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Luna Aeturnus (Luna Series, #2)Luna Aeturnus by Simon Okill
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What is the test of a great novel? When you get up in the morning, determined to complete those tasks on your to do list, but before you do, you decide to pick up a book a read just a little, and end up reading the entire thing in one sitting. When you close that book and have to take a hit of oxygen because you held your breath the whole way through. When you can wish a villain a gruesome death and cheer out loud when the heroes are triumphant in victory.
This is what Luna Aeturnus has done for me. I read the first one and thought it was a gasping for air roller coaster ride. I did not think anything would top it, but I was wrong. Luna Aeturnus does.

The second book picks up where the last one left off with a broken, tormented and abused beautiful vampire who is lost inside of her own mind suffering from amnesia due to a horrific event she had witnessed. Deep in the recesses of her mind, Delicate Rose knows she is destined to be something more, she is to become a powerful supernatural being called Eternal. She will become this powerful vampire under the Eternal Moon. However, there is an ancient evil that is coming for her determined to drain her of her blood so he can become eternal himself. This blood is not meant for this evil because it is only for Eternal's true love who must drink her blood for them to be together for all eternity. To stop this evil, her true love, a human, must kill this evil and stop him before it is too late and the world is covered in darkness.
Spine-tingling isn't it? Wonderful job Mr. OKill.

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Let the fantasy adventure begin!, July 9, 2013

I may not understand a lot about Greek Mythology, but that has not stopped me from being fascinated with it.
The title character, Athine, is a young warrior goddess with magical powers, and her very existence is a product of trickery, but in the end her existence proves to be a blessing.
Shannon McRoberts had me spellbound long after I put it down.
Even if you are not a fan of this particular genre, I encourage you to pick up a copy and settle in for the adventure of your life!


Review of Luna Sanguis by Simon OKill

From the very first sentence Simon OKill uses his extraordinary writing powers to pull me in, and keep me intrigued.

This novel follows the dark and tragic life of a mysterious beautiful woman only known by two names, Delicate Rose and Eternal. It is anyone's guess to who she really is because in the deep recesses of her troubled mind, she is both.

In the opening scene of Luna Sanguis (a most unique and beautiful title if there every was one) introduces us to a scared young woman cowering under a table, her presence hidden only by a table cloth as unimaginable horrors are taking place around her. Screams, death and blood fall.

She knows the demon who is the creator of these terrors but her fragile mind can't recall his name. When she is discovered by the demon, she manages to escape.
She runs and finds freedom when a farmer rescues her and seeing her wild dishevelled state and chanting incoherently  "I am Eternal" he brings her to an insane asylum to be treated.

In this hospital she is mistreated by a ornery nurse and sexually tormented by a creepy monster of a orderly, both who Delicate Rose looks upon as demons.
However, their terrors do not compare to the nightmare of her returning memories where she remembers first being held captive by a vampire by the name of Count Lucien who calls her his true love, a love he had since childhood. He keeps her there because he knows her secret, she was born a vampire with blood that is not only addictive but can give one eternal life.

Lucien has his own troubled life, growing up under the rule of a very strict and abusive father and mother. He is possessed by an alter ego called the Count when he purchases a copy of Bram Stoker's Dracula and his love for vampires is born.

This story can be dizzying and sometimes confusing as one experiences Delicate Rose's own hellish confusions inside her mind and her desperation to remember who she is, what her destiny is and the need to find her true love.

However, Simon OKill takes you on the ride of your life with your fingers firmly gripped onto your seat and leaving you breathless long after you manage to somehow close the book.

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  2. Can't wait to read your book, Simon! What a marvelously enigmatic story theme.


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