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Dragonstar promo by Kyra Dune

I do not know where this woman finds the time in the midst of her hectic schedule, but the talented Kyra Dune has done it again! She has penned another novel, a Young Adult fantasy named...
If the cover is not enough to compel you to run out and swipe this book of the virtual shelves then here is a sneak peak...
Brand new YA fantasy novel from author Kyra Dune.


Blurb: Dagen is a thief and a good one, at least in his humble opinion. But he has more in mind for his future than picking pockets, and when he comes across the haul of a lifetime, he finally sees a way to impress the boss of his crew, maybe even enough to be made partner.

But things don't go the way Dagen had planned and soon he finds himself on the run with a sack full of stolen jewels, and more, for unknown to him, one of those jewels is the fabled Dragonstar, created in times long past by a powerful sorcerer.

The plan is to head for the port city of Braack, but the Dragonstar has other ideas. From the secret city of thieves, to the ruins of a castle, to the last stronghold of the elves, Dagen's whole life is flipped upside down by visions, haunts, strange beasts, and the looming possibility that one day, he just might have to kill a god.

Excerpt:    The scratching sound of the knife against the lock seemed impossibly loud, surely loud enough to wake the dead, and seemed to go on forever. Sweat broke out across Dagen’s brow. It wasn’t the getting in that was worrying him, he had no doubt that Halbert could pick the lock, it was the getting out in one piece that would be tricky. 
     A small click, a soft exclamation of success from Halbert, and the backdoor was open. The kitchen was dark, the objects within nothing more than faint outlines in the moonlight. For a moment the boys simply stood there, staring inside, making no move to enter the house.
     Dagen had no way of knowing what Halbert might be thinking or feeling, but as for himself it felt as if he were standing on the edge of a cliff. He could still turn around, could still go back to the safety of the barn, but once he crossed the threshold, once he took the plunge, there would be no turning back from that.

     The idea was frightening enough to make Dagen take a step back. This life might not be the best in the world, but it was the best he’d ever had. If he did this, if he stole from Majul, then he would be out on his own now instead of in four years. And even though they intended to run to Braack, even though he knew there was no way anyone from Barnum could even know what had happened here, the idea of being out from under Majul’s protection was terrifying.
     Halbert stepped into the kitchen and the soft thump of his boots marked his progress toward the cellar door. He probably didn’t even know Dagen wasn’t behind him, which sent a little flutter of guilt through him. He might not be all that experienced in the friend area, but even he knew that you’re supposed to have your friend’s back, especially when you already told them that you would.

     From inside the house there came a soft thrumming sound, followed by a cry born of surprise rather than pain. This was followed by a serious of heavy thumps, each one punctuated by a sound of increasing distress, then silence. The kind of silence that seems to ring with sound.
     Dagen’s breath froze in his lungs; his heart tried to sink down into his stomach while his stomach was trying to crawl up his throat. Some kind of trap, it had to be. Majul was no fool, he’d known they would come for the jewels. But it wasn’t too late, not for Dagen, he could still run and nobody need ever know that he was here.

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