Monday, 9 September 2013

Roll out the red carpet it is Anita Bell and her Killer Smile

I am excited. I am nervous.
This. Is. So. Freaking. Cool!
I am so lost in my anticipation that I do not see the rolled up piece of carpet until I trip over it and land on my hands and knees, cutting them.
"Jesus Tina, watch where you are going! Yelled Frank as he rushed over to help me up and assess my wounds.
"What's got you all in a daze today? I never saw you go around with such a big goofy grin since you were six." Frank commented as he cleaned and bandaged my cuts.
"I just thinking how excited I am about featuring Anita Bell on the shed today."
"Anita Bell? She must be some kind of movie star or something for you to roll out the red carpet and decorate the shed with fancy lights."
"Anita is not a movie star, but close. She is a best seller author, has won numerous awards and... squee! Her latest book is going to become a movie!"
"Sounds awesome, no wonder you are excited!"
"I am, this is the biggest author I promoted yet. I just love her."
"Well, let's hope this puts the Shed of Solicitation on the map. Good luck to you today."
"Thank you."
I stare dreamy eyed into the horizon before I force myself to snap out of it and get to work.

Book synopsis

A Comedy Romance: When a hapless cartoonist is electrified by a small gift from her mysterious neighbor, she falls into a web of intrigue and wickedly funny events, which leave her teetering on a cliffhanger between Love and Disaster...

The lovely lady...

Author Bio

"I didn't wait for Luck. I raced after him with a truck."

I'm that bestselling and award winning author of comedy-mysteries and fun-informative non-fictions with over 2 million readers internationally... currently working the next big stage. Yep! You guessed it! ...[Pssst... if you didn't guess, try catching it on FB or twitter via my webpage ...Or smack yourself with one of my books until it dawns on you.]... Hugs for now. You'll probably need it.

Being serious for a sec, I'm also the first author to win an International CrimeStoppers Award for a children's series. [YAY!]
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Things I LOVE:
When a movie producer calls after reading my books, and my agent has to say 'get in line!'

Things I Hate:
When TV crews show up with their sexiest, skinniest female reporters... and I'm still trying to find the garden rake for my hair.

NOTE: For all of my M+ Rated works see my Pen-Name A.A. Bell [e.g. author of the multi-award winning Diamond Eyes series about the girl who can see through time.]

WARNING! WARNING!: Anita Bell is my real name and pen-name for over 30 titles since 1990. I write all of my own books so I'm always the sole creator, aside from narrators hired by 4 of my Big 6 publishers for the audio editions, who sometimes appear on Amazon as co-creators. So if ever you see a book with my name as a co-writer, or a self-published book that is not listed on this page, then that's another writer who began using the same name for publication. Go figure. Somewhere out there must be a cloning machine. Run now. The world wasn't safe with only one of me!

Pssst: Yes, I also wrote 3 of the Top 10 Bestselling Business Books of the Decade, Downunder 2000+ (Your Mortgage, Your Money, and Your Investment Property, which all have subtitles longer than my arm and a string of other books in that series), but I've never been "CEO" of anything unless you count being boss of my own muses, and even then, I'm usually the one who's bound, gagged and chained to a keyboard with a gun to my head.

Then again; aren't we all?

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Killer Smile is filming in Australia. The author will share behind the scenes footage and photos taken of the cast and some other shots so far.

WINNER 2011                

  Author of 3 of the Top 10 Bestselling
Business Books of the Decade (2000+)




First author to win the International CrimeStoppers Award
for a Children's Crime Series (2002):


  1. Wow, love your blogging style! Short, sharp and shameless... tiz so refreshing to read a writer who stays true to her own voice. Power on Tina. May your own work Traverse the universe!

    p.s. love your pen-name too obviously, coz the best mine can do is "ring a bell"... sigh.

    Not biased at all, despite today's topic ;)

    1. Hi Anita! Thank you so much for your inspiring and kind words. You have lifted my spirits greatly! It has been an honour to host an person and author of your talent and calibre on my little ol blog. I am humbled by your response. I love your pen name as well. Tina Power Traverse is also my real name. Thank you. I am so delighted that you enjoyed my post! Best of luck with the Killer Smile movie!


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