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Corinne Kilgore and All These Pieces of Me

"All These Pieces of Me Jay-us is that some new horror flick?" Jack questioned as he read the title of the new book I was reading.
"No you dummy. It's a contemporary romance."
Jack rolls his eyes and groans. "Not another chick book!"
I pick up Corinne Kilgore's novel and held it to me. "This is not a chick book, it's so much more. I love how this author turned the genre upside down!"
"Oh yeah, how?"
"Why don't you and the rest of the b'ys stay? The author is coming by in a few moments to tell us all about it."
Jack thought for a few moments before answering. "Is it okay we bring by some beers?"
"Only if you promise to stay in the back and keep quiet."
Jack flashed me his most sincere smile. "Now, haven't we always behaved ourselves?"
Before I could fire off a retort, Jack slipped away, chuckling to himself.
The gang were settled with their beer when Corrine arrived.
Welcome, have a seat. I know you probably heard that I had only milk crates to sit on but have since acquired these Lazy Boy recliners. I hope they are more comfortable.

Nice chairs. Coffee, please? No cream, just too much sugar for my own good.

Thank you for coming though I have known you for years, this yahoos are unfamiliar with you, share a little about yourself.

Glad to be here. Hmm, well. I am thirty-two. I currently live in West Virginia, but have lived in seventeen different places, from Texas to Ontario, Canada. I don’t stay in one place too well, but I’m trying this time to sit still. I have two degrees – one in Anthropology and one in History, neither of which I have done a thing with. I do suppose they have helped in my writing. I work on a contract basis as a web developer, part time, and write any time I’m not doing something else like eating. Sleeping is sometimes optional. My husband and I are parents to two cats.

I'm the proud owner  All These Pieces of Me could you please tell us a little about it?

It’s a Contemporary Romance, but I tried to be a little different in my approach to it than your typical romance. I’ve noticed that many romances lately are full of tiring angst and loose plots driven by characters making dumb decisions. While this can sometimes be entertaining, it wasn’t what I wanted for my series.

It’s set in my old stomping grounds – Dallas, Texas, and contains characters that are a little off the beaten path. They struggle with personal issues, ranging from physical deformities to mental health problems like autism and obsessive compulsive disorder. I also included light elements of the BDSM lifestyle. I wanted to show both that people with real issues can find love and that the BDSM lifestyle doesn’t always take place in some dark dungeon with whips and chains.

It’s all a bit of a risk – not having a bunch of angst, not having the typical dungeonesque BDSM and using characters who are functionally and physically flawed, but I don’t like writing topics that are typical.

Wow, sounds intriguing, is there a particular part of the story that you really enjoyed writing?

Dealing with mental and physical issues is always an interesting path to walk down as a writer. You have to consider how those issues will affect how both the character is perceived by others and also how that character’s worldview is shaped by their own hang-ups. I also enjoyed exploring how BDSM can be a lifestyle that normal, everyday people can and do partake in. It’s still taboo and not something you typically announce to your friends and family, but you don’t have to go to a black-windowed club to find it, either. 

 "Hey dude, tell us who your favourite character(s) are!"

I hang my head in shame. I should've known that Jack wouldn't keep his trap shut.

Well, hello Jack. Brandon is the main protagonist in this book, and he was a real joy to explore. He is dealing with the mental and physical scars left behind from incidents in his past and has basically given up on women. That is, until Emma stumbles into his world and blows it apart. Ian, who is the main protagonist for book 2, Obsessive Compulsion, was also one of my favorites.

Sorry about that, but Jack's question brought another question to light, "If were to be optioned for a movie, who do you see playing your main character(s)?

Hmm, I’m not much of an actor buff, but I would guess that I’d like Henry Cavill to play Brandon, Zooey Deschanel to play Emma, Tom Hiddleston to play Ian, Alexander Skarsgard to play Saul… but I think I would actually look for some non-star actors, too. I suppose that’s what a casting agent is for.

They will be perfect, I could really see those actors playing that part. I was wondering, as a person who writes on the side, during my down time, my writing process starts with forming the story in my head before I put pen to paper, what is your writing process like?

A lot of dreaming and very little planning. I am a total “pantster”. I just start typing and let whatever comes out have it’s say. I don’t try to force things in a certain direction. Most of the twists and things in my books happen by surprise to me, and I often wonder where it all comes from. So, I wish I could share some sort of writing secret, but I don’t have one. I just write. Period.

I'm enjoying this conversation with Corrine and the minimal interruptions, until Terrance approaches us, tripping over the fishing net Frank carelessly left in the middle of the floor, spilling his beer all over my guest. I'm horrified. Not missing a beat he rudely states "All of this sounds fascinating but I heard writing is a hell of a lot of work, why do you do it, what do you get out of it?"

Careful now, don’t waste the brew! I enjoy writing. I like creating little worlds, giving characters basic shapes and then setting them free in these little worlds and see what they do with it all. I used to play video games, and still do on occasion, but I was always playing for the story lines and not the action. I decided I could have even more fun if I wrote the stories myself, and so now I spend most of my free time writing worlds instead of playing in worlds someone else has created.

Thanks for the awkward segue, Terrance, now go over with the rest of the b'ys and let me and Corinne  have our yarn. Terrance asked you why you like to write, now I want to ask you, is there anything about writing you don't like?

Publishing. It’s hard being self-published, trying to market your book and getting people to read it and provide feedback. I like the control of being self-published, but I’m still trying to figure out everything else.

When you write, what is it that you hope your readers take away from your story?

Perhaps a new way of looking at things? I try to offer unique and unexplored perspectives in my books, and I hope that the reader is able to enjoy the story, openly relate to one or more of the characters and continue thinking about the story and characters after the book has been finished. As a reader, I love books that stick with me long after I’ve moved on, and I hope my books are like that for some readers, too.

Do you have any other stories you are currently writing or are planning to write?

All These Pieces of Me is the first in a four book series called The Stables. Book two, Obsessive Compulsion, will be released in January of 2014. I also have a Space Opera series, The Corwint Central Agent Files, and book 4 for that series is also coming out in 2014. Book 1 for that series, Ghost in the Machine, is free. I know not many people have experience with Space Opera outside of Star Wars and Star Trek, so I hope they are willing to give a free book in the genre a try.

Thanks a million for answering all my questions…and the others, it has been a real pleasure. As I said before, I have seen All These Pieces of Me online at Amazon is there anywhere else your book is available and what formats?

Thanks for having me! All of my books are available from Amazon and Smashwords. My Space Opera series is also available for Nook, iBooks and Kobo. I’m working on getting All These Pieces of Me available at those outlets too. All these Pieces of Me is also available on All Romance / OmniLit.

For all the links to my books, you can go to http://www.cekilgore.com

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