, but you can’t deny the pleasure it brings.”
 “Torture is not pleasurable.”
“Oh yes it is. Let me demonstrate. Avery, release Martina from her burning torment.”
She gasped as Avery plunged two fingers deep inside of her, thrusting furiously, searching for the spot. He took his time and gently used his fingers to stroke her g-spot as his thumb drew circles around her sensitive nub.

Martina sensed the pressure of her climax as it coiled deep in her belly. A primal scream erupted from her lips as her release exploded.
“Aaron! Avery!”
The room grew fuzzy and started to spin. Martina tried to maintain her balance and clear her mind. When she felt her legs buckle beneath her, Aaron rushed to her side, wrapped his arms around her waist, and carried her to the dining room.
 “Okay, Avery, snap out of it now and join us in the dining room for dinner. You’re back to your old self again.”

The beat of the ceiling fan did very little to cool Martina’s burning desires. The dinner had went pleasantly enough, and for a brief couple of hours Aaron, Martina, Katrina and Avery acted like a family. However, as she slipped out of her one shoulder crimson silk dress, memories of the pre-dinner events flooded her mind.  The lingering effects of the erotic sensations that Avery and Aaron gave her made her want more. A strange mixture of arousal and shame twisted inside of her as her body still vibrated from the effects of Avery’s tongue licking her pussy.

However, since both men were occupied elsewhere, she’d have to relieve the agony herself. Martina barely stepped out of her heels when she felt herself being lifted into the cradle of strong arms. She prayed in that moment that it would be Avery, with Aaron behind him, but when she only caught her husband’s scent, Martina’s heart sunk with disappointment.
“Aaron, what do you think you’re doing?”
“Coming to collect. You owe me for that document.”
“Put me down, Aaron! I don’t want to have sex with you, and you can’t make me.”
“I already have; or have you forgotten that little incident out on the veranda? You can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that, because it sure sounded like you did.”

Aaron laid Martina on the bed and straddled her.
 “Okay, I admit, the things that you and Avery were doing to me out there, felt like heaven. I love how you know how to tease and torment me before making me scream in ecstasy.”
“Of course, I know. It’s my job to know as your husband.”
 “Apparently you have a lot of skills I wasn’t aware of.”
“Really, like what?” Aaron teased.
 “There are many. Like how you convinced Avery to tongue fuck me.  But, I can’t forget how you fucked him, and that still hurts. You betrayed my trust.”
Aaron didn’t seem to hear her as he unhooked her bra and fondled her breasts. “I know, Martina, but it was a one night stand, and it will never happen again. It’s done and over, despite my desire for it to continue. Avery made that very clear tonight.”
“I thought you were determined to continue having Avery as your lover. What happened for you to back down?”
“One thing …” He licked her nipples and caught them between his teeth, soliciting a pleasurable hiss from between Martina’s teeth. “He threatened to go to the media with this.” Reaching into his shirt pocket, he produced a handful of papers and handed them to her.
“What are these?”
“Look at them. You tell me.”

Martina studied the papers. They were four clear images of the veranda off their living room; Avery’s naked body hovering over Aaron, his dick deeply submerged inside her husband, his face distorted with ecstasy.
The second and third pictures detailed the same scene, with Avery fucking her husband from behind and then a shot of him coming over Aaron’s stomach. The fourth and final shot was of Aaron mounting Avery from behind.
“Who took these? Did you and Avery take pictures of yourselves fucking?”
“Fuck no! As kinky as an idea that would have been, our night happened rather suddenly, there was no time to prepare for mementos. Those were took by a very perverted next-door neighbour. He’d sent those pictures in the mail a week later with a note that if we didn’t pay him, he was going to the media about the two vampire stars cornholeing each other.”
“Obviously, you two paid the demand.”
“No, we just strong-armed him. Avery and I normally don’t pay attention to threats like these, but it was it was worth the look on the loser’s face when we showed up on his doorstep.” Her husband’s eyes glistened with the excitement of the memory. “He nearly shit himself and tried to shut the door on our faces. He took off in a run when Avery’s boot caught the door and pushed it open. I caught him easily enough, and pinned him to the wall while Avery brow beat him into giving us the pictures and his camera…it was so refreshing.”
“How did you know that he didn’t already post those pictures on the internet?”
“We didn’t. We had to get a friend of ours to scour every inch of the net, but so far, they haven’t shown up.”
 “I need to ask. Was it sleeping with Avery and him rejecting you that made you so cold?”
Aaron hesitated for a moment before he undressed. “No, it was not. That was the incident that gave birth to the revenge plot against Avery, but what made me so soulless was something else.”
“Then tell me, Aaron and I can help you.”
“Don’t think that those large, beautiful blue eyes are going to make me break and tell you all my dirty little secrets, Martina. Now, were where we?”

“I was telling you that I was not going to have sex with you. Unless you agree to my conditions.”
Aaron slid her panties over her legs and stared at Martina’s naked form. Her breasts were perfectly shaped globes, with taut, rosy nipples. His eyes travelled down her flat stomach to the junction between her thighs. Her most intimate flesh was already wet and burning. He was not going to take from Martina. She was going to give.
 “I agree to one of your terms.”
“I want you do agree to all of them, Aaron.”
“How about a counter offer?”
“I’m listening.”
“I won’t set Avery free, but I’ll stop fucking our daughter, and I’ll let you keep the document to use however you wish.”
Martina hesitated for a moment. “I agree to your counteroffer, Aaron, but please make sure you keep your word.”
“You have my word, my love. Now that’s out of the way, I’m all yours. We’re going to make love on a whole new level.”
“How many different ways could we make love, Aaron? We have tried so many new ways in our relationship that I can’t imagine many more.”
“Oh baby, you don’t know the world of rapture I can bring to you. We have a lifetime to find out. But for tonight, use your five senses on me.”
“Baby, what you felt out on the veranda before dinner was exciting, I’m sure, but you were assaulted too quickly by Avery and me. We were so hungry for you that you never had a chance to breathe, to fully experience the pleasure. It was all over too soon.”
“You can’t tell me that as a man, you don’t like quickies?”
“No, on the contrary, but you know that.  If I can help it, I like taking my time and savouring the moment. Let me show you just how wonderful it feels to take things slow, to use all of our senses to make love.”
“Okay, but please, be gentle.”
“For you, there is no other way. Here, hold this.”
“A blindfold?”
“Yes, we’re going to make love, one sense at a time.”

Martina shivered in anticipation as Aaron wrapped the black silk material around her head and over her eyes.
“You okay?”
“Good, I’m not going to speak. I’m just going to do. Lay back and enjoy.”
Aaron did love Martina, with all his heart and soul. He’d loved her since the time he was the pudgy nerdy new kid in town. He still remembered the pudgy, nerdy girl with the face of an angel and a voice so soft that it gave him shivers. 

No one could compare to Martina. Every time he had sex with another, he would see her face before him. Her intense cobalt pools looking up at him adoringly, her wavy auburn hair fanned out on the pillow. They had made love many times since they’d reunited, but the first they made love was a time so traumatic that her memory had suppressed it. A time that he was forced to remember every single day. 
This time, he was going to make the memory a pleasurable one. Reaching for a single red rose, Aaron gently traced the outline of her entire body with the petals. He moved the rose to her nipples, caressing the velvet petals over them until they were taut with pleasure. He danced the rose down her navel, to the apex of her thighs and paused.
“What are you doing?” Martina whispered.
“We’re using the sense of touch and the sense of sight.”
“But I can’t see.”
“I know, but I’m going to use my sense of sight to afford you the experience of your sense of touch.”
“Aaron, I…”
“Shh. Please don’t speak. You must remain still and quiet.”
Aaron continued the dance between her thighs, brushing the flower along her lips, before inserting the rose to play with her clit. He rubbed the rose against her nub in a light circular motion before increasing the pressure.
“Mmm, Aaron!”
“Touch me, Martina, but don’t do or say anything else. Just concentrate on one sensation at a time.”
Martina knew every line of her husband’s body even with the blindfold. She didn’t hesitate to reach up and touch him. However, when she did, he grabbed her wrists and pulled her to her knees, pressing her body to his. Her breasts were crushed to his chest and she sensed her legs being wrapped around his waist as she felt Aaron fall onto his back, with her over him. She ran her fingers through his lush hair. She traced the outline of his jaw, down his neck, over his shoulders and to his biceps.

“I know you told me not to say anything else, but I adore this rose.”

Martina had memorized the lines of the tattoo and was able to trace it in detail with her fingertips. She moved on to the muscles of his chest and down to the carved planes of his abs. She heard Aaron hiss with bliss as she placed his arousal in her palm and stroked it.
“Mmm, you’re ready, I see.”
“I am, baby, I am, but patience.”
“What’s next?”
“Sound?” Martina repeated. Her husband removed the blindfold, allowing her to see.
“Yes. I want you to tell me how this makes you feel.”
Soft piano music filled the air, a nice slow tempo. “Peaceful.”
“We’re going to make love to the beat because we have all night, and I intend to take advantage of every moment..." Aaron murmured.

Slowly, deliberately, he possessed her, inching his thick member deep onto her trembling heat. It finally nudged her cervix, his pelvis grinding deliciously against her clit. He withdrew to start the completely agonizing, delicious process over again. They were linked by their clasped hands as he pinned her to the bed.

Aaron began to breathe more shallowly, his lips parting as he nuzzled kisses against her jaw. His thrusting became more erratic, a shallower, rougher penetration that caught her g-spot, as he grew yet harder inside of her. When the gentle music came to a stop, so did her lover.
“Aaron, please, don’t stop!” she pleaded.
By now, Martina was panting, her ragged breaths matching her rapid heartbeats. She was desperate. Her husband was denying her the simple pleasure of his body pulsating inside of her, taunting her with release.
“Shh, baby, we still have two more senses to go. I promise it will all be worth it.”
“Aaron, why are you torturing me? What did I do that was so wrong that you felt like you had to punish me in this way?”
“I’m not punishing you, my love. I’m giving you the gift of pure rapture.”
“No, you’re not. I love you, Aaron, and you know how I adore your body on me, your flesh caressing mine.  How I love your fiery kisses, and how your hands work me into a fevered frenzy. I can get so wet by just looking at you.”  Martina blushed at the intense heat of Aaron’s gaze as she continued to plead.
“You’re every woman’s dream lover and I adore the fact that you’re mine, only mine. Now, you’re denying me the very thing that brought me bliss, you. Please, stop and make love to me to completion. Stop teasing me!”

Martina wanted to remain strong and not show her husband any weakness, but she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.
Aaron kissed each tear as it fell and brought her fingers to his mouth, kissing and suckling each tip. He pinned her to the bed with his arms.
“Close your eyes.”
“I just want you to experience the other sensations without seeing again; but I don’t want to use the blindfold.” Martina obeyed and closed her eyes.

Aaron closed his mouth over each of his wife’s taut peaks and took his time licking, suckling and biting until they were erect and hard. He rained a trail of feather soft kisses down to her navel, pausing at the base of her most intimate flesh, before rubbing his smooth jaw along her inner thigh.
“Ahhh!” she cried. Aaron ignored her cries and continued to lick, kiss and taste her flesh as she squirmed underneath him.
“Open your mouth.”
Martina opened her mouth, and felt Aaron push his cock deep into her throat.
“Taste me, Martina,” he commanded.
Martina obeyed. She licked, kissed and sucked his member slowly, worshiping it with her tongue. She reached to hold his balls in her hand, but he held her hands steady.
“No, only taste.”

Aaron worked his length deep into Martina’s throat inch-by-inch, trying not to overwhelm his wife with his girth. He pumped in and out of her warm mouth, almost losing it when he glanced down. Her crimson lips were around him, her tongue flickering around his head and down his shaft.
Then without warning, he filled her mouth with his release.
“Fuck, that was amazing!” Aaron exclaimed in her ear. She felt him collapse next to her.
He only lay still for a couple of moments before he began to kiss his way down her body. He spread her legs, hooked her knees over his shoulders, and softly kissed the junction of her thighs.
Using his thumbs to gently spread her, he delicately licked along her creases, teasing her folds apart with his warm, velvety tongue.

A low rumble of enjoyment poured out of him as he slowly slid two fingers inside of her. He stroked his fingertips over her g-spot firmly as he lapped at her clitoris. He used short, gentle strokes with the flat of his tongue, his fingers mimicking where his cock had just been.

A third finger joined the other two, filling her almost as well as his organ, as his mouth closed over her hood, sucking and licking mercilessly.

It was too much. Martina barely had time to scream as her orgasm ripped through her. It bowed her back with its intensity and shot electricity from her groin to her fingers and toes. Her lover groaned as his flagging erection sprang to life at her shrieks of ecstasy. Before she even finished coming, Aaron sat up on his knees and grabbed her hips, pounding into her again. This time it was fast and hard, and only served to prolong her climax.
Only when she finally stopped spasming around him did he slow and finally pull out, panting raggedly.
"Are you all right, Martina?" he whispered, tenderly stroking her damp hair away from her eyes. His hot, heavy manhood rested against the hollow of her hip.
Martina could barely speak, but through her heavy euphoric fog, she managed to whisper, "That’s more like it, lover!” before she fell asleep in his arms.






















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