Some pretty pictures!

I have dreamed for a long time what my Destiny of the Vampire Characters would look like, beyond their fantasy faces of the ones who inspired them:

 Inspired Sebastian St. Clair

 Inspired Declan St. Clair
Inspired Hope Serenity. 

But I wanted my creations to have their own look, so I turned to my author/artist friend and first ever Writers on the Wharf guest Shannon McRoberts for more unique images.
This was the result:


So, what do you think?
Find Shannon McRoberts at:

Some more great art Destiny of The Vampire art:

Brad Bennett 

Chloe Bennett

Lisa Lane

Allan Dayle

Daniel St. Clair 

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  1. I think they look great ;) I am so glad you like them. I am so glad my talents could help give your characters their own unique look!

    I highly recommend people read Destiny of the Vampire too!


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