Thursday, 31 October 2013

Let There Be Blood Last Post!


When the first light of dawn cracked through the curtains, Aaron kissed Martina lightly on her shoulder and slipped out of her bed to shower in his room.
Last night as Martina lay wrapped up in his arms, snoring softly, Aaron couldn’t help but reflect on his life.
This was a true moment of clarity, where his mind for once was not clouded by lustful revenge. Revenge that he took out on three innocent people. Aaron couldn’t blame anyone else for his evil deeds, but he hadn’t done his deeds alone. He had a partner, a silent partner, who lusted for revenge as deeply as did. It wasn’t Katrina.
Aaron had been fighting the lust for revenge since that horrific week two years ago. He’d been winning, until the dreams of his parent’s deaths began haunting him again.

Aaron knew that he’d to seek vengeance but it would take cunning and detailed planning. This is where his silent partner came in, offering her assistance with the planning and execution if Aaron agreed to combine their missions.
Both their plans have been going off smoothly. Deep down, when he allowed his mind to wander back to his old life, Aaron knew he couldn’t keep up the soul-sucking revenge forever. He needed to face his demons. The only way was to deal with the incident that changed his life.

Let There Be Blood had become a roaring success, with fans numbering the millions globally by the end of its sixth season. Aaron and Avery were at the top of their game, each boasting a fan base in the hundreds of thousands. Aaron had been featured on dozens of magazine covers. He’d scored an Oscar nod in the global blockbuster of the previous summer.  That night, he was on top of the world.

He’d just come back from a staff Halloween party that his cast mates hosted in aid for a children’s charity. It had been a blast, with a hundred children and their parents and siblings. All played games, danced, and ate many Halloween treats. Aaron was in a good mood, but he was anxious to get home and pull off his Lance Peterson character clothes and fangs.
Unexpectedly, a small group of four men came out of the shadows and confronted him. He recognized them right away. They were the bullies that taunted him and made high school a living hell.

“Well, look at the lard-ass in his makeup, slicked-back do, and cheap-ass monster fangs. You may be Mr. Hollywood, but you’re still that pathetic, lard-ass nerd.”

“Though you have to admit, Daniel, that whale that he used to hang around with certainly has grown up to be a grade A MILF. Tell me, Brooks, did you fuck that bitch yet?”

Aaron refused to respond and walked towards his house.

“Hey, motherfucker, where do you think you’re going?”
The actor held his head high and chose to remain silent. He continued up the path and was about to unlock his front door. Then Aaron felt a blinding sting before he met the darkness.

When Aaron awoke, he found himself cold and unable to move. He tried, but met resistance.

“Go ahead and struggle, loser, you’re not going to get free.”

“Free? Where am I?” Aaron rasped. A fog of blinding pain radiated from every part of his body.

“Take a good, hard look,” said an unfamiliar voice.
The actor realized with growing horror that he hung from a leaking ceiling, naked and bleeding.

“Who are you? Why are y you doing this to me?”

“You’re an idiot, Brooks. Your head is so far up your lard-ass that you can’t see that you’re in the basement of our old school. You’re being held by five old friends that are seeking payback.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Let me refresh your memory, Mr. Hollywood.
Aaron stared at his kidnapper through his swollen eyes. Through his limited vision, he managed to recognize the one who was taunting him. He was dressed in a tight fitting t-shirt and jeans complete with hiking boots, and everything else about him screamed military. His ramrod straight posture, stern drill sergeant expression, and bulging muscles couldn’t hide the familiar face.

“Daniel Richards.”
Daniel drew himself closer to Aaron, so close that there was barely a breath between them.

“That’s Lieutenant Commander Richards, to you, you pussy-stealing scumbag!”

The prisoner felt the heat of the Lieutenant Commander’s rancid breath.

“W-what did I do?”  In response, Daniel punched Aaron in the stomach so hard that it knocked the wind out of him. Aaron swore he heard his ribs break.

Daniel paused as he marched around the room.  “April of last year, the cast mates and crew of that two-bit disgrace you call a show held a surprise birthday party for you at the Four Seasons hotel in New York. Do you remember?”

“I…” Aaron rasped, “I remember.”

 “During the party, you consumed several glasses of champagne and mingled among your guests. As usual, many women and some men hung all over you like a cheap suit.”

“Argh! I know.” The prisoner winced with blinding pain. “It’s the price of fame.”

“You fuck anything that swoons over you.”

“That’s a common…” Aaron paused as the pain that came with each breath, stole it away. “Myth. I don’t fuck everyone that pants over me. I have moral standards.” Daniel responded with a hard slap across Aaron’s face.

“If you had moral standards, you bastard, then why did you take home one of the waitresses at the party and fuck her?”

Daniel let the statement hang in the air. He watched the actor struggle to remember.

“Yes, okay, I admit, in a moment of weakness I became very friendly throughout the evening with one of the waitresses at my party. We flirted throughout the evening and we clicked instantly.”

“May I ask why you picked that particular waitress?”

“I found her very attractive, easygoing and very sweet, so I asked her back to my hotel room to join me in a birthday nightcap.” Aaron paused to take a breath.

“What happened after you took her back to your motel room?”

“Seriously? You can’t be asking me that. You know what happened. It’s the whole reason I’m here!”

“Indulge me, you prick. I want a briefing, and you’re going to give me one.”

 “We had a few drinks and a lovely conversation and before I knew it, she kissed me. I kissed her back. We became lost in one another and made love. It was a wonderful experience for me. The following morning I asked her if she would like to go out to dinner with me, but she turned me down.”

“Did she say why she turned you down?”

“Yes, she said that while it was an amazing experience, there could be no future for us. She just needed for one night to experience a caring man’s arms around her, making her feel like a woman again.”

“Did this waitress say anything else, or did she just leave your lard-ass behind?”

  “No, she said it was time for her to get back to reality. That’s the last I saw of her.”

Daniel paused his interrogation to once again punch him in the gut.

“I guess she was just another notch on your bed post.”

“No, on the contrary. I didn’t want our time together to be so brief. I wanted to know more about her. I tried to contact her, but she refused to respond to any of my messages. After a friend told me to let her go, I stopped.”

“Stopped to move on to more pussy. Tell me, Brooks, did you ever bother to know her name?”

“Of course, otherwise, how did I contact her?”

“What was her name?”

“What does it matter to you?”

“Tell me what her name was!” Daniel yelled into Aaron’s face.

“Cecilia! Cecilia Richards.”

“Is that all you can say after fucking my wife? Do you know what even happened after your one-night stand?”

“No. I told you that she didn’t respond to any of my efforts to contact her.”

“I suspected that something was up when I returned from my tour in the Baltic Sea. I expected a warm reception from my wife after being gone for six months. She was cold and distant. I don’t like long silences and flippant attitudes from anyone, so I browbeat her into telling me the truth.”

Aaron watched as his tormentor fell silent and closed his eyes. “It was then she told me that she’d had a one night stand six weeks prior, and that she was pregnant.”
Alarm coursed through Aaron like a lightning bolt. He was a father. So many questions sped through his mind. Why didn’t she tell him? Was his child a boy or a girl? What was the baby’s name? Where were the baby and Cecilia?

“I see by the look on your smug face that you had no idea that my wife was pregnant with your baby. Not that you’d have cared. Manwhores like you are only in it for the easy lay! To hell with the consequences!”

“Where is the baby?”

“Why in the fuck do you care?”

“I do care. If she had come to me, I’d have helped her and the child. After all, he or she is a part of me.”

“Well, if I did, by some miracle, believe what you were saying, it makes no point. Both my slut of a wife and her bastard child are dead.”


“Yes, they are dead. After I beat her for betraying me, she ran out of the house and got hit by a car. They both died on impact. Do you want to know why I beat the bitch? I beat her 7because after trying for ten years to get pregnant with nothing but failure and heartbreak, she picks up some stud at a party and let him bang her without protection so she could get knocked up.”

“I had no idea.”

“That may be, Mr. Hollywood, but that doesn’t take away the sting of her betrayal. You did in one night what I couldn’t do in a decade! I’m a military hero, loved and respected by my peers, charges and the brass. I’m the living embodiment of what a red-blooded American man is supposed to be, and I couldn’t get my wife pregnant.”

Daniel paused and appeared to be composing himself before he blasted Aaron with more barely-contained rage.

“Do you hear what I’m saying, Brooks? I said that I couldn’t knock up my wife, but an insignificant actor who used to be a ten-ton lard-ass with a limp puny dick, did. Do you know how that makes me feel?”

Aaron only shook his head.

“I loathe you, Brooks, and you’re going to pay for what you’ve done. My friends and I are going to make sure of it.” Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, three other men came out of the shadows and stood before him. He knew everyone. “Brian Saunders, Steve Logan and Kieran Mulligan. Goodie, a bully reunion. Just like old times.”

He stared at the mob before him, Four angry men with rage deep their souls and murder on their minds stared down their captive. His naked body was bruised and bleeding. He dangled from the ceiling like a prize deer they were going to gut.

“This is going to be nothing like old times, Brooks, because back in high school we were easy on you. Now, you’re going to feel real pain.”

 “Now, if you are a good boy, we will let you down so we can play. First, I’m going to let my colleagues have a go at you. Go ahead, sailors; it’s an old-fashioned beat down with the dangling princess.”

Aaron swallowed his fear and bit back the pain. Each man took turns punching, kicking and strangling him with their bare hands. They beat him until he passed out.

When he woke up, he found himself untied from the ceiling and on a mattress on the floor. His body was broken and swollen but for now, he was mercifully numb. “Well, look who’s up and ready to join us in the real world. Ready for another lesson, Brooks?”

“Go to hell, Richards.”

“I’d be careful of your threats, lard-ass, because we’re not done playing with you yet. There’s nothing you can do to stop us.”

“Lieutenant, may we ask what you’ve in store next for our prisoner?” Kieran Mulligan questioned in his thick Irish accent.

“Go and get our special guest and get the others in here. It’s time to have some real fun.”

When he saw who this special guest was, his blood ran cold. Brian Saunders and Steve Matthews, who easily towered over their newest captive by a foot, dragged her in by her bare heels. Her hands were bound behind her back with rope. She’d been gagged with what looked like a mouth full of condoms, secured with clear tape.

The woman’s shirt was torn open, leaving her breasts exposed. She wore nothing else but a pair of panties. They dumped the new captive in front of him on her knees. She looked at him, her deep blue eyes filled with horror.

“I believe you know this slut?”

“Let her go! She has nothing to do with this!”

“On the contrary, she has everything to do with it. Don’t you want your best friend and whore here with you to keep you company and watch while we play with you? Hell, if she plays nice, she can join in and become our plaything as well!”

“No! You let Martina go now!”

“Nope, we’re going to keep her. Besides, she looks like she’ll be fun.” Daniel slipped his gun into her underwear and caressed her sensitive flesh with the barrel.

“Mmm, you like that, don’t you whore? The slick, cold surface feels good against your pussy, doesn’t it? But if you hang on just a tiny bit, you can have five hard cocks up your pussy making you feel good, okay baby?”

Aaron watched as his best friend struggled against her restraints.  When she managed to elbow him in the groin, Daniel grabbed her by the hair and held her tightly against his crotch.

Daniel pushed the gun into her. “Do that again, slut, and I’ll make sure you have no pussy for any man to fuck. Trust me, bitch, you don’t know what it feels like to have a bullet up your cunt!”
Daniel whipped his gun out of her sex and carelessly threw her at him.

“Catch, Mr. Hollywood!”
Martina, like him, had lost weight since high school and now was slight, but her weight still knocked him down with a thud. She couldn’t speak and she couldn’t touch him, but she snuggled into him. He felt her tears on his neck. Aaron wrapped his arms around her waist and held her to him, feeling the warmth of her body on his skin.

“Shh Marty,” he soothed.  “Please don’t cry, my love. I promise we will find a way out of this. I’m just so sorry you were caught up in my mess. I love you so much.” She drew her body closer to him, pressing her chest into his as if she wanted to connect their hearts.

“Aww, isn’t this a lovely reunion? I knew you had the hots for this one, and she turned out to be quite the supermodel. We will have fun with her later, but for now, you’re up first.”

Daniel had Kieran and Steve drag him towards a chair. Aaron fought with whatever strength he had left but Kieran and Steve quickly overpowered him, strapping his chest, legs and arms to the chair. Kieran gripped Aaron’s jaw and forced it open while Daniel poured ice cold water down his throat, choking Aaron.
Aaron gasped for air, desperate to breathe as his captors unmercifully kept pouring water down his throat.
“Stop! That’s enough. Now tell me, how does it feel to have your breath took from you?”

“G-go t to hell!”

“Tsk, tsk. Haven’t you heard, Mr. Hollywood, that rage causes premature wrinkles? So I’d calm down if you don’t want to ruin your pretty boy looks.”
Daniel circled Aaron twice before stopping and leaning in close to him.

“You know what sickens me, Brooks? No matter how much weight you lost or how much plastic surgery you had, you’re still an ugly son of bitch, but you believe otherwise. You refuse to believe the truth. So, I’m going to do everything I can to help you.”
Daniel caressed Aaron’s face before squeezing his jaw and applying a stun gun to his chest. A thousand electric bolts of pain seized Aaron’s body. Aaron’s body jerked until he saw black.

 He was jarred awake with the feeling of wet, bitter cold.
“Wakey, wakey, lard ass, or you’re going to miss the show.”
Aaron stared up at Brian who unstrapped him from the chair and pushed him onto a mattress next to Martina. His heart ached to see his best friend looking so helpless. She lay on her side, hogtied and unable to move. Aaron was eager to touch Martina, but Brian had handcuffed his hands behind his back.
“Martina, I’m still here with you, hang onto that, okay?”

She nodded her understanding before Steve untied Martina’s legs and ripped her off the floor.

“Come on princess, time to make that pussy purr.”

Aaron turned away, unable to watch what was going to come next, but Daniel forced his face to the front.
“Now watch! Consider it free porn. Something tells me that your little nerd can fuck like a porn star.”
Aaron watched as Daniel and his team reached for her, but before any of them could rip her shirt off, Daniel stopped them.
“No, I have a better idea. Let our fairy fuck undress his mistress, and let him fuck her first.”

“Boss that’s an excellent idea.”

They dragged her to her knees in front of Aaron. “Go ahead, Brooks, take off her clothes, and then have your way with her,” Daniel commanded.

“No, I won’t rape her!”

“You won’t be raping her, dummy. She is a very willing partner, aren’t you, sweetheart?”

Martina nodded her head in agreement, making Aaron even more helpless.

“See? Now do it!”
Steve un-cuffed Aaron and he pulled the novelist closer to him. “I’m so sorry, Marty, please forgive me,” he whispered. He gently slid her blouse off her shoulders and pushed her panties off her legs. He reached up to remove the tape and gag, when Daniel hit his fingers hard with a nightstick.

“Jesus!” he yelled, he rubbed his throbbing fingers. “Please, let me remove her gag, I want to kiss her.”

“You can fuck her without kissing her.”

“No, I can’t. I don’t know how you bastards fuck, but I can’t get a hard on and fuck a woman without us kissing.”

“Sorry, dick, no can do. You’ve to find another way to get a boner.”
Aaron sighed at losing his chance to give a tiny speck of comfort to his friend.  He had no other choice but to do this. He pulled her tight and whispered in her ear. Before he could say anything to Martina, Brian Saunders interrupted with an idea, giving them that speck of comfort after all.

“Hey Lieutenant, how about we untie the bitch’s hands instead? That way lard-ass can get a boner.”

“I don’t know, Sailor, I don’t want to do them any favours.”

“I understand, sir, but it would make the play more tantalizing.”

“Okay, Kieran, untie the bitch.”
Once her hands were free, Aaron pulled Martina into his arms and whispered, “Listen to me very carefully. I know this is very terrifying for you, and very degrading to have to have sex with me, especially with these monsters watching.”
He rubbed her wrists and kissed her neck. “Nevertheless, please, will you do me a favour? Pretend that you and I are all alone and we’re at our favourite place, that private little meadow inside of Central Park that we used to go to every Saturday and talk.”

Aaron caressed her face and pushed her hair out of her eyes, kissing her on the forehead.

 “Did you find me attractive, I mean before the beatings? Like I was on the show and in those magazines?”

Martina’s gaze never left Aaron’s. She reached up and caressed his face, and nodded in agreement.

“Good, because you’re beautiful. So, close your eyes and picture us in our special place, as we were before we were kidnapped and beaten, making love under the moonlight. I promise I’ll be gentle. Can you do this for me?”

Martina reached out and grasped his hands. She placed his right hand on her left breast, and his left hand near the apex of her thighs. A low moan vibrated between Aaron’s lips as removed his hands to pull his friend onto his lap. Aaron found it strange not to be able to kiss Martina on the mouth, but adjusted by raining soft kisses on her still-closed eyelids and face. He caressed her tangled, dirty auburn hair. His lips found and caressed every inch of her silken flesh, suckling her nipples.
Aaron felt Martina relax under his touch. Aaron knew by her body language that she transported herself, as he did, to that meadow and was enjoying the experience of their lovemaking. She used her hands in kind, as she was not able to use her mouth to pleasure him as well. When he felt her frustrations wash over him, he calmed her by telling her to pleasure him with her fingertips, because that’s all he needed.

This worked for a moment. Then they heard Daniel growl, “Oh come on you pussy, fuck her already. We want to see animalistic fucking, not a Sunday School play. Do it, or we’ll show you how it’s done.” She tensed and began to pull away.
Aaron ignored Daniel’s aggression and guided his lover back to their peaceful fantasy. “That’s it, my love, and concentrate on me, only me.”

Aaron pushed his fingers into her slick entry and thrust in and out gently. A muffled moan vibrated from behind Martina’s gag. The more he thrust, the more she became wet.  Sensing their captors’ impatience, he thrust his arousal deep inside of her instead. Another muffled moan told him he was on the right track. Martina arched her back, wrapped her legs around Aaron’s waist, and caressed his face. Martina’s eyes never left her lover’s. Her hand continued down his entire length, tracing the fine lines of his sculpted form with her fingertips. 
Aaron increased his momentum and when he felt the beginning of pleasurable desire mounting; he flipped her over onto her stomach and pushed her onto her legs. Aaron wished that he were alone with Martina, so he could savour the sight of her firm, plump behind, and caress her smooth skin before he thrust his length into her depths. However, he didn’t have that luxury. 

His thrusts were less urgent. He wanted her to feel the full impact of their coupling. Aaron found her g-spot and grabbed onto it, thrusting faster and faster, until their orgasms tore through them like a lightning bolt. Her heat spasmed all around him and her screams vibrated from behind her gag.
Aaron wanted to savour the moment, but all too cruelly, Daniel tore her away from him and pushed her onto the floor. “It’s about time. You fuck like a girl, lard-ass. Now, come here, baby, and let us show you how a man fucks. We’re going to make the eyes roll back in your head.”

“Just in case you’re thinking of saving her or doing something foolish like that, we’re going to cuff you to this beam, lover boy.” Daniel sauntered over to the group.

Daniel had already had her on her knees and had slammed his arousal into her tiny orifice. He thrust violently, his grip tight around her hair, the other meaty hand firmly on her hip to keep her from shifting on the floor.
While he was pounding against her pelvis, Brian was underneath her, forcing her to ride him as he slammed his cock deep inside of her. Meanwhile, Steve and Kieran watched, anxious for their turn.
It was too much for Aaron to watch, but he forced himself to bear witness. If they got out of here, Daniel and his band of depraved bastards were going to pay. She may not have been able to speak, but fat tears flowed down her red cheeks as they continued to violate her.

When Daniel and Brian were done, Steve and Kieran took their places. “Can I remove her gag, boss? I want that little mouth on my Johnson. I want her to blow me while I fuck her mouth,” Kieran asked.

“No, I want the bitch quiet. You’ll have to find another way of getting your rocks off. Do what I did. Her ass is nice and wide now.” Daniel wiped the mixture of blood and juices of his flaccid member and got dressed.
Kieran didn’t enter her ass right away; he plunged three fingers into her and pumped them in and out.

“Wow, you’re a slut. You’re ripe and ready for my Johnson, aren’t you?”
With those words, Kieran unmercifully slammed his extra-large member into her tender and broken anus. He wildly pounded and grinded his pelvis against her until he pulled out and showered her back and hair with his juices.

“Ahh, now that’s the stuff, lass! You’re one good fuck. Steve, how are you coming along?”

Steve gave his thumbs up as his continued to assault Martina’s pussy, his languid tongue stopping whenever she came close to orgasm and then starting again. He tortured her by denying her relief over and over again. Finally, when she reached her peak one more time, he bit down on her inner folds hard, drawing blood. As he peaked from his masturbation, he sprayed the hot seed into her bleeding wound.

She howled behind her gag, nearly choking herself. Aaron struggled against his restraints.

“You sick motherfucker, why did you do that?”

“Calm down, lard-ass, we’re done playing with the two of you for tonight. Don’t worry; we have more in store for you tomorrow,” Daniel threatened. “Steve, take that that tape off and those French safes out of her mouth. The whore has earned her breath back.”

Unceremoniously, Steve ripped the tape off her face and pulled the bundle of condoms from her throat. He dropped her to the ground.
Brian let Aaron out of his handcuffs. “There you go, lard-ass, go to your whore. We’ll leave you alone. See you in the morning.”

“By the way,” Brian continued, “the boss left you and the slut some food and water. There is a bathroom down the hall with a shower and some towels, so you guys can pretty up for the next round.” Letting loose a cackle, Brian followed behind his friends and slammed the door behind them.

Martina coughed and gasped for breath, her vision blurry with her tears of humiliation and agony. When she saw Aaron, she fell into his arms and wept. Aaron had once again gone numb, but he knew that Martina was in too much agony to move. “I know you can’t walk, but we need to get to the bathroom to clean up and mend what we can. I need to stop your bleeding.”

“What about you, Aaron?” she whispered, her throat too raw to speak.

“I’ll be okay. Let’s clean up and see if there is a first aid kit. I think I might have some broken ribs, so I won’t be able to carry you.”

Slowly and carefully, Aaron and Martina helped each other to their feet and they limped to the bathroom. Inside the tiny room, there was a toilet, a small shower, and a sink. To their relief, there was also a first aid kit with bandages, antibiotic cream, and scissors.

“It’s not much, but better than nothing. I guess the janitor doesn’t keep an eye on the supply. Come on, let’s shower first.”

Aaron helped Martina into the shower and stepped in behind her. “I hope you don’t mind, but I think we need to be in here together to help each other out. I hope you’re not shy.”
Aaron’s attempt at humour put a smile on his friend’s badly bruised and lacerated face. As the warm water fell upon their broken flesh, it felt soothing.

“You know I had fantasies about showering with you. I just wish it was under better circumstances.”  Martina turned around to face Aaron and gave him a warm smile before pressing her lips to his.

“Mmm, so that’s what it’s like to kiss you. I love it, Aaron. Thank you for making me forget that I was in hell as you were making love to me. I never felt so loved, or so much joy.”

“I love you, Martina and I’d do anything, give anything if you were not dragged into this. I’d never hurt you, no matter what they say or do.”

“I know Aaron, I trust you.”

“I’m so sorry for not stopping them.”

Martina caressed Aaron’s face, stroking his features lovingly. “It’s not your fault. Daniel told me the reason why they kidnapped me.”

 “If I’d never slept with his wife, neither one of us would be in this nightmare.”

 “You didn’t know she was married. Far as you knew, she was a beautiful single woman who needed the comfort of your caring and gentle arms. In truth, can’t say that I blame her. I would have jumped into bed with you too.” 

“At least you’d have a bed to fall into.”

“Well, they’re gone now; and I know it’s not ideal, but you can hold me while we sleep. Later, when we make it out of here, take me to your place and make love to me all night.”

“That would be beautiful. Something to hang on to until this is over and we make it out of this alive.”

Aaron pressed his lips to hers and held her tight.

“I missed you so much, Aaron, I always regretted not staying in touch after college, but…”

“I know, and I’m to blame. I just became so distraught from the senseless murder of my parents that I became lost in myself. It took my love for acting for me to find myself again.”

“We’re together now, and in this moment, that’s all that matters.”

Martina cuddled up closer to Aaron as he pulled an old blanket over their naked bodies. Before Martina drifted off to sleep, she murmured, “Oh by the way, Aaron?”
“Yes, my love?”

“I know that you’re in love with me, today proved that, but I want you to know that I’m in love with you too.”

 Lost and Found
Too soon the harsh daylight burst into the room, bringing the beasts with it, thirsty for more vengeance.
“Well, well, look what the headlines of this rag is trumpeting this morning!” Daniel announced as he threw a paper on the floor where Aaron’s head lay. Wiping the sleep from eyes, Aaron stared down at the headlines of the Los Angeles Gazette.

Aaron Brooks, star of the highly successful vampire drama, Let There Be Blood and adored YA author, Martina Murphy, were reported missing last evening.
Aaron Brooks, 30, was reported missing by James Bishop, Executive Producer of the popular PT network show, when Mr. Brooks did not report to an early morning cast meeting and all attempts to locate the actor failed.
Martina Murphy, 30, was also reported missing by her roommate when Ms. Murphy did not return from a date the night before.
The investigators state that Brooks was last seen by attendee of the charity Halloween party of the Let There Be Blood cast members held at the Shield Foster hotel last evening.
Murphy was last seen exiting the Bella Donna restaurant at approximately 11pm with a gentlemen a witness described as a tall, muscular man wearing a t-shirt, jeans and hiking boots.
A sketch composite of a familiar face was printed, alongside a line asking anyone who knew the man to contact the police to answer some questions.

“You kidnapped her from the restaurant? How fucking bold are you?”

“No, you dumbass, I was on a date with her.”

“Martina, is this true?”
Martina hung her head with shame. “Yes, it’s true. Daniel is a neighbour with my editor, and she thought that he would be my perfect match and set us up on a blind date. I recognized him as soon as the hostess brought me to our table.”

“You didn’t exactly run when you recognized me, babe. Apparently you’ve weren’t as bothered by the things I used to do to you in high school as you said. I think you rather liked it.”

“No, I was terrified of you. Seeing you again brought back all those horrible memories of being bullied by you and your gang.”

“Then why didn’t you turn tail and run?”

“I didn’t run because I went against my better judgment and stayed to give you the benefit of the doubt. After all it had been 13 years since we graduated high school, and you were now an adult and mature. I never dreamed you’d do this.”

Daniel caressed Martina’s cheek and ran his fingers through her tangled hair. “I told you that this was nothing personal. I got out all my aggressions towards you in high school. You are just a torture tool for my true target.”

“Then she has served her purpose. I’m suffering. Please let her go home.”

Daniel responded by giving Aaron a quick kick to the gut. “That’s where you’re wrong. We’re far from done.”

Aaron couldn’t imagine what Daniel had in store for him next. Daniel instructed Brian and Steve to hold the weakened actor in place. “We’re going to play a game of die or not to die.”

Pulling a gun out of his side hostler, Daniel set to work by placing a bullet in the chamber and pressing the barrel to his chest. “You see, Brooks, I’m a gambling man. I get my thrills by running with the risks. Living life to its fullest by fucking with the grim reaper. Today is your lucky day, because it’s your turn to fuck with the bastard.”

Aaron’s heart raced . With each click of the chamber, he could die. Three agonizing clicks later, Aaron closed his eyes as he braced for death. But then he heard a chorus of laughter.

“Open your eyes, you pussy, I’m not going to kill you yet.”

Aaron took a deep breath. Feeling weak with relief, Aaron almost fell to his knees but Brian and Steve caught him. “Would ya look at that, boss? The morning’s just begun, but already the pussy’s falling down!” Kieran held Martina tight to him, his left hand over her mouth, while the right fondled her breasts.

“Try to hang in there, Brooks. You’ll sleep plenty when we’re done.” Daniel didn’t waste any time with his torture and assaults on Aaron while Martina watched helplessly. They beat Aaron, cut him with knives, and poured ice cold water over him as he hung from the ceiling.

For seven days, Daniel and his men took pleasure in the variety of ways they made Aaron and Martina suffer. Though whipping and beating seemed to be their preferred method, great enjoyment was derived from sleep deprivation, denying them food and water, and standing for long periods of time with their arms handcuffed to a beam. Daniel even covered Aaron’s face with a pair of Daniel’s dead wife’s underwear as he stood, helpless.

As brutal as all the tortures were, Daniel saved the best for last.

“You’ll be happy to note that today is the last day you see us. We’re done here. So, in celebration of our departure, we saved the best for last.”
 Aaron was so weak form his ordeal that he couldn’t protest as Kieran and Brian threw him in a dark room and locked the door. The darkness was strangely peaceful after the endless time spent suffering, so Aaron closed his eyes and willed himself to sleep. Sleep wouldn’t come, however, because no matter how exhausted his body was, his mind was with Martina, who would face unknown horrors outside his door. He attempted to move his bound limbs in attempt to escape, but they were useless, instead Aaron slumped to the floor, defeated.

Outside he heard the muffled sounds of something being dragged across the floor, followed by Martina’s horrific screams.  They echoed in his ears forever.

Daniel and his gang left the two them behind and near death. It was by the grace of a higher power that Aaron and Martina were found and hospitalized.
However, while Martina’s memory of their ordeal was wiped clean by the trauma, Aaron was forced to live the nightmare. It was only Avery who knew the truth about what happened. He fended off the press eased him back into the show.
He continued to try to contact Martina, but she’d left town. He was glad. That night had left him with a monster inside. He longed to make someone else go through what he’d suffered. It seemed like the only way to make the nightmare go away. Sometimes, it receded, and he realised what he was doing to his loved ones. Still, he couldn’t let go.

The monster was just too strong.

Katrina’s Banishment
Martina’s reoccurring nightmare of four men with bulging muscles and lust burning in their dark eyes always made her wake up in a cold sweat.
Each night, the surroundings in her dreams was clear. It was the basement of her old high school, the place of many torturous humiliations for her and Aaron. The faces of her rapists were clear as well. They were the same four bullies that committed those acts, but the face of the other victim that remained blurry. Tonight, however, after falling into a peaceful sleep in her husband’s arms, the images of her nightmare became clear. It was Aaron after all.

Her husband had always made sacrifices for her, proving continuously how much he loved her. How had he become such a monster?

Avery was dressing for bed, Martina’s image still burned in his subconscious from the week prior. The taste of her sweetness still lingered on his tongue. He couldn’t get her out of his mind, and longed to finish what he started.
He slipped under the covers, and thought about her. Avery slid his hand underneath the silk barrier of his boxers and stroked his cock. Her image played in his mind.

Her long auburn waves cascaded down her back, stopping just short of her firm ass; deep blue pools filled with ecstasy as his tongue danced inside her slick lips. He imagined her long lean legs lying across his shoulders, her velvet skin quivering beneath his fingers. He longed to press his lips to her lush red mouth and capture her cry of release.
The electric sensations began to build, and he could feel the pressure of sweet release just moments away when he felt a slight tug on his cockhead. The actor’s eyes snapped open to find his member inside Aaron’s mouth.
“Aaron, stop!” Avery ordered.

His captor didn’t obey. Instead, Aaron continued to use his tongue to tease Avery’s shaft, his mouth descending over his rod.
Avery’s head fell back, he groaned, and his eyes fluttered closed.
“Aaron…Jesus, oh…”
Avery lost track of what he was trying to say and rubbed his friend’s shoulders. He tried to stay still, but his hips flexed on their own accord along with Aaron’s movements.  Another groan escaped his lips as he felt himself building again.

“Aaron…Fuck! I’m going…” Avery tangled his fingers in Aaron’s hair and pulled him closer, daring Aaron to accept his seed. He pushed Aaron’s head away with a surge of willpower. “I’ll not fuck you again, Aaron. What happened here means nothing.”
“Certainly sounded and felt like something, Avery. That wasn’t air I licked off my face.”

“Stop being condescending, you jerkoff. I just don’t want that blow job to turn into a repeat of that night on your veranda.”

“You feel no need to return the favour?”

No, now please, leave.”

“You may not want to fuck me again, my friend, but you want to fuck my wife until she screams. It was her image you were jacking off to.”

“How could you know that, Aaron?”

“I’m not stupid, I felt the lust coming off you when you saw me tongue fucking Martina. With that being said, I’m here to tell you, that you and I have a new toy.”

“A new toy?”

“Yes, you see, Katrina is now off limits. My darling daughter’s pussy has now been declared a no-fuck zone. Therefore, that leaves my stunning wife to play with. What do you say? You want the first round?”
Avery was appalled at what he was hearing. He could fully admit that he’d fantasies of making love to Martina, but he didn’t want to use her as a shared human sex toy.

“Aaron, I don’t know how you can offer me such a thing. You’re offering up your beautiful wife as a sex toy for us to share? That’s immoral, and I’m having no part of it.”

“That’s what you said before Katrina slid her juicy cunt down your cock and rode it until you spilled your seed in her young womb. As you remember, you enjoyed that quite well. Just think how it will feel to have a woman with real experience to fuck.”

Disgusted, Avery avoided eye contact and pointed to the door. “Get out, Aaron! I’ll no longer be forced to play in your sadistic game. I may be forced to stay here, but you can’t make me do such vile things.”
Aaron gave Avery a long, slow smile. “Very well, Avery. I’ll no longer force you to do what you don’t want to do. In fact, I was thinking of letting you go first thing in the morning; provided you keep your mouth shut.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Believe what you want, but if you not willing to play my game, you’re no longer any use to me. Katrina is no longer any use to me. So, I decided to let the both of you go, and my wife and I’ll go on living here.”
Avery stared at his captor, skeptical. “You’re telling me, that after all this time, all the torture you’ve put us through, you’re just going to let me and Katrina go?”

“If you keep your mouths shut, yes.”


“Think about it for tonight, have a nice peaceful sleep. By the time the sun streams through that window, you will be able to leave this room. Good night, lover.”

When Aaron closed the door behind him, he left Avery sitting on the bed feeling dazed and confused. This was strange turn of events. The promise of freedom was too good to be true.

Aaron had been patient with his captives, allowing them freedoms beyond they deserved. Now that Avery took a stand, Aaron had found himself in a position to do something he didn’t want to do. He would have to trick Avery and Martina. First, he’d to get rid of Katrina. It was time to tell her the truth and introduce her to reality.
“Lance, please! Don’t make me go, I don’t want to leave!” Katrina begged.

She was on her knees. Aaron bent down and pulled her into his lap.

“Kitten, I don’t mean to send you away, but you need to go to a special home now. I’m going to bring you personally in the morning, and you’re going to get all the care you need.”

“Lance, you said that you were going to turn me into a vampire and you said that I could stay with you forever and…” Katrina rambled and snuggled into his neck.

Aaron stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. “Kitten, listen to me. I can’t turn you into a vampire because I don’t have the power to do so. I’m not a vampire.”

Katrina pulled away from him and stared at him confused. “Yes you are, Lance.”

“Kitten…Katrina, my name is not Lance, it’s Aaron. I’m your father because I adopted you, but I’m not a vampire, I’m human.

“Yes, you are! I’ve seen you on TV when you were in transition, and when you drank that girl’s blood and changed. I’ve seen you feed on humans for years now, how could you lie and say that you’re not a vampire?” She cried into her hands, hiding her tears.

Aaron reached up and pulled her hands away from her face. “Katrina, you’re suffering from delusions, but none of it’s real, it’s just a show. We’re all actors playing parts.”

“I don’t understand. I’m so confused.”

“That’s why I’m bringing you to a special place that will help you so you will stop being confused.”

“Does Mom know that I’m going?”

“Yes, and I’m going to get her, so the three of us can have a special night to spend as a family.”

“I’m going to miss you.”

“Your mother and I’ll miss you, too, Kitten. Now, please go and get your mother.”

Once Katrina was out of the room, Aaron picked up his phone and dialed.

“It’s done. Now we can move on to plan B.”

 The woman closed her cell phone, smiled and tenderly touched the likeness of her favorite actor, her love, Aaron. “It now begins, my love. I will carry out your instructions to the letter and then, we can be together forever.”
Once all obstacles were out of the way and she had done her part, Aaron promised her a lifetime of happiness. A glamorous life of parties, luxury and prestige. A life far from mundane life she led and the tiny dark room she lived in. Taking a quick look at her watch, she grabbed her car keys and rushed out the door, there was much left to do.

With each breath his tried to take, something cold paralysed his vocal chords. He waved his arms around, kicked his legs, and tried to get free, but found that he couldn’t move. Then hot, burning pain made his eyes snap open.
Avery looked around and saw nothing but darkness. He tried to move again, but met resistance. Another icy splash pierced his skin.

“Ahh, Fuck!” he yelled. His scream echoed in the empty room. Avery swallowed. His throat felt raw, and his mouth felt like it was filled with cotton. He laid his throbbing head against something cold and hard.

“Oh no, the fucker got me tied up in that fucking cell, again!” Avery cursed aloud to himself.
The actor closed his eyes in despair, all hope of his promised freedom shattered. Suddenly, a bright, blinding light penetrated his eyelids, making bolts of pain slam into his brain. On reflex, Avery raised his hand to shield his eyes from the blinding light, but he couldn’t. They refused to move.

“I see that Sleeping Beauty has finally awoken. Tell me, lover, how do you like your new accommodations?”

As his eyesight painfully adjusted to the brightness, Avery’s saw slime-covered brick walls. His legs and arms were tied to a grey, mold infested floor. As he painfully raised his head, he saw the starless night sky shrouded in fog.
“Where am I?”

“You said you wanted to breathe the fresh air and once again smell the intoxicating scent of the outdoors. So, I drugged you, carried you out to the backyard, and dropped you into a well.”

“You have me tied up in a well? Why? What happened to your promise of freedom?”

“I still kept my promise.”

“You didn’t, you bastard! You drugged me and threw me down a well and restrained me!”

“No. As you recall, I said that as soon as the light streams through the window, you will be able to leave the room. As you can see, you’re no longer in your room.”

“You’re a fucking demon! You’re demented! Once I find my way out of here, you’re dead!” Avery struggled against his restraints to lunge at Aaron. Another shower of freezing water cut through his skin.

“I’ll be careful with your attempts to break out of your restraints, lover, because every time you struggle, the more you’re going to get showered with freezing water from the underground pipe over your head. Though that’s not the only surprise I have in store.”

“I’m afraid to ask.”

“Look down, Avery, and see the fun accessory to your au natural wardrobe.”

Avery followed Aaron’s gaze and saw a leather collar fastened to his neck.

“It’s a leather collar, so what’s the big deal?”

“This is no ordinary collar. This collar will send a volt of electricity through your body, making it a very painful reminder that you’re not getting out of here until I decide.”

“Now I know you’re crazy.”

“Don’t believe me? Okay, let’s do a test to prove it.”
Aaron grasped Avery’s hands and violently pulled him forward. Instantly a jolt of electricity shot through him burning his flesh.

“Ahhh, fuck! That burns!”

Aaron stood up and dropped his captive back onto the floor before sitting astride him and bringing his face close. “Now that you know I’m not lying, I’ll leave you to think about how you’re going to get into my good graces so I’ll consider letting you out. Until later.”

Once Aaron climbed the ladder and stepped out into the night, Aaron let out a primal scream. Another shock of electricity surged through him and knocked him out cold.

Aaron loved writing in a journal; he’d been writing since he was a lonely, bullied teen. He kept a trunk full of journals in the back of his closet and went to them whenever he felt he was losing control, to remind him of just how far he’d come.

Right now, however, he was writing a new entry in a journal documenting the days of hell. The life he was forced to live because of another powerful influence. As he wrote the final sentence, the dark force told him it was time to retrieve his subject to see if the days of careful rewiring worked. First, he needed to pay a visit to his other experiment.

It had rained the previous day, so the ladder was slippery. Stepping lightly, Aaron descended down the metal steps and through the darkness until he found Avery. Shining his flashlight on his captive, Aaron saw that his friend was asleep.
Avery lay perfectly still, his thin, naked physique covered with dirt. He looked like he was barely breathing.
Aaron reached down and ran his fingers through his captive’s mud-soiled hair. It had been seven days since he left him down there.

“Wake up, Avery. Wake up! It’s time to see if you’re ready to get out of this hole and start feeling like a human.”

Avery moaned as Aaron continued to probe him until finally, he opened his eyes and turned his head to face Aaron. “What do you want?”
Aaron knew that Avery was so weak from the lack of food that he wouldn’t be able to speak too much.
“I’m here to see if you want to get out of this hole and come back to the land of the living.”

Avery turned his head away and closed his eyes. “You know I do,” he mumbled.

“Then, all you have to do is to tell me how you’re going to influence me into getting you out.”

“Bring. Me. To. Our new toy,” Avery stammered, between ragged breaths.

“Now, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.”
Aaron removed Avery’s collar and chains, and pulled Avery to his feet. “I know you’re weak, but you’re going to have to dig deep to find enough strength to get out of here and back into the house. I’ll help you.”
Avery was easier to help up the ladder and back into the house. Once he’d been cleaned up, watered, fed and given a few days to rest, Avery will be good as new. Worthy enough to play with his toy.

 Martina stood in front of her husband and Avery, her head buzzing with conflicting desires.
 She stared at them both, and couldn’t decide who looked more delicious. Avery, with his dark good looks, piercing blue eyes and svelte physique, or Aaron, with his fair complexion, lush flaxen hair, intense green eyes and chiseled body and irresistible rose tattoo. They were hard to resist.

Aaron had blindfolded them both and led them into the dark, warm night. The warm breeze had caressed her bare flesh, tantalizing her erogenous zones and preparing her for whatever delights her husband had in store. When Aaron took their blindfolds off, Martina noticed that her husband had led them to an open meadow.
She protested, afraid of who might come by while they were performing acts best left kept for the bedroom. When Aaron explained that it was a clearing located on their own grounds, she relaxed.
Now here her playthings lay, on the grass. The full moon bathed their bodies and prominent arousals, tempting her, daring her to choose.  She felt light headed, happy, and lustful.

“Come on, baby, you have to choose which one of us you want first,” her husband teased as he stroked his thick member.

“Yes, you will have to choose, Martina, and please, do it soon.” Avery’s voice was deep and husky, and made her wet between her legs.
She stepped forward. The heels of her fuchsia ‘fuck me’ shoes sunk into the plush grass.

 Martina looked from one to the other. Her mouth watered, but she decided that she wanted to take her time. She decided to play along and beat them at their game. Their sultry toy raised her leg on to the edge and opened her legs just enough for them to have a peek at her most intimate flesh. She danced her hand up her leg, slow and deliberate, until she reached the apex of her inner thigh. She plunged her fingers deep inside, thrusting them in and out.

Martina moaned and she heard Aaron and Avery suck in a breath. She continued to thrust, leaving her lovers staring, transfixed. Soon, her pussy was slick with her juices. Pulling her dripping fingers out, she brought them to her mouth and sucked the honey sweetness while looking at them with half-lidded eyes.

“Mmm…so you want me to choose?” She sashayed over to her lovers, running her hands down their chests. “Thing is, boys, I can’t and won’t choose between you. I want you both to fuck me at the same time.

Martina yelped with surprise. Avery was the first to whisk her into his arms. He threw her down onto the ground and straddled her. She couldn’t help but feel disappointment as her husband remained.

“I said that I wanted the both of you at the same time,” she demanded as she pulled her husband to her.

“Okay, it looks like our toy wants to play with us. So, how do you think we should handle this situation, Avery?”
Martina stared up at Avery, offering him a lustful smile. “Yes, Avery, how are you going to handle this?”

“I think that our toy has stepped out of bounds. Our toy is here to pleasure us.

Martina smiled seductively at her playmates. “Here I thought we were playing for mutual pleasure.”

Her husband reached down and pulled his wife to him. “Yes, but our pleasure will be your pleasure. Just wait. Now, are you going to be a good girl and do what we say?”


“Perfect. Kneel before us and spread your legs enough for us to see your pussy. Then arch your back until your hair touches your creamy round ass. Close your eyes and part your lips.”
Martina could feel Aaron’s and Avery’s burning stares. She sensed her nipples being pinched as a smooth palm ran over her sensitized peaks. Then the sensation of a warm, wet mouth suckling, until she groaned with desire. Suddenly, Martina sensed something cool and wet shower over her body, soothing her flaming skin. “Mmm, that feels wonderful! Are you pouring water over me, lovers?”

“No, my love. Your masters are not pouring water over that fuckable body, it’s raining.” Avery pressed his lips to hers and licked the raindrops from her navel.

“Candy Angel, I need you to play with your pussy.”

Obeying his command, Martina dipped her fingers into her moistness and flicked lovingly over her clit as her other fingers thrust rhythmically. Her desire coiled at the base of her stomach, her climax peaking when Martina’s hand was gently removed from her sex.
She was pushed to her knees and her legs were spread apart. She gasped the sensation of something long, hard and slippery deep within her pussy. Something was warm and wet against her buttocks.
“Ahh! Mmm.”

“Open your eyes, my sweet Candy Angel.”
Martina’s eyes fluttered opened to see her husband seductively smile at her.

“What are you doing?”

“We’re playing with our toy. Why don’t you look down and see what we’re doing for yourself?”

Martina glanced down to see Avery slowly insert a large white vibrator into her depths. Aaron flicked the tip of his tongue inside of her puckered hole. Avery removed the vibrator and ordered Aaron to stop. He grasped Martina by the waist and pulled her on top of him, slamming into her.

Aaron proved to be gentler, as she barely felt the firm pressure of his entry. She relaxed into the sting of the stretch. Martina’s body accepted her second lover fully as he began to move.

She was so overcome that Martina was reduced to panting mewls. Aaron grasped her hair and pulled her upright, with her back flush to his muscled chest.

“You love that, don’t you, whore? Do you love my cock in that little hole of yours? Do you love Avery’s thick member filling you to the hilt and making that pussy purr?” Aaron continued to assault her tiny hole.

Avery punished her pussy with each erotic stroke, making it impossible for her to respond with more than, “Mmm…ah.”

She sensed herself falling under the intensity of their combined thrusts with the first hints of her orgasm. Her husband grasped her around the waist, and held her tightly. Aaron’s strong hands travelled slowly down her body, cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples until they were rosebuds.
The captive’s breath caught as suddenly Avery took her hard nipples between his teeth, alternating between suckling and biting, while Aaron pounded furiously against her pelvis.
Martina was so overwhelmed by the multiple sensations, she yelled, “A-ar-very!”

“Hear that, Avery? Our toy is so overwhelmed by our fucking, that she combined our names!” Aaron teased.
Martina didn’t hear her other lover’s response. She felt her orgasm vibrate through her, bowing her back with its intensity and shooting electricity from her groin to her fingers and toes. The passion was not over for her, however; her lovers thrust furiously until she felt their hot seed flood her insides.
Martina watched as Avery pulled out of her and collapsed, his carved physique glistening with sweat.
Aaron kept his strong arm around her waist even as he withdrew from her, biting a path down the curve of her neck to her rib cage, then back up again. Aaron’s love bites didn’t hurt, only caused more surges of pleasurable to shoot through her and made her wet with desire again.

“Aaron, please…”

“What’s it baby?”

“Please don’t torture me.”

“Would you call this torture?” Aaron breathed, as he slipped three fingers into her soaking entry.

“Aaron, I… yes! You know what you do to me.”
Her husband was relentless. Aaron growled his lust into her ear. He lifted her into his arms and cradled her to his chest before he pushed her against the covers. Martina didn’t care that her other lover lay watching as Aaron parted her legs and entered her, dripping heat with a powerful thrust. He pounded hard and fast until he’d driven her to the edge of euphoria, pushing her over.

This time, Aaron didn’t flood her insides with his seed. He bathed her stomach, breasts and mouth. It was only then that Aaron’s sexual appetite was sated. He fell on the grass next to her and pulled his wife into his arms. Avery pulled into their combined embrace. She fell asleep in the safety of their arms, contented. 

Aaron’s sexual appetite couldn’t be sated. Once again, Martina and Avery no longer became willing partners, but slaves to their captor’s sexual appetites and lewd tastes. One night, after Aaron carried his sleeping wife to her room, he foolishly left behind his cell phone. Seizing the opportunity, Avery grabbed it and dialed for help.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“My name is Avery Evers and I’m being held captive.”

“Do you know where, Mr. Evers?”

Avery paused for a moment and tried to remember the sign on the gate as Aaron took him back into the house after freeing him from the well. His mind remained blank “I’m sorry, I don’t remember.”

“That’s okay, sir, we can trace you.”


“Is there anyone else there with you?”

“Yes, a woman, the novelist Martina Brooks. Please hurry. I’m afraid that he’ll be back at any moment.”

“Help is on the way, sir. Do you know the name of your kidnapper?”

“Yes, it’s Aaron Brooks.”

Bright white, red and blue lights flashed by Aaron’s kitchen window. High-pitched wailing blasted his ears. He dropped the plate of bread and cheese, and the bottle of wine he was taking up to Avery.

 “Son of a bitch.”

“Please come out with your hands behind your back!” a voice boomed.

Aaron had come too far and had accomplished too much for him to lie down and die for the pigs now. He was going to fight, or die trying. No one was going to take his family away. He grabbed the nearest weapon, a six inch butcher knife, and ran up the stairs, bursting into Avery’s bedroom.

“You bastard! How could you sell me out like this? After everything I gave you!”  Aaron pressed the knife to his captive’s side.

“You gave me nothing, you demented bastard! You’ve held me here for God knows how long and tortured me! If you want to kill me for trying to save my life, then go ahead, you coward. Keep in mind, though, that this place is surrounded by cops, who wouldn’t hesitate to kill you.”

“No stupid idiot with a badge is going to destroy what took me a year to build. But if they are going to kill me, they are going to have to kill you too!”

Aaron pulled Avery to him and pressed the blade to his throat, turning his captive into a shield.

“What about Martina?”

“Leave my wife out of this. I gave her a sleeping pill in her wine before our threesome, and she is now sleeping peacefully. I needed her to rest before I woke her up later. Now, get moving down those stairs!”

Carefully, Aaron led Avery down the stairs and to the front door and opened it enough to yell, “Don’t shoot! I have a hostage!”

“Mr. Brooks, there is no need to use Mr. Evers as a shield. We’re not going to shoot you. We just want to talk,” the booming voice assured.

“How stupid do you think I am? I know the second I let Avery go, you won’t hesitate to kill me. That will make your lives a whole lot easier. No charges, no trial, just a shit load of paperwork.”

Aaron took a deep breath to attempt to still his heartbeat before continuing his tirade.

 “No, if you want this fucker, then you will have to come in here and get him yourselves. I’m not making your fucking jobs easier, you lazy pigs.”

Aaron’s heart raced as a thousand thoughts speed through his mind. He couldn’t think and he could barely react.

“Aaron, what’s going on?”

The sound of a gentle voice made the madman turn around; with Avery still pressed to him. He saw Martina standing in the middle of the stairs, wearing nothing but lace bra and panties. The moonlight bathed her in its glow, enhancing her stunning beauty.

“Martina, run!” Avery bellowed.

Aaron cursed under his breath as he pushed Avery to the floor, slicing his neck as his fell. He chased after his wife.

“Martina, please come back!”

His wife was fast, but Aaron caught her just before she reached the back door.

“Let me go!” she squealed, squirming in her husband’s arms.

“No! Please, my beauty, please! Don’t run away from me, I’m not going to hurt you, I love you.” He held her close and nuzzled her neck, pressing her near naked body to him.

“No, Aaron, if you loved me you’d have not put me through this hell! So, please let me go!”

Aaron gathered his wife in his arms and laid her on the bed, locking the door behind them. He paced the room, still holding the knife that dripped with Avery’s blood, leaving a gory trail.

“I don’t know how this happened. I don’t know how I could be so stupid as to leave my cell phone. My dreams, my hopes all up in smoke!” Aaron ran his fingers through his hair.  

“Please, Aaron, give yourself up. It’s no use to keep trying to hold the police off! They have this place surrounded, and if you fight, I’m afraid they’ll kill you!”

“What in the fuck do you care? You want to leave me!”

“I don’t want to leave you, Aaron! I love you still, despite all the horrible things you’ve done. You’re sick and you need help.”
Aaron stopped and studied his wife. Big tears fell down her alabaster cheeks. She looked so beautiful, sitting there exposed and vulnerable. Aaron wanted to give in and do as she asked.

At that moment there was a loud crash, sounding like the side of the house was being knocked down.

“They’re here, Aaron! Give yourself up!”
It was like Aaron didn’t hear her. Taking a deep breath, the captor placed his bloody knife down on the bureau, opened up the drawer and handed Martina the long, white summer dress.

“Please, take this and cover yourself. I don’t want those pigs seeing your stunning body, meant for only my eyes.”

Aaron reached for Martina' hand but she hesitated. "Aaron, what about the document you gave me? If the police get it, it will harm you in court."

"It can't hurt me if its in ashes. I burnt it in the fireplace. Come on, we better go." 

 Holding hands, Aaron and Martina barely made it halfway downstairs when the SWAT team rushed at them. An officer ran and whisked his wife away, while another threw him against the wall and handcuffed his hands behind his back and dragged him downstairs. 

Aaron fought every step of the way, kicked with all his might, spat and screamed.

“I’m not going to prison! I will die before I do!” Aaron shouted to the heavens.

“Shut up and get in the car.” The officer handling him proceeded to push Aaron into the back of the police car. That’s when a shot rang out, drowning out his wife’s screams.

Avery watched as Martina climbed the steps to the main entrance of Cypress Grove Mental Health Treatment Center and wondered how she could still be so devoted to a man who had committed so many horrific acts.
 Aaron was deeply disturbed and was at the center to receive much-needed treatment. He had pleaded no contest to the host of charges against him.  His former friend was arrested and kept in protective custody as he recovered in hospital for a gunshot wound to his shoulder.

“Avery, stop stalling and get back to our game, and let me finish whooping your butt!”

Avery turned around and smiled at his chess opponent. “I’ll not be so sure of that, Katrina! I think I’m pretty close to victory.”

Avery smiled as Katrina flashed him an enormous smile. It warmed his heart that Katrina was doing so well. In a rare moment of clarity, Aaron had admitted his daughter to one of the best treatment facilities in the country, where she’d been given excellent care and was well on her way to recovery.
Her flame-red hair bounced as she pushed the piece that made her the winner of the match.

“Checkmate! Told you, Avery.”

Avery hugged Katrina and stood up to leave.

“Going so soon?”

“I have to, Katrina. I’ve a lot of errands to run and appointments to keep, but I’ll be back to see you on Thursday.”

“Okay, that sounds great! Thank you for coming to see me, Avery.”

“It’s always my pleasure, see you then, okay?”

“Bye! Oh, Avery?”


“Do you know when I’ll be able to see my Dad again? We have so much to talk about.”

“I know, but he is still very sick, and it’s only your Mom that can visit for now. Besides, until he is well, you know it’s not a good idea for you to see him. What he put you through is still very fresh, and your doctors feel you might have a relapse.”

“I understand, but I wish they stop treating me like a child. I remember every horrible thing that happened to me under my father’s influence.”

 “I know. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

  “Thank you, Avery, but it wasn’t all bad. I also remember all the good things and the good person that he was before he snapped. He suffered too, Avery. He and my Mom suffered horribly at the hands of those deranged men.”

Avery could see how Katrina struggled to keep her anger over her parent’s ordeals in check, but she couldn’t keep the tears from her eyes. Avery handed her a tissue to wipe away her tears of frustration.

 “Is it so wrong for me to want to see him, to talk with him, and get everything out in the open so we can heal?”

“No, sweetheart, there is nothing wrong with that, it’s only natural. I understand what you’re saying, but be patient, the time to see him will come soon.”

“I know. I’m just anxious.”

“I know. Listen, I’ve to go, but hang in there, okay. I’ll see you on Thursday.”

After Avery said his final good-byes to Katrina, he left with a heavy heart. Aaron’s daughter had a heart as big as her mother’s. Problem was, he was afraid that Aaron was going to destroy them.

The cold and empty cavern of the labyrinth of the abandoned warehouse swallowed the screams of the men in its bowels. Not that it mattered how long they’d been there; God only knew how long, because they’d lost count after a day or two, their screams worn away to whispers.

Four were Navy Seals bound together through a lifetime friendship; the other two were college seniors, all buddies from childhood. They were restrained by titanium chains, each man tethered to the ceiling, their bare flesh numb to the cold and the pain of their torture.

In the beginning, they fought for their lives and kept each other from giving up that fight, but round after round of horrific, nightmarish torture, they prayed for death. During this unknown time, each man endured burnings to their flesh and genitals. They broke bones, body parts were torn away, their skin was peeled, and they had to commit vile sexual acts on each other and on their captors.

They were raped nightly for hours on end, eager cocks and imamate objects violating their mouths and anuses until they bled and begged for mercy. They never knew the identity of their tormentors because they never showed their faces and they rarely spoke. Their voices were concealed by a young girls tone, making it disturbing and surreal.
They were never without water or food, as their captors kept them well fed and plump for ‘play time’. When either one of them refused to accept the food, they would force it down their raw throats.

Weak and defeated, they heard the dreaded familiar beat of footsteps towards them and then a bright light glaring straight at them, assaulting their swollen eyes. As the light quickly faded away, it was replaced but a softer one, one that was more manageable. Peering through half-lidded eyes, the entire captive’s bleary vision focused on one face.

It was the face of a beautiful vision. A woman, her hair concealed under a large floppy hat. She stared at them through designer sunglasses, her bow-shaped mouth curved into a gentle smile.

Was she their saviour? They could only hope, but deep inside, they knew better.

Daniel Richards glared at the bitch before him and snarled. “You fucking whore! Why?”

The vision marched up to the leader of the Navy Seal group and stared up at him. “Really, you fucking pig? You’re wondering why I’m doing this.”

“Of course, bitch,” Daniel responded.

“Why I hired five of the most cunning, demonic, psychopathic sexual predators in the world to find you, kidnap, torture and fuck you in every way a human can? If you need to ask, then you really don’t deserve to know. However, the reasons will become moot in a few minutes.”

 Daniel struggled against his restraints, frustrated, and spat in her face. The woman simply took out a handkerchief from her top pocket and wiped the offending spittle off her delicate features, returning the favour with a sly smile.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Daniel. For a decorated war hero and so-called disciplined leader, you sure can behave like a child. Lucky for you, I’m in a good mood and will let that little tantrum slide.”

“What in the fuck do you want with us? Tell me now, or I swear to a higher power that when I get down from her, I’ll burn you, bitch!” Daniel snarled.

“Really? That sounds like fun! Robin, could you come here please?”

She never took her eyes off her captives. A tall, wiry, imposing figure sauntered to her side out of nowhere.


“I need each of your men to release the prisoners and set them free.”

“Of course.”

“Then execute Plan 357.  I have to leave. I’ve wired the rest of your compensation to each of your accounts, and you will find your plane tickets to a destination of your choice on the table over there. Do I have your word that neither you nor your men will speak of this incident?”

“Consider all that you’ve instructed, done.”

“Good, it was a pleasure to work with you.”

“As it was with you.”
The mysterious woman sashayed over to Daniel. “It has been a real pleasure, Daniel. Enjoy your freedom!”

“You, fucking, fucking whore! We’re going to fuck you until you bleed and then set you on fire!” Daniel struggled with his restraints, lunging at the bitch who ordered his torment.

Suddenly, Robin’s beefy hand snaked around his throat. “I’d watch my threats if I were you, devil!”

“I’d listen to the big man, Danny, or he just might tear the throat out of you. So, stay still while I do this.”

Firmly grasping Daniel’s balls and cock, she produced a long serrated blade from her top pocket and drew it across her victim’s genitals. She dropped them to the floor as she walked away, leaving Daniel screaming in agony.

“Holy shit, will you look at that!”
Aaron was jolted out of his intense journal writing by the booming voice of Dick Larson, the head orderly of Cypress Grove Mental Health Treatment Centre. He walked out into the hallway to join the other curious onlookers. The crowd had formed around Dick as he peered up at the TV of the multi-purpose room, pointing. “That’s some crazy shit there!” he exclaimed.

The Channel 5 news anchor with over-bleached blond hair and too much makeup stared seriously into the camera while a clip of a fire loomed behind her.
The Los Angeles fire Department are working hard to contain the blaze that has claimed the life of ten men, whose identities are unknown at this time. The fire chief has stated that the fire at the abandoned Smith Johnston textile warehouse was caused by faulty wiring. Chloe Wesley, CFC News.”

Stunned, Aaron slipped from the crowd and returned to his room. It was over, finally over! He silently rejoiced.

A few weeks prior, he’d received an ordinary looking package in the mail. He found a tiny slit in the back cover of an innocuous novel. In it, a letter in a woman’s handwriting explained that she’d found and kidnapped the six individuals that had caused him and his family pain. She said they were facing justice.

She provided photos of the Smith Johnston warehouse and pictures of the six men. The four that tormented and tortured him and Martina on Halloween night, and the two men who viciously attacked Katrina. The woman detailed the torture she was inflicting on the captives, and when she was going to make them pay the ultimate price.

Last night was the night.

The former actor was decided to calm down by going for a walk in the backyard. He went in search of his caregiver when unexpectedly, an arm shot out from the stairwell and grabbed him. Aaron didn’t have a chance to fight back. He felt an intense pain in the back of his head before passing out.

When he awoke some time later, he discovered that he was in a car. Though he had bleary vision, Aaron sensed that they were speeding.
He slowly sat up and cringed as a sharp pain raced through his head; as Aaron’s vision cleared, he saw that he was in the front seat, and the car was racing down the highway.

A sudden foul smell assaulted his senses and he looked around, searching for the source. Turning around, he saw two dead bodies. One male and one female stared at him blankly.  He stared at them. Strangely, the male was dressed exactly like him; a white sleeveless t-shirt, hip-hugging dark blue jeans, and black motorcycle boots. The corpse’s hair was even styled like Aaron’s. The female was an exact replica of the driver.

“Jesus!” he yelled in surprise. A woman in a big floppy hat looked at him with designer sunglasses and smiled.

“Relax, lover, you’re going to be just fine.”

“Who in hell are you?” The inched further to the door, clutching the door handle.

“I’m your saviour, gorgeous. Therefore, I’d remove my hand from that door handle if I were you. Don’t want the asphalt tearing up those breathtaking looks and stunning body, do we?”

Aaron was too stunned to respond. He held on to his seat, his fingers digging into the leather as the driver sped up down the deserted highway. He’d never truly prayed in his life, but the faster she went, he found himself reciting the Lord’s Prayer repeatedly.  Aaron held his breath until he saw it.

It was an eighteen wheeler, stalled in the middle of this otherwise deserted road, and the crazy bitch was heading right for it!

The only thing he could do was to brace for impact.

Bright sunlight burned through his eyelids, and an incredible aching made Aaron open his eyes. He saw nothing but bright blue sky.

Was he alive? This couldn’t be possible, there was no way in God’s creation he could have survived such a crash. The full impact of the car smashing into the tractor-trailer…
However, here he was, on his back and staring up at the big blue sky. The sun’s rays bathed him in warmth. The only thing he felt was the aching in his back and legs as he attempted to sit up. 

Aaron did it slow and carefully. When he was fully erect, leaning against a tree for support, he found himself staring at the same floppy hat and dark sunglasses of his driver.

“We made it.” She began to laugh, Aaron right along with her; he reached up with stiff arms, removed the hat and sunglasses, and kissed Martina breathless. 

The End!
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