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Open a book, slip into the comfy seat of a movie theatre, turn on your favourite show or play your favourite video game and you will be transported to another world where you can escape from the day to day stresses of being human.
However, once that story or game has ended, you will slip back into the day to day grind of the real world.
Imagine being stuck in the world of make believe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because the outside world is too confusing and painful.
This is how the real world feels like for Christian Traverse.
Inside you will be introduced to the world of one extraordinary boy, who at first glance, you will not find anything unusual about his sandy blond hair, his big, deep blue eyes, or even the long, dark lashes that would be the envy of any woman. You will not be taken aback by his crooked grin or the bubbly personality that can make just about anyone instantly fall in love with him. In fact, unless you know what to look for, you are not likely to notice anything different about him at all, but he is different.
This world we live in is confusing, overwhelming and painful because he has a condition known as autism.


I have spent three years watching the undead, the cold ones, studying their every move fascinated by their looks, personalities, mannerisms, and their immortality from the shadows.

Captivated by their flawless predatory nature, their agility and their stealth on how they could pounce on an unsuspecting victim until it was too late and their blood was being drawn between those canine teeth.

How they have the unique ability to give and leave pleasure in their prey.

I always wanted to be like them, but knew that as a simple human from a rural community in Newfoundland, Canada, would never have the chance.

That is why Declan and Sebastian took me by surprise when they invited me into their world, to spend every wakening moment with them for eight months learning their story.

The St. Clair brother story is not for the faint of heart.

They are no ordinary vampires.

Declan and Sebastian are haunted, bound by a horrific secret.

Their tale starts off innocently enough, with one last fishing trip with their father John to earn enough money to sustain them and their mother Elizabeth over the harsh winter months before the fishing season closed for the year.

In the middle of their trip, an unforeseen storm rises up out of nowhere, taking their modest wooden boat tossing them into the waves, and sinking the vessel.

Declan and Sebastian watch helplessly as their father is swept by a tidal wave and dragged underneath.

They lay broken, exhausted and confused to languish in the sea until they pass out, waking up on an island.

On this what appears to be, an deserted island, they both work together to survive and work on a plan to escape.

However, a foolish, but tragic accident leads to their deaths.

Strangely, they wake up and find themselves in agony, burning from the inside out, their bodies screaming for blood.

Human blood.

They give into their primal instincts and feed off their first prey.

It is after the feeding they are shocked to discover that they are indeed not alone, the island is teeming with vampires and human's alike, all under the rule of one ancient vampire who invites the brothers into his coven.

However, they quickly find out that their coven is not what they think it is, and after Declan commits a forbidden act against the leader, they are exiled to the mainland.

Once on the mainland, they travel the world enjoying their new immortal status.

They live hard, party even harder and enjoy their abundant succulent prey.

Until one night a catastrophic incident will bind the two brothers forever; forcing them to turn to human destructive addictions to numb our the pain of their secret and to who they really are.

All seems lost until they are reunited with the beautiful and mysterious vampire from their past that will give them Hope.

"We are brothers, tied by blood, in our veins, what we spill. But it is a deadly secret that will forever bind us." 

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