Saturday, 31 August 2013

Chris Sheilds Day

Jack stared at the shed doors with bewilderment.

"What in the hell are those?"
"Those are the novel covers for my friend Chris's Weald Fae Journals series."
"Chris. Chris Shields. The author/professor chap who helps ASMSG founder R Grey Hoover with all the administrative duties for the group. Today is his holiday. Chris Shields day!"
"They gave the dude his own day? Why?"
"You want the simple or complicated answer?"
"I'm late for a game of pool with da b'ys, so simple, please."
"We are giving Chris his own day and helping him promote his work all over social media creation to say thank you for all his hard work. He deserves every ounce of appreciation all of us at the Author Social Media Support Group can give him."
"Well, good for him. I better be going! Have fun."
I currently have Weald Fae Journals on my shelf ready to read but due to time constraints and a busy fishing season, I have been unable to read them yet. So, I hope Chris forgives me!
In the meantime please click on the following links to find out more about each of the three books of the series:
Weald Fae Journals buy links:

The  Steward, Book 1--
The Changeling, Book 2--
The Aetherfae, Book 3--

Why you are at it, why don't you pop on over and find out more about Chris Shields himself:

Chris Sheilds contact information:

Website: Weald Fae Journals--
Amazon Author Page--
My Twitter ID is @WealdFaeJournal

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